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Glenn Hauser logs July 11-12, 2021

** CANADA. 97.3 & 99.3, CKUA relays during huge sporadic-E opening July 11: included in full report under USA [and non], as well as 95.3 CKWD Calgary; 95.5 CHLB Lethbridge AB (Glenn Hauser, OK, WOR)

** CHINA. 13160, July 12 at 1359, JBA music, no timesignal and runs past 1400+, could be Firedragon. Gone at 1422 recheck. Before 1400, only other WOOB presumed CNR1 jammer was 13530 JBA carrier (Glenn Hauser, OK, WOR)

** CUBA. 6060, July 12 at 0628, humbuzz on RHC English about something, ignoring the anti-government demonstrations across Cuba; 6165 OK; 6100, 6000, 5040 all off. Something`s always wrong at RHC. 5025 Rebelde playing music (Glenn Hauser, OK, WOR)

** CUBA [non]. 7435 & 7335, July 12 at 0624, R. Marti in a rare extended broadcast beyond usual 0400* or 0500*, VG signals here and no jamming audible altho it often runs overtime against nothing; and also on weaker 6030. Because, of course, of the widespread and never-before anti-Communist-government demonstrations. Seems to be live discussion of this by host and various exiles if not dentro-Cubans. Assures Cuban listeners they are getting worldwide press attention; leaders blame it on the US, of course. Keeps going past 0700+ with no ID break (Glenn Hauser, OK, WOR)

** CUBA. 11880, July 12 at 2300, RHC English S9+25 marred by scratchy noise and hum, something always wrong at RHC. We were wondering how they would play the outbreak of anti-Communist demonstrations around the Greatest Antille; or just ignore them? No, that`s the lead story, but of course with the Commie government spin I try to summarize. What Pres. Díaz-Canel said about it on TV. Blames the “criminal“ demos on social media and the USA waging unconventional war on the island. Emphasizes counter-demonstrations by those supporting The Revolution. One of the complaints is power outages: Matanzas power station is being repaired and should be back online Tuesday. Dig at the American “blockade“. Admits infexions are at their highest level now since pandemic started; etc., etc. (Glenn Hauser, OK, WOR)

** MEXICO. 93.3, XHPS Veracruz: one Mexican during huge sporadic-E opening July 11: included under USA [and non] (Glenn Hauser, OK, WOR)

** OKLAHOMA. Re my remarx about how little Woodward has a lot more radio stations than big Enid: it still does, but Enid/Lahoma/North Enid has 6 full power, on 95.7, 96.9, 97.7, 103.1, 106.3, 107.1. Not including too many translators and LPs, sounding just as strong at local range; nor some nearby but non-Enids such as 89.7, 90.5 (Glenn Hauser, Enid, WOR) Also some OK mixed in with Es FM DX: USA [and non]

** SPAIN. 17855, Monday July 12 at 2309, REE English after news, Justin Coe goes into third edition of twice-monthly `DX Program`. Obviously non-scripted, says he`s working from home where temps are above 30C, so windows are open letting in plaza noise, sirens, barx, kids, buses revving, animated discussions, but also a pleasant breeze. Anyhow, “the noise of life in the big city“.

While sufficient, the signal at S8 has some deep fades to S1, and even at peak I never hear any such noise distraxion. Also working from home, I am conscious of noise such as trains, planes, TV in the next room, but rarely detectable on my playbacks. Says the new studios at REE they can`t use have good soundproofing, but nothing like the old ones which were double-doored like a submarine.

