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Log April 23 at 08.30 – 10.00 UT at Hiroshima Japan, a lot of ‘Falun Gong’ feature in Mandarin today

21800even CHN CNR1 jamming against Taiwanese SOH Mandarin transmission
at 08.30 UT, 12 kHz wideband audio block, S=9+10dB in JPN against
21799.663 TWN SOH Mandarin ‘Falun Gong’ mentioned, scheduled circa 23-10 UT
18970even CHN CNR1 jamming, S=9 at 08.35 UT, against
18969.863 TWN SOH Mandarin at 08.38 UT on April 23.
18900even CHN CNR1 jamming, S=9 at 08.43 UT, 18 kHz wideband audio block,
18899.590 TWN SOH Mandarin at 08.44 UT.
18179.827 TWN SOH Mandarin, S=5 or -100dBm at 08.46 UT, not jammed by CHN.
17780even CHN CNR1 jamming against whom ?, S=9 at 08.49 UT,
but not SOH TWN outlet traced here.
17770_drm CHN CNR1 Dong Fang island, S=8 in Hirsohima SDR net remotedly.
17485.210 THA VoAmerica US AGM relay site Udorn Thani Ban Dung NoEaTHA
09-11 UT, S=9+15dB 09.08 UT – and bad mix up terrible Chinese of
17485even CHN CNR1 jamming, 12 kHz wideband audio block.
17440.279 TWN SOH Mandarin, S=4-5 tiny at 09.12 UT.
17149.882 TWN SOH Mandarin, S=8 signal, many times, over and over again
mentioned ‘Falun Gong’, at 09.13 UT.
16789.824 TWN SOH Mandarin, S=7 at 09.16 UT.
16600.085 TWN SOH Mandarin, S=5 at 09.17 UT.
16300even CHN CNR1 proper S=9+20dB signal jamming at 09.18 UT April 23,
wideband 20 kHz broad audio signal block visible, against
16299.806 TWN SOH Mandarin, 09.20 UT.
16160.080 TWN SOH Mandarin, S=6 at 09.22 UT.
16099.951 TWN SOH Mandarin, S=8 at 09.25 UT.
15969.869 TWN SOH Mandarin, S=7 at 09.28 UT.
15940.293 TWN SOH Mandarin, ‘Falun Gong’ mentioned over and over again
S=8 at 09.34 UT on April 23.
15919.867 TWN SOH Mandarin, JBA S=3-4, at 09.36 UT.
15890even CHN CNR1 jamming at S=8 strength, 14 kHz wideband at 09.38 UT
15890.004 TWN SOH Mandarin co-channel.
15869.762 TWN SOH Mandarin S=7-8 at 09.41 UT.
15800even CHN CNR1 jamming, S=9+10dB powerful in Hiroshima-JPN SDR
remotedly, and co-channel
15800.016 TWN SOH Mandarin equal level at 09.42 UT.
15760even CHN CNR1 jamming, S=8-9 at 09.43 UT, and co-channel also
15759.871 TWN SOH Mandarin, at 09.44 UT.
15745even TWN SOH Mandarin, at 09.45 UT. not strong at S=5-6 level,
scheduled 21.44 to 15.30 UT.
15740.109 TWN SOH Mandarin, at 09.46 UT.

Bad mixture of three transmissions at co-channel:
15360even CHN CNR1 Jamming, S=8-9, at 09.48 UT, and
15359.925 TWN SOH Mandarin, at 09.49 UT, and
15360.005 KWT US ‘Mashaal Radio’ in Pashto to Afghanistan/Iran,
from USAGM VoA Kuwait al-Dschahra suburb, at 09.51 UT.

15340even CHN CNR1 jamming at S=8-9 level at 09.55 UT,
some 18 kHz wideband audio block, against
15340.011 TWN SOH Mandarin, 09.57 UT.
15159.995 KOR KBS Seoul via new Thomcast/Ampegon equipment
at Kimjae broadcasting center, at 09.58 UT in Korean.

[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz] (wb df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews April 23)