giovedì 28 Ottobre 2021
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Fire at WRMI

{once again only via disgraced FB may we get `news` [olds now?] of WRMI events:}

WRMI Radio Miami International
April 12 at 9:48 PM · [with photo]

Fire 🔥at the WRMI transmitter site:🌅This evening a piece of wood caught on fire in our antenna field and caused a brush fire near one of our 315-degree antennas. 💨 We had to turn off a few transmitters for a short time, but everything was back to normal very soon. Thanks to the Okeechobee County Fire Department 💦for their quick action in putting out the fire.👨‍🚒🚒

John O’Toole: wow, RF arcing?

WRMI Radio Miami International: Not in this case. I think it was a wooden crossarm that fell off and touched a transmission line. Sometimes helium balloons fly in from Orlando or Tampa and do the same thing, falling and causing a brush fire.

(via WOR io group)

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