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WMR 15790 back on the air

As from today World Music Radio (WMR) is back on 15790 kHz (Saturday-Sunday 07-20 UTC) but with 10 Watts only.

The 927 outlet in Hvidovre, Copenhagen, went off the air on August 16th. Is expected back on the air on September 2nd.

The two other frequencies of WMR – 5930 kHz (200W) and 25800 kHz (100W) continuous transmitting round the clock. Also Radio208 is on the air continuously on 1440 kHz (currently half power: 250W) and 5970 kHz (100W)

Something`s always wrong at WMR/Radio208 – but still keeping SW and MW alive.

Best 73s
Stig Hartvig Nielsen
WMR – PO Box 112 – DK-8960 Randers SØ – Denmark –

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