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List of Radio & TV stations in China

The National Radio & TV Administration(NRTA) of China published on July 19 the newest list of Radio & TV stations in China (as of June 2021) .

National/Province/Large City class stations;

Local prefecture/Small City/District class stations;

Educational stations;

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The number of National/Province/Large City class stations is 400, Local prefecture/Small City/District class stations 2108, Educational stations 36.

The lists are in Excel format in Chinese, giving location, station name, names of radio and TV program channels, number of radio channels, number of TV channels. Times and Frequencies are not given in the list.

The stations which are not under the control of NRTA (Hong Kong/Macau stations, military, private, Pay TV, Mobile TV broadcasting stations) are not listed.

)Takahito Akabayashi via WOR io group)

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