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Glenn Hauser logs August 4, 2021

** ANTARCTICA. 15475.98-RCUSB, Aug 4 at 1434, LRA36 on again for a Wednesday if not Saturday broadcast; S4-S6 via Pardinho, Brasil SDR. Usual mix of songs, frequent canned IDs, brief talx. 1434 music and ID; [pausa para desayuno mío], 1514 weather; 1516 Antártida song; 1521 another song; 1538 multi-lingual greetings/IDs including English. 1540 as if “sign-on“, today`s weather briefly, “nublado, nevado“ = cloudy and snowy, maximum -3 degrees, couldn`t copy the minimum; contact info including phone, e-mail; songs; 1551, 1554 IDs; 1602 ID and brief Olympic news [I doubt any Antarcticans compete; but how about winter?]; 1614 ID, music; 1617 & 1622 ID; talk about something in 1971y with G.C. 1639 ID; 1649 weather again; 1651 Anta. song; 1654 program ID as `El Lejano Sur` Wed at 11-13 local, no mention of Sat repeat, SW and FM frequencies, G.C. of studios, staff credits, fade-up Anta. song again, but not closing down yet, into another song past 1700; 1703 ID and multi-lang greet including English, German, Russian/Korean and into vamp music loop. Today it keeps going on and on: several minutes later, “blanco, hielo y más hielo“, says it all about the landscape; 1713 rock song and after that almost continuous rock music, 1735, 1805, 1855, 1919 still going when I finally quit checking (Glenn Hauser, OK, WOR)

** CONGO. 6115, Aug 4 at 0613, JBA carrier presumed R. Congo (Glenn Hauser, OK, WOR)

** CUBA. 7215, 7165 and 7130, August 4 at 0308, pulse jamming peaking on only these frequencies in 40m hamband, vs absolutely no one trying to QSO on them. Bulletin! Hams have the flexibility to QSY anywhere inband when necessary, so Cuban Commies need to jam ALL frequencies (Glenn Hauser, OK, WOR)

** ERITREA. 7180 & 7140, Aug 4 at 0309, JBA AM carriers, the lower one weaker, with some SSB QRhaM – obviously the two VOBME INTRUDERS at best time of day to get them here (Glenn Hauser, OK, WOR)

** MEXICO. 93.5-FM, Aug 4 at 1956 UT, scanning caradio for sporadic E DX as suggested by DXMAP, nothing showing even on lower `open` frequencies, but here some Spanish occasionally overrides `My 93.5` Pratt/Hutchinson KS, my fringe `local`. 2002, seems to be newscast or at least talk format; 2007 another fadeup with timecheck as “3 con 7“ so we know it`s CDT/EST, not Cuba which I hoped at first, rather east/central México. 2009 ads or PSAs with .mx websites, one for vacuna gratuita, and back to interview, YL in studio, OM on phone. Not // 1460 KZUE OK which is also Mexican-originated talk. 2012 mentions “acá en este estado de Guanajuato“. Fortunately small enough not likely to have more than one 93.5, as listed:

XHNY-FM 93.5 IRAPUATO GTO MEX Spanish CONTEMPORARY HIT RADIO EXA FM 30.03 30.03 217.0 217.0 20-42-11 101-23-26 — 1780 km = 1106 stmi

I do believe I have heard it before. Yes: July 22, 2019; June 23, 2015. `CHR` format implies rock music, even in English, but own website indicates more diversity; dated more than a sesquiyear ago, an incomplete program list, hardly a schedule, shows one starting M-F at 17 UT, unknown whether more than 3 hours long:

Nota de EXA FM:

“NESS AL AIRE 15-01-2020 – Escucha a NESS de lunes a viernes con la mejor música y la información necesaria para continuar tu día a día.

El clima en el estado, lo último en tecnología y por su puesto las notas que están dando de que hablar a nivel mundial en un solo espacio, además de invitados con temas de actualidad que pondrán un toque especial a cada día de la semana.