This “DX program“ really a mailbag is all about one e-mail received 3 July, from our very own Alan Holder on the Isle of Wight, which Justin has never visited. Alan has been listening to REE since 1977. Recommends a Roberts Sircon? 94-I internet “radio“ where stations can be easily stored. Laments Alison Hughes` early retirement. They agree she has a great voice for radio [so does Justin]. Coe`s device makes a ping when a new e-mail arrives. What about her replacement, Amy Egan? Is she on permanent staff? No, semi-permanent more like an intern with lower pay for 6 months; but she is tech-savvy unlike J&A. Justin managed to get a front-row seat to a performance by Segovia in Germany, 1984-85. Still open for suggestions on title for this show, e.g. as Alan proposes: `Radio-Waves` was used before; You Write Us; We`ve Got Mail; Nos Escribe.

2222, about to play some outro music for Alan, by another guitarist, Marc Ridot whose albums JC has bought several of; this one from Songs of Resistance 1942-2018, about partisans vs Italian fascism, ref. website accompanying singer Tom Waite who has a rather croaky voice I can`t understand, finally plays at 2225 until 5+1 timesignal at 2230. Maybe this will repeat on Wednesday as happened last time (Glenn Hauser, OK, WOR)

** U S A [and non]. WORLD OF RADIO 2094 monitoring: confirmed Sunday July 11 at 2013 the 2000 on IRRS via Italia-AM 918 kHz Villa Estense, via Noale nearby remote, S9+25 but high noise level there.

Missed confirming Sun July 11 at 2200 on Area 51 via WBCQ 6159.9, as I was engrossed in FM DX opening.

Confirmed Sun July 11 at 2253 the 2230 on WRMI 9955, quick check on caradio during FM DX monitoring. Did anyone hear it?

Also confirmed UT Monday July 12 at 0046 the 0030 on WRMI 7730, S9+20/30 direct.

Also confirmed UT Mon July 12 at 0130 on WRN to NAm webcast.

Also confirmed UT Mon July 12 at 0230 on WRMIs via Bonaire SDR: 5800 S7-S9 and 7780 S3-S5. Next:

1330 UT Tuesday WRMI 15770 to NE [NEW] 1030 UT Wednesday WRMI 5850 to NW
2100 UT Wednesday WRMI 7780 to NE
2100 UT Wednesday WBCQ 7490v to WSW
0130 UT Thursday WRMI 5010 to S

Full schedule including AM, FM, webcasts, satellite, podcasts:

Our non-commercial broadcasts and website depend on voluntary support: thanks this week to Moises Corilloclla, Rego Park NY, for a check in US funds on a US bank, to: Glenn Hauser, Box 1684, Enid OK 73702 USA; and says, “Please be assured that I appreciate your job, as you are one of *the* reliable sources of DX news. I look forward to enjoying more editions of World of Radio in the next years to come!“

One may also contribute via PayPal, not necessarily in US funds, to woradio at (Glenn Hauser, OK, WOR)

** U S A [and non]. Huge sporadic E opening monitored from 2044 UT July 11 after seeing DXMAP MUFs above 100 MHz including one patch around New Orleans which should be just right for DX from Florida at twice the distance.

It`s notable that during this entire opening I never got anything below 91.9 even tho the MUF went up to 105? I kept bandscanning across the NCE band, but no DX even on the semi-open channels 88.1, 89.5, 89.9, 90.7. Almost as if this sporadic E were above a “lowest usable frequency“. States and provinces: FL, Veracruz, ID, OR, WA, MT, AB, VA.

These are in time order, ALWAYS UT, and I have spent a lot more time researching afterwards than ~3 hours tuning, all on the caradio in hot garage, vertical antenna so no manipulation there and no extra gain. And all on my own receiver in real time, no recordings made. Also had DX-398 as standby at least for some RDS readouts, but never got any.

After each log I copy the WTFDA FM Database listing; eliminating duplications of H&V kW power and H&V antenna height above average terrain unless in rare cases they differ. Headers at the FMDB are as follows; in many cases some fields are blank or duplicative:

Callsign Relay of Frequency City S/P Country Mode Lang Format Slogan ERP-H ERP-V HAAT-H HAAT-V Lat-N Long-W PI Code PS Info Radiotext PTY Remarks

Many of these lack a definite ID, but I make best guesses based on PTA, format, what is said, choosing full power stations rather than LP or translators. Since I am not counting stations, states or anything, nor QSLing, these presumptions are not a problem, but my best effort at identifying what has come in. Some OKies/Kansies included as I run across them hoping for Es DX instead.

