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AM/Mediumwave frequency change (918 kHz to Europe)

Hello There from IRRS/NEXUS!

1.) We want to inform you that we have received final clearance from the Italian authorities to move from 594 kHz to 918 kHz, and we moved our Medium Wave service to 918 kHz as of today, daily from 19:00-23:10 CET (17:00-21:10 UTC, summer).

Due to lengthy international coordination involving the ITU (International Telecommunication Union) and all European countries that we cover, the process of changing from 594 to 918 kHz took nearly one year to complete.

According to initial tests carried earlier in the week, 918 kHz is propagating
much better and suffers less interference, so that we may expect much betterlong-distance reception, especially to the north of Europe. This will probably nearly double the coverage, and we may expect the occasional listener to tune into also from farther away in Northern Germany, Central and Northern France, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Norway, etc.

European Gospel Radio and NEXUS-IBA schedules are available at:

2.) On May 8 and May 15, 2021, between 20:00-20:30 CET (18:00-18:30 UTC) on 7290 kHz to EU, N Africa and Mid East and on 918 kHz to Europe we will be airing a very special program produced by Ms Rexella Van Impe (wife of the late Jack Van Impe evangelist).

On this occasion, we are releasing our new EGR (European Gospel Radio) e-QSL card, for correct reception reports of any European Gospel Radio program (religious programs only) received on AM/Medium Wave and Shortwave from May 8, 2021 onward.

All other reception reports will be acknowledged with our “Stay home, stay safe: Listen to Shortwave” e-QSL card.

PLEASE NOTICE: We accept reception reports **ONLY** by email to reports (at) nexus (dot) org.