Lunes de deportes con Kike Cardoso.
Miércoles de cine con Alberto Segovia.
Jueves de sexo con Ana Elisa Rosas.
Viernes de recomendación literaria con el Padre Sergio Montoya.
Escucha de Lunes a Viernes en punto de las 12 del medio día.“

However from his portrait appears Ness is a guy, not a YL host; Exa is also a national network/group so possibly the Guanajuato reference came thru some other station. Only one in WTFDA DB with a news/talk format is:

XHO-FM 93.5 MATAMOROS TAMPS MEX HD Spanish NEWS/TALK NOTIPAGE, LÍDERES EN NOTICIAS 3.0 3.0 39.0 39.0 25-52-47 97-30-15

As researched later. Back online at 2036, I check the XHNH stream, and it does sound like the same talk show (Glenn Hauser, OK, WOR)

** OKLAHOMA. 515-MCW kHz, Aug 4 at 0619 UT, NDB PN at Ponca City is gone again (Glenn Hauser, OK, WOR)

** OKLAHOMA. 96.9, Aug 4 at 1859 UT, KQOB is back on already. I never paid any attention to metered strength, but sounds like licensed 100 kW, and usual adjacent-channel bleed, so suspect they have got their original Crescent site fixed already and won`t need the STA at KWPN aux site (Glenn Hauser, OK, WOR)

** U S A. 4096, August 4 at 0631 UT, JBA CW, too weak to copy, but alternating with sweeps upward for about a minute at 0632, 0637. Must be the “DW“ beacon somewhere in the SW desert. I had been seeking this since Art Peterson notified me June 17, but not until now has my storm/line noise level descended to barely low enough:

“Glenn, The “desert whooper” beacon on 4096 has changed its format. Instead of alternating the CW with the whoops, it is now superimposed on the whoops. CW format is now: 8 dits, BEACON LTMP 37 BAT 131, 8 DITS Also, the temperature appears now to be in °C instead of °F, they dropped the DW ID in favor of “beacon,” and they have dropped having an explicit decimal point on the battery voltage. Just thought you would like to know. Still no idea where it is, but I get solid reception at night here in grid CM87tw, SF Bay Area. 73, Art Peterson“

Speaking of expressing temperature degrees, everyone else is wrong, when referring to a *change* in temp, e.g. global warming. Degrees-F or degrees-C means an axual temp. But when talking about a temp *difference or change*, the terminology should be reversed, as in F-degrees, or C-degrees. I learnt this in Physix 101 at Washington University in 1963. Now journalists, e.g. Time magazine, and even scientists just don`t get it. Just one example from Science News:

“Unbearably hot — On June 29, the Pacific Northwest heat wave hit its peak, setting new temperature records in Portland, Seattle and Vancouver, and a new country-wide temperature record for Canada in Lytton, British Columbia. This map shows how the temperature of the air about 2 meters above the ground compares with the 2014–2020 average temperature for that same day. In some spots, it was a whopping 20 degrees Celsius higher.“

I have copied the above to Science News feedback, and they promise to read it, but no reply yet (Glenn Hauser, OK, WOR)

** U S A. 940, Aug 4 at 0615, S9+30 signal with C2CAM, like a 50 kW clear briefly, but then fades vs CCI. Presumably 5/1 kW KIXZ Amarillo TX, only one of two C2C stations on 940 per last year`s NRC AM Log. The other is also adjacently-stated, KSWM Aurora in SW Missouri, but allegedly only 25 watts night. However, KIXZ night pattern supposed to go NW, not ENE! while KSWM is ND.
Can be set to show all stations on one page, rather than state by state, and indeed the only 940s currently are these two (Glenn Hauser, OK, WOR)

** U S A. 97.3, August 4 at 1903, hunting for possible Es DX, I hit upon a fadey fringer, plug for some 8/28 event; 1905 horse feed ad with 620 area code; 1906 “Continuous Country Q-97“ YL ID, thus: KKJQ 97.3 GARDEN CITY KS COUNTRY Q 97 FM 100.0 100.0 244.0 244.0 37-46-48 100-27-36 2B62 KKJQ THE DAWG – (Glenn Hauser, Enid OK, WOR)

This report dispatched at 0037 UT August 5

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