I go to all this trouble, out of quality interest in the details; as I find those who go for quantity, with minimum one-liner details to be virtually unreadable, unless searching for some clue later. Also of course, this is how I want my log archive to read. Distances are approx., city-to-city, not site-to-site.

94.3 at 2043 and for many hours afterwards, once again as on previous Sundays, my nearby Enid local KLGB-LP is open carrier/dead air, so makes it a little easier to pull stations on 94.1 & 94.5. Its RDS still displays KLGB even when tuned down to 94.05. Someones at the other ends could have DXed it that way. But why don`t they just turn it off?

97.3 at 2044, S Florida ad for Diamonds Direct in Boca Ratón, come see at the mall. I`ve tuned up the band and this is the first DX signal noted. After adstring, “Back to the music on The New Hits, 97.3“. But these stations never say “back to the commercials“! WFLC 97.3 MIAMI FL HD CONTEMPORARY HIT RADIO HITS 97.3 98.0 kW ERP 307.0 m HAAT 25-58-02 80-12-34 62FC — 2051 km = 1274 stmi

97.5 at 2046, Ford dealer,, GEICO in Lakewood, “97
Country Music“
kW 310.0 m HAAT 28-07-35 81-33-03 1235 – ‘KAVT’ Now Playing
Song/Artist Country — 1778 km = 1105 mi

102.5 at 2049, KNIX ID, C&W — Arizona intrudes on my FL opening! KNIX-FM 102.5 PHOENIX AZ HD COUNTRY 29.0 kW 470.0 m 33-20-04 112-03-41 133B KNIX Title & Artist Country — 1334 km = 829 mi

104.5 at 2051, AT40 Breakout, adstring. That`s American Top 40. Its website affil list includes KZZW Woodward OK at 2-6 pm [CT] Sunday. Now the best and clearest signal from Wdwd; only wish KWOU could do as well on 88.1.

104.7 at 2051, Sharkey`s on Cullman Road. No, that`s Coleman Road, a
bait shop in Ponca City OK: KQSN

93.7 at 2056, CCI to KSPI Stillwater OK, partial ID as KY — this? WKEY-FM 93.7 KEY WEST FL DANCE 93.7 NRG 6.1 kW 43.0 m 24-34-19 81-44-25 65CF GOODTIME OLDIES Oldies //WKEZ-FM 96.3 — 2022 km = 1256 mi

94.1 at 2057 rap music: WLLD 94.1 LAKELAND FL HD RHYTHMIC CHR WILD 94.1 100.0 kW 455.0 m 27-40-23 82-06-35 72D5 WiLD 94.1 the Bay’s Party Station Title & Artist on WILD 94.1 Top 40 — 1759 km = 1093 mi

97.5 at 2101, “97.5 WPCV, Winter Haven-Lakeland, your hometown station“; as above

98.3 at 2102, “My Country“ with CCI, but this one is merely: KQZQ 98.3 KIOWA KS COUNTRY MY COUNTRY 98.3 97.0 kW 208.9 m 37-24-09 98-34-51

96.5 at 2108, Spanish music; 2112 “La mejor, Éxitos 96.5“ DJ plugs WOEX 96.5 ORLANDO FL HD Spanish CONTEMPORARY HIT RADIO EXITOS 96.5 99.0 kW 454.0 m 28-34-07 81-03-16 7A1F Song/Artist on Mas Musica Y Mas Variedad – 1-800-411-PAIN No Program Type or Undefined Ex WDBO-FM 1774 km = 1102 mi

92.3 at 2114, Spanish CCI mix English: WCMQ-FM 92.3 HIALEAH FL Spanish CLASSIC HITS ZALSA Z-92 20.2 kW 21.0 m 25-50-15 80-19-12 5B38 Clasica artist/title Artist – Title en Clasica 92 Adult Hits — 2041 km = 1268 mi

92.3 at 2118, ads for Masterson? University, GEICO, 2120 Come to Culver`s for food, K-92-3. Can`t find any Masterson Univ, but Culver`s restaurants all over FL including Orlando area: WWKA 92.3 ORLANDO FL HD COUNTRY K 92 FM 99.0 kW 454.0 m 28-34-07 81-03-16 8FC4 ORLANDO’S 1 FOR NEW COUNTRY Title & Artist Now Playing Title & Artist on Orlando’s #1 Country — 1774 km = 1102 mi

92.1 at 2122, Spanish romantic music, CCI Hannity in English: WAFZ-FM 92.1 IMMOKALEE FL Spanish REGIONAL MEXICAN LA LEY 92.1 5.6 kW 100.0 m 26-26-54 81-16-17 5543 No Program Type or Undefined — 1911 km = 1187 mi

94.1 at 2125, rock squeezes past 94.3 KLGB and its RDS: WLLD 94.1 LAKELAND FL HD RHYTHMIC CHR WILD 94.1 100.0 kW 455.0 m 27-40-23 82-06-35 72D5 WiLD 94.1 the Bay’s Party Station Title & Artist on WILD 94.1 Top 40 — 1759 km = 1093 mi

93.9 at 2128 music CCI to KIMY Watonga OK: WMIA-FM 93.9 MIAMI BEACH FL HD CLASSIC HITS TOTALLY 93.9 98.0 kW 307.0 m 25-58-02 80-12-34 1528 93.9 MIA Variety from the 80s, 90s and Today! Adult Hits — 2054 km = 1277 mi

93.3 at 2128, Spanish PSA about violence against women, 2129 credit to “gobierno del estado de Veracruz“ — great for DX IDing! vacunación PSA from gobierno de México .mx, ID Exa-FM 93.3 promo ID. Quite an outlier, no other XHs in this opening, wish there were more: XHPS-FM 93.3 VERACRUZ VER MEX Spanish CONTEMPORARY HIT RADIO EXA FM 30.94 kW 208.0 m 19-09-14 96-06-30 —- EXA FM EN TODAS PARTES… PONTE EXA! 1919 km = 1193 mi

93.1 at 2131, baseball scores, Euro Final, etc.; 2133 “Sports Radio 93-1, The Ticket“; Granger Office supplies and huge adstring 2138+ KTIK-FM 93.1 NEW PLYMOUTH ID SPORTS THE TICKET 48.0 kW 828.0 m 43-45-21 116-05-54 4306 // KTIK 1350 — 1806 km = 1122 mi

So now DX in at same time from both ID and FL! Between 2131 and 2225. Which means double hop DX possible at both ends; did anyone get any? We`re out of luck here in the great center of North America.

96.5 at 2139, Exitos 96.5 promo, so Orlando WOEX still in as above

97.3 at 2140, talk, something “Scene“? Illegible note; and CCI; 2142, political talkshow about far-right strawman CRT; CCI from “Amazing Grace“: WSKY-FM 97.3 MICANOPY FL HD NEWS/TALK THE SKY 97.3 FM NEWS TALK 50.0 kW 150.0 m 29-32-09 82-19-18 854C [Program Name] on 97.3 The Sky News Talk 97.3 The Sky News — 1642 km = 1020 mi

97.5 at 2145, ad for Embassy Cruises to Ocean Key; 2146 “97 Country music starts now“. Again WPCV Winter Haven as above

102.1 at 2148, Spanish music, announcement fades, CCI. No SS in FL or ID. No full power SS in Probable Target Areas; lots of low powers

104.7 at 2150, Westrank? Credit Union, Culligan of; 2151 Idaho PSA, algo KIKX 104.7 KETCHUM ID ADULT HITS BOB-FM 97.0 kW 481.0 m 43-16-45 114-09-14 — 1616 km = 1004 mi

105.9 at 2153, Embassy cruises from Miami; weather advice book; injury law firm Morgan & ??; Coca Cola at Circle K, AT&T internet; Granger Office Supplies; 2151 “WOCL HD1 Deland“: WOCL 105.9 DELAND FL HD CLASSIC HITS 105.9 SUNNY FM 96.0 kW 484.0 m 28-55-10 81-19-08 79DF Title & Artist Sunny 105.9 Rock — 1751 km = 1088 mi

97.3 at 2159, Idaho Falls and Rexburg ad; “Classy 97, KLCE Blackfoot-Pocatello-Idaho Falls-Rexburg“ [Blackfoot first but not sure about the order of the other three]: KLCE 97.3 BLACKFOOT ID ADULT CONTEMPORARY CLASSY 97 KLCE 95.0 kW 461.0 m 43-30-03 112-39-43 2D44 KLCE Classy 97 — more below 1446 km = 898 mi

99.5 at 2201 ads, Okie? 2203 Spanish music and talk CCI: WLLY-FM 99.5 PALM BEACH GARDENS FL Spanish REGIONAL MEXICAN LA LEY 99.5 6.0 kw 100.0 m 26-45-42 80-04-42 8FF6 — 1985 km = 1233 mi

99.1 at 2205, Spanish music; in FL the only SS are two LPs

99.3 at 2213, Spanish, mix with rock in English; 2219 CCI again: WWCN 99.3 FORT MYERS BEACH FL HD Spanish CONTEMPORARY HIT RADIO PLAYA 99.3 45.0 kW 142.0 m 26-29-16 81-55-46 6C9D – //WWCN 770 — 1868 km = 1161 mi; and:

99.3 at 2214, about Paul Davis, phone 690-0000, Brevard, Cocoa Beach; 2218 Space Coast weather etc., Lolita podcast, “Lite Rock 99-3“: WLRQ-FM 99.3 COCOA FL HD ADULT CONTEMPORARY LITE ROCK 99.3 50.0 kW 64.0 m 28-16-40 80-42-03 137E – ‘KBIK’ Artist/Song – Lite Rock 99.3 Soft Rock — 1838 km = 1142 mi

102.3 at 2222, Baker Valley Pest Control vs mosquitoes, CCI. La Grande is near Baker City & County, NE Oregon: KWRL 102.3 LA GRANDE OR ADULT CONTEMPORARY THE RIVER 25.0 kW 505.0 m 45-07-21 117-46-44 — 1960 km – 1218 mi

102.3 at 2223, Ocala Chevy ad CCI: *same time from opposite direxions, double hop possibility at the extremes*. Dunnellon is near Ocala: WXUS 102.3 DUNNELLON FL 50.0 kW 149.0 m 29-11-15 82-23-40 937E The New US 102-3 The Crossroads of Country & Rock – Program Announcement Country US 102.3 COUNTRY — 1654 km = 1028 mi

100.3 at 2224, Spanish music: WRUM 100.3 ORLANDO FL 95.0 kW 484.0 m 28-34-51 81-04-32 Spanish HD 13A0 – ‘KBJS’ LA RUMBA Song/Artist Top 40 RUMBA 100.3 MAS MUSICA VARIADA TROPICAL — 1774 km = 1102 mi

WRUM is the last FL station heard as opening continues from NW only. So double-hop could have been possible at least between 2131 and 2225, almost one hour!

97.3 at 2226, Sounds of outro. 97.3 has several religious in FL all LP. Ditto ID, OR, MT. But search of LDS show SOS website leads to a main outlet for it and the only one on 97.3 as already above, KLCE Blackfoot ID, evidently breaking format for holyday. SOS:

“Who Are We? The “Sounds of Sunday” (TM) is a weekly 5-hour radio program produced by Carl Watkins featuring inspirational music from members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, and gospel-related stories from Glenn Rawson. The program airs each Sunday on 18 radio stations in Idaho, Wyoming, Utah, Arizona, and New Mexico, and internet station “Sounds of Sunday (24/7)” (see Affiliates).“

94.1 at 2228, praise rock, 2229 segué: KBXL 94.1 CALDWELL ID 39.0 kW 803.0 m 43-45-18 116-05-52 KBXL 94.1 THE VOICE RELIGIOUS TEACHING — 1788 km = 1111 mi

94.5 at 2229, hard rock, yelling, either/or, KHTQ further north: KSKI-FM 94.5 SUN VALLEY ID 2.5 kW 583.0 m 43-38-36 114-23-49 4094 KSKI – SOTHERN IDAHO`S ALTERNATIVE KSKI 94.5 ROCK — OR: KHTQ 94.5 HAYDEN ID 83.0 kW 665.0 m 47-39-34 116-57-48 247A Rock 94&1/2 ROCK 94 1/2 ROCK — 1616 km = 1004 mi

94.9 at 2230, C&W, CCI; there are NO countrys in ID or OR, but: KYSS-FM 94.9 MISSOULA MT COUNTRY YOUR COUNTRY 94.9 63.0 kW 729.0 m 47-01-57 113-59-30 — 1769 km = 1099 mi

91.9 at 2232, soft rock: finally something below 92 MHz! Probably: KGLT 91.9 BOZEMAN MT VARIETY ALTERNATIVE PUBLIC RADIO IN SOUTHWEST MONTANA 12.0 kW 262.0 m 45-57-25 111-22-14 MONTANA UNIVERSITY SYSTEM 1508 km = 937 mi

93.1 at 2233, sports talk, baseball, CBS Sports Radio: as above at 2131, KTIK-FM New Plymouth ID; // 1350, yes CBS SR listed there by NRC AM Log

94.1 at 2234, Butte-100 bike race almost here ad; “Chopper 94“ or is it “Shopper 94“ singing IDs, Anaconda ad. Got to be Montana now; so it`s `Kopr 94“ pronounced Copper, as in mining around there: KOPR 94.1 BUTTE MT ADULT HITS KOPR 94.1 FM 58.0 kW 566.0 m 46-00-23 112-26-28 — 1623 km = 1008 mi

91.9 at 2238, CCI to above now gospel music not just teaching talk: KFRW 91.9 GREAT FALLS MT RELIGIOUS TEACHING FAMILY RADIO 50.0 kW 142.0 m 47-49-13 111-47-56 — 1657 km = 1029 mi

92.9 at 2238, IBSC ad = Irritable Bowel Syndrome algo, fadeout: KLFM 92.9 GREAT FALLS MT CLASSIC HITS KOOL 92.9 98.0 kW 125.0 m 47-32-19 111-15-41 — 1657 km = 1029 mi

95.3 at 2241, C&W CCI to KOMA – the OKC translator puts amazing dominant signal into Enid from its high tower. NO C&W in MT or ID: CKWD-FM 95.3 CALGARY AB CAN COUNTRY WILD 95.3 100.0 kW 272.9 m 51-04-21 114-15-38 CE5C Country — 2075 km = 1289 mi

100.3 at 2242, front porch sound product, access-more app; “K-Love“, CCI: KLSK 100.3 GREAT FALLS MT CONTEMPORARY CHRISTIAN K-LOVE 100.0 kW 151.0 m 47-15-57 111-08-39 — 1657 km = 1029 mi

93.3 at 2250, gospel huxter CCI to country OKC: KURL 93.3 BILLINGS MT RELIGIOUS TEACHING KURL RADIO 93.3 FM 60.0 kW 213.0 m 45-45-37 108-27-09 — 1370 km = 851 mi

94.5 at 2254, this day in history? Reagan shot: [no, that was March 30, 1981]; rock, CCI: KMON-FM 94.5 GREAT FALLS MT COUNTRY 94.5 MAX COUNTRY 98.0 kW 151.0 m 47-32-19 111-15-41 — 1657 km = 1029 mi

95.5 at 2255, talk about Jay Leno`s cars: KCHH 95.5 WORDEN MT TALK NEWSTALK 95 FM & 970 AM 100.0 kW 152.0 m 45-45-59 108-27-19 1605 KBBB – CHANNEL 95 – // KBUL 970 — Worden? a tiny town just NE of Billings — 1346 km = 849 mi

97.5 at 2256, “The new 97-5, Kiss FM“ and rap: KOLW 97.5 BASIN CITY WA CONTEMPORARY HIT RADIO 97.5 KISS FM 50.0 kW 189.0 m 46-17-23 119-25-28 — believe it or not, this is the only Kiss on 97.5 listed in the USA or Canada. Basin City is im SE WA near Hanford, not too far from Idaho — 2084 km = 1295 mi

99.3 at 2257, interview a designer named Tristan of tattoos and watercolors, “for Indigenous Pathways“; CCI; Sin? Guide, Canada`s future; CKUA ID: CKUA-FM-2 relays:CKUA-FM 94.9 99.3 LETHBRIDGE AB CAN VARIETY CKUA RADIO FOUNDATION 100.0 kW 142.0 m 49-43-59 112-57-40 [more below] 1907 km = 1185 mi

101.7 at 2301, fading dead air CCI to nearby KREJ Medicine Lodge KS gospel huxter, still 2314: Alberta has no full-power 101.7, likely: KWGF 101.7 VAUGHN MT HOT AC STAR 101.7 93.4 kW-H 62.3 kW-V 273.0 m 47-36-24 111-21-31 — 1674 km = 1040 mi

89.3 at 2305 and entirely earlier, semi-local KIEL has been silent, but carrier seems on abutting 89.1 local translator; recheck at 0054 July 12 it`s finally modulating: KIEL 89.3 LOYAL OK RELIGIOUS TEACHING RADIO 74 INTERNATIONALE 3.8 kW 47.0 m 36-03-43 98-12-41

95.5 at 2308, YL says “Today`s Country 95-5“, timecheck as “just after 5:00“ so must be MDT or CST: There are NO “today`s country“ anywhere; not even any country in ID or MT but Alberta has two: CHLB-FM 95.5 LETHBRIDGE AB CAN COUNTRY COUNTRY 95.5 100.0 kW H&V but 173.0 m HAAT horizontal, 0.0 m vertical; huhhh? 49-46-47 112-52-18 1907 km = 1185 mi CHLB in southern AB more likely than CKGY midway Calgary/Edmonton: CKGY-FM 95.5 RED DEER AB CAN COUNTRY REAL COUNTRY 95.5 100.0 kW 256.5 m 52-19-10 113-40-41 [2163 km – 1344 mi]

97.3 at 2310, “Bulay-bulay“ classic rock, and then a mojo song, // 99.3 CKUA-FM-2. So this is another CKUA relay: CKUA-FM-3 relays:CKUA-FM 94.9 97.3 MEDICINE HAT AB CAN VARIETY CKUA RADIO FOUNDATION 100.0 kW-H/43.0 kW-V 219.5 m 49-41-59 110-38-24 — 1833 km = 1139 mi. Also checked 94.9 several times but never heard flagship in Edmonton nor any of the other relays around the province thruout the band ranging from 2.5 to 100,000 watts. More below

100.3 at 2313, lo-fi NWS severe storm warning for north central Montana overrides; 3 tones and back to music; 2319 praise music. It`s KLSK Great Falls again as above

