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Glenn Hauser logs May 2-3, 2021

** U S A [and non]. WORLD OF RADIO 2084 monitoring: confirmed Sunday May 2 at 2000 on IRRS, 918 kHz, Italy, S9+18 via nearby Noale remote.

Also confirmed Sun May 2 at 2208 the 2200 on Area 51 via WBCQ 6159.9+, JBA here vs storm noise and daytime absorption

Also confirmed Sun May 2 at 2303 the 2300 on WRMI 7780, poor direct.

Also confirmed UT Mon May 3 at 0030 on WRMI 7730, VG direct.

Also confirmed UT Mon May 3 at 0230 on WRMIs: 5800 good direct; 7780 VG S9+15 to UTwente.

1030 UT Wednesday WRMI 5850 to NW
2100 UT Wednesday WRMI 7780 to NE
2100 UT Wednesday WBCQ 7490v to WSW
2200 UT Wednesday WRMI 9955 [jammed?] to SSE
0130 UT Thursday WRMI 5010 to S

Full schedule including AM, FM, webcasts, satellite, podcasts:

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One may also contribute via PayPal, not necessarily in US funds, to woradio at (Glenn Hauser, OK, WOR)

** U S A. My first sporadic E FM DX opening of the season/year, May 2, all times UT!! interrupts my listening to `Feminine Fusion` at 2105-2205 on 90.1 KUCO, on the DX-390. Normally the only weaker QRM is KHCC Radio Kansas, Hutchinson, but:

2140, 90.1, “South Carolina Public Radio“, could be program credit on some other P.R. station; but has Es fading. With KUCO nulled as much as possible I am also getting KHCC vs this one, KHCC with `Thistle & Shamrock` which comes from NC, not SC. Also an NPR news break which would not be during T&S. It so happens there are two SCPRs on 90.1, Greenville in the NW corner and Conway in the E corner, as researched later in the WTFDA FM Database, inserting those listings with each possible log:

WHMC-FM 90.1 CONWAY SC NEWS/TALK SOUTH CAROLINA PUBLIC RADIO 63.0 213.0 33-56-58 79-06-31 FFFF WHMC – Public [1076 mi] [OR:] WEPR 90.1 GREENVILLE SC NEWS/TALK/CLASSICAL SOUTH CAROLINA PUBLIC RADIO 84.0 361.0 34-56-29 82-24-38 A6CF WEPR 90.1 SC Public Radio News Music News [875 mi]

Most of our non-comm FM channels are blocked or semi-blocked, so I hope the MUF is going above 92 and start hunting on the DX-398 I also have at hand, with whip antenna only constantly being manipulated. There are lots of OK & KS fringe stations on “open“ channels which have to be recognized, minimized or avoided.

As FM Es continues during the next hour, 22-23 UT, I also have to miss `Uncle Bill`s Melting Pot` on WBCQ with Mongolian throat-singing which I was really looking forward to; and there is no way to hear it later — except the first half repeat Monday at 2300-2330.

2146: 92.1, C&W music, ID as “— 92“, Es fading; 2159 almost time for ID when a YL gospel huxter overrides, but I do get a partial ID of W,P,H at 2200, and Fox “news“. 2202 the g.h. QRMer says it`s still April as she starts preaching about Fools, especially males you may be married to. The C&W one is certainly:

WPEH-FM 92.1 LOUISVILLE GA COUNTRY THE PEACH 6.0 91.0 33-00-48 82-23-33 // WPEH-1420 [908 mi] as it`s the only 92.1 country in SC or GA. What about a nearby g.h.? Maybe this, the only religious teaching in English on 92.1 in GA:

WHHR 92.1 VIENNA GA RELIGIOUS TEACHING FREEDOM RADIO FM 5.1 106.0 32-09-16 83-47-55 [856 mi]

2203: 93.1, YL in London sends her love; rocker? Have to watch out for Pratt KS semi. Not the ESPN one below.

2205: 92.7, strong rock, soon fades. Only two full power in GA:

WKKZ 92.7 DUBLIN GA HOT AC 92.7 WKKZ 50.0 127.0 32-31-21 82-54-00
WSSI 92.7 DARIEN GA CLASSIC HITS 92.7 SSI 10.0 123.0 31-11-40 81-29-30 [892, 1003 mi]

2209: 90.3, finally one with RDS, which is pretty finicky even with strong signals many of which do not employ it. The thing is, I get a readout lock only when tuned to 90.2! between two Okies: UNIVERSITY / SAVANNAH / WHCJ, and a jazz DJ:

WHCJ 90.3 SAVANNAH GA VARIETY THE VOICE OF SAVANNAH STATE UNIVERSITY 6.0 68.0 32-01-28 81-03-23 6761 WHCJ Savannah State University WHCJ Savannah State University No Program Type or Undefined [1003 mi]

2212: 93.1, plug ESPN podcasts, ESPN Radio, ESPN plus, ESPN daily. I think it may be an ESPN affiliate. 2228: sports talk again with hum:

WWKM 93.1 ROCHELLE GA SPORTS MIDDLE GEORGIA’S ESPN 4.7 81.0 31-56-54 83-26-02 // WWKM 93.1, WXKO-1150 // W226BZ 103.1 [879 mi]

WWKM also has a co-channel translator BTW:

W226BZ WXKO 1150 93.1 MACON GA SPORTS MIDDLE GEORGIA`S ESPN 0.0 0.12 0.0 206.0 32-45-13 83-33-46 // WWKM 93.1, WXKO-1150 // W226BZ 103.1 [all the others in this report except 101.5 have same H & V kW, meters, so duplications removed]

2217: 93.1, vs WWKM: “E-93“ promo, and for plasma; 2218 “AT 40“ mentions, as in American Top-40 program:

WEAS-FM 93.1 SPRINGFIELD GA URBAN CONTEMPORARY E-93 96.64 299.0 32-02-45 81-20-27 5F4A WEAS Song / Artist Rhythm and Blues [983 mi]

2219: 93.3, “The Joy FM“, so gospel, fade to C&W, Okie?


2231: 93.7, music occasionally overrides KSPI Stillwater OK which is in a live silly baseball game. With GA still the PTA, most likely this, the only full power 93.7 rocker:
WPEZ 93.7 JEFFERSONVILLE GA ADULT CONTEMPORARY Z 93.7 100.0 207.0 32-45-12 83-33-46 [865 mi]

2234: 92.1, ad for, a tech school; 279-896-7679 maybe for next ad, “Talk 92.1“, so it`s this, as Adel is just N of I-75 from Wiregrass main campus Valdosta:

WDDQ 92.1 ADEL GA TALK TALK 92.1 2.6 154.1 31-08-15 83-23-41 // WSFB-1490 [905 mi] WDDQ interrupted by music in Spanish, probably already WJXR as below.

2237: 95.1, RDS with song titles, “FRIEND / KELLY BL/ ACKBEAR“; 2239
YL DJ ID “95.1 WAPE, Jaxonvil`s #1 music station“:

WAPE-FM 95.1 JACKSONVILLE FL HD CONTEMPORARY HIT RADIO THE BIG APE 100.0 300.0 30-19-22 81-38-34 5632 WAPE title & Artist Now Playing Title & Artist Top 40 [1024 mi]

2240: 96.5 music in Spanish probably WOEX as below

2241: 101.5, a local note: constant RDS only as KOCD. Spanglish ID as “Salvación Radio Network“, 405-AC phone

KOCD KWDW-LP 101.5 OKEENE OK Spanish RELIGIOUS RADIO SALVACIÓN 14.0 0.0 88.0 0.0 36-07-11 98-15-45 352F kocd LIBERTAD EN CRISTO MINISTRIES [this one has horizontal power only][47 mi]

2242: 104.5, financial talk over Woodward, Okie, likely this as skip has shifted into north FL:

309.0 30-16-34 81-33-53 7AB9 104.5 WOKV, JACKSONVILLE’S NEWS TALK
104.5 104.5 WOKV Jacksonville’s News and Talk News [1037 mi]

2244: 105.9, two stations mixing, talk and music: probably:

WOCL 105.9 DELAND FL HD CLASSIC HITS 105.9 SUNNY FM 96.0 484.0 28-55-10 81-19-08 79DF Title & Artist Sunny 105.9 Rock [1088 mi][and:] WVGA 105.9 LAKELAND GA NEWS/TALK/SPORTS NEWSTALK 10.0 100.0 31-03-21 83-13-54 8CB8 WVGA [926 mi]

2247: 92.1, romantic music in Spanish, IDs for 3 stations, mentions MacClenny 92.1, an AM 1160 and an FM translator; “ Latina, tu musica“; another ID for WJXR, W248– 97.5 in Callahan and 1160 in Callahan:

WJXR 92.1 MACCLENNY FL Spanish TROPICAL LATINA 92.1 25.0 100.0 30-17-54 82-00-55 [1001 mi]

2258: 96.5, Spanish romantic music, partial RDS: “OLVIDES / MUSICA Y“, 2300 “Exitos 96.5“, “palabra clave: amor“:

WOEX 96.5 ORLANDO FL HD Spanish CONTEMPORARY HIT RADIO EXITOS 96.5 99.0 454.0 28-34-07 81-03-16 7A1F Song/Artist on Más Música Y Más Variedad – 1-800-411-PAIN Song/Artist on Más Música Y Más Variedad – 1-800-411-PAIN No Program Type or Undefined Ex WDBO-FM [1102]

I keep tuning until 2318 but the opening seems over. Finally checking 6M DXMAP at 2335, MUFs are just below 88 at 83, 84 MHz. But still at 0145 May 3, plenty of Es <88 MHz over E and W USA.

Note: I do not count stations, states, or anything, so whether or not a log be 100% definite does not matter; I have merely done my best to research available info, to report as fully as possible what happened (Glenn Hauser, OK, WOR)

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