sabato 19 Giugno 2021
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Voice of Greece 9420 kHz observations

GREECE Yes, same bad DISTORTION audio performance of Avlis bcast center tonight at 22.17 UT May 10, like noted/heard on Saturday May 8 also.

And also on upper side around [from 9414 to} 9444 kHz some (Turkish?) OTHR signal noted.

9420.003 exact measured, VoGreece Avlis at 22.18 UT some Argentinian Spanish singer in performance,,

some 100, 200, 300, 400, and 550 Hertz <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
apart distance BUZZ strings – like a ‘garden fence’ seen either lower/upper sideband.
S=9+50dB POWERHOUSE much, much strong signal out of Greece.

73 wolfie df5sx May 10

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