104.7 at 2315, adstring for NAPA Know-how, paper ghostpodcasts, Discover card, Allstate Ins; “The New 104-7 The Bull“, another sponsor in Newkirk; so my semi-local only: KQSN 104.7 PONCA CITY OK COUNTRY 104.7 THE BULL 25.0 kW 89.0 m 36-47-21 97-02-53

99.3 at 2319 song in some Portuguese dialect? 2324 // 97.3 so still CKUAs; with one radio I can`t tell if synchronised. Outro as from Cape Verde on `World Spinning` show with Mark? Clark but sounds like a YL; no, she`s Lark Clark per CKUA program sked; CKUA ID in passing

94.5 at 2327, soft rock, CCI about heat wave in Washington State; 2330 Country Top 40. Not necessarily really from WA but how about: KATS 94.5 YAKIMA WA ROCK KATS FM 100.0 kW 277.0 m 46-31-59 120-30-14 —- 94.5 KATS — 2188 km = 1360 mi

Opening is still going but at this point after 165 minutes, I need a break from intensity and uncomfortable hot car. Resuming UT July 12:

94.5 at 0052, EZL music, fades, still against dead air on 94.3 local; unID, no clue yet about wherefrom

96.5 at 0056, ad for residents of Virginia to get guns legally at home, and (?) More likely 0058 “Classic Rock 96.5, WK##“, CCI; 0100 KRAV Tulsa “Mix 96.5“ takes over: WKLR 96.5 FORT LEE VA HD CLASSIC ROCK CLASSIC ROCK 96.5 50.0 kW 138.0 m 37-20-22 77-24-31 703F Title & Artist on CLASSIC ROCK 96.5 @CLASSICROCK965.COM — 1826 km = 1135 mi

104.5 at 0105, rock song with audio cutting out again, as KZZW Woodward OK has suffered before; wake up?! CD player skipping?

102.5 at 0059, Bott Radio Network ID JBA, must be KS or OK: KKCV 102.5 ROZEL KS RELIGIOUS TEACHING BOTT RADIO NETWORK 100.0 kW 148.8 m 37-57-28 99-25-45 — 241 km = 150 mi Rozel? Never heard of it. Nor in regular atlas, but large-scale, pop. 156 just west of Larned, next town Burdett another tiny town with a big radio, why? (Glenn Hauser, Enid OK, WOR)

** VANUATU. 11835, July 12 at 0630, JBA carrier presumed RV. I`ve not been following this closely whether harmonicizing or not on 3945 for starters (Glenn Hauser, OK, WOR)

UNIDENTIFIED. 4975, July 12 at 0636, JBA carrier, S7 better than 11835 Vanuatu, but no modulation audible. Since my last report:

“4974.99 PIRATE (Europe) Radio Deltracks (presumed), 06.29.2021, 0052-0117 ongoing rock songs, man dj unclear talk briefly at 0057, non stop disco pop, pop, rock (The Rolling Stones’ I Can’t Get No Satisfaction”) and oldie songs; better in ssb,non stop rapid qsb, strong qrn statics in ssb (stronger in am), almost fair/poor at times (Gianni Serra – Roma, Italy)“

“Glenn – Just noted the following. Ron: Youtube video of reception on 4975 kHz., on July 6 – . Also this –,82496.msg268087.html#msg268087

Radio Deltracks 4975 AM 0715 utc 06 Jun 2021 « on: June 06, 2021, 0720 UTC » on 4794.95 {sic: means 4974.95??} 0715 very weak, noisy, bipping UT, some music, hard to hear, 0718 talking (no copy), 0719 music, 0722 (0750 no signal) «Last Edit: June 06, 2021, 0753 UTC by Ray Lalleu»“

Kari Kallio, Finland reports: “Radio Deltracks is said to be with a max. 350 W transmitter from the Netherlands – analogically with the “same” operators, all often under 1 kW (Glenn Hauser, OK, WOR)

This report despatched at 0433 UT July 13

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