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Glenn Hauser logs October 4, 2021

** CUBA. 13740, Oct 4 at 1434, RHC Spanish overmodulated & distorted, splashing about 12 kHz above and below. // 13700 is better and still spurless. Something`s always wrong at RHC (Glenn Hauser, OK, WOR)

** OKLAHOMA [and non]. Some mild tropo over OK & KS October 4 morning 1516-1530+ UT, besides several more BAD signals on RF 11, 10, 8:

RF 14, KOCY DTV, virtual PSIP as 48-3. Why not 48-1? My first confirmation of this, while KOCY OKC with Estrella TV continues as part of the RF 29 KTUZ cluster along with two other supposedly competing Spanish networx, each with totally different virtual channels. lists only two different CPs for this -LP on 14, 15 kW and 7.5 kW.

RF 20, no IDs on the PSIP, but Broken Arrow ad = Tulsa suburb. Otherwise displays as KQCW-HD 19-1.

RF 36 shows as DTV 17-5 but no call! Got to be KDOR-TV Bartlesville, the TBN station, but in lists with only 4 virtual 17s and their fifth sub supposedly being 18.5 with Positiv. Did not find what program source is really on this. One megawatt.

RF 34, 41-1 KMYT-TV. 812.5 kW from Tulsa with of course MyTV on main.

RF 28, 44-1 ION. KTPX-TV, 1 megawatt, CoL Okmulgee = Tulsa market. Six channels, four of which are shoppers, 44-3 = IONPlus; two of the others are not 44+ virtually.

RF 22, 22-1 KTOU-LD, 15 kW from OKC. Has an APP for only 9.8 kW, unknown location. Invisible here without tropo.

RF 12, 12-3 but then leads to 33-3 Antenna. Confusing situation. The RF 12 in OK is KGEB “53“ but not listed with Antenna network. Must really be KSCW-DT, Wichita KS, which is only 15 kW, but in by channel its virtual channels are “36.“ not 33! A mistake, or out-of-date info? The other subs match up: 33-4 Start TV, 33-2 Decades, 33-1 KSCW-DT in local news, and weather with 12 logo in UL corner of screen. by state does show virtual 33 not 36. But there is *another* KSCW-DT on RF 12 with 66.4 kW AND virtual 12. Callsign of both KSCW-DT, but RF 33 is licensed as an LD, while RF 12 is LIC as DT. Is one of them really in Hutch, the other in Wich? NO, same geo coords for both in W9WI.oom.

Again the only RF channel I am really getting is 12. 33 would be blocked by KOCB “34“ OKC, and I already had something else as above on RF 36!

CBS for Wichita market was originally KTVH ch A12 Hutchinson, but its successor KWCH Hutchinson is now both RF and virtual as channel 19 (Glenn Hauser, Enid, WOR)

** U S A. 7489.90 approx., Oct 4 at 0610, surprised to find WBCQ on air at this late hour, not even for TOMBS as on 6160- & 4790-, but S9/+10 of rock music, 0611 Radio Newyork International singing ID, 0616 Allen Sane ID, taking a “live“ call. Maybe some kind of test. Wolfgