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Two new Dutch stations registered on shortwave

A Dutch station is newly registered on HFCC’s Global HF schedule from 28 June to 29 October 2021:
Radio Europe Netherlands (EUR) registered daily 24hrs on 5975 kHz with 1 kilowatt.
HFCC shows transmitter site as ADR (=Adra Syria – clearly a typo!). It should be AAR Alphen aan den Rijn (in province of South Holland (Zuid Holland ZH).

Another Dutch station newly registered on HFCC from 29 July to 27 October 2021:
Offshore Music Radio (OMR) registered daily 24hrs on frequencies below with 1 kilowatt:
6170, 7215, 7275, 15270, 17515 kHz
Transmitter site is Nijmegen (NIJ), the city in eastern Netherlands in the province of Gelderland, near the German border.

OMR’s website is:

[N.B.: HFCC registration doesn’t mean the stations will necessarily be on air on all these days/times/frequencies!)

(Alan Pennington via bdxc-news io group)

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