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ABC DRM test on MW in Australia

Australia: ABC Radio National (RN) is testing DRM on 747 kHz MW. This is reported to be from Wangaratta VIC (re griffinboi on YouTube and Twitter, who reported receiving it in Melbourne 21 July). (747 kHz is not on an existing RN frequency from this site, but 747 is a frequency used by 4 other stations in Australia).

Was decodable yesterday evening with some drop outs using the Kiwi SDR in Croydon VIC 25 July at 2030 UTC (0630 AEST). Carrying RN programming with texts:

“ABC Radio National”

“ABC is testing the future of radio”

“You’re listening to the ABC DRM demonstration”

“ABC is looking to the future of radio”

“Today is 2021-7-25”

“Now it is 6:30 AEST”

also a short thread on this at:

(Alan Pennington via bdxc-news io group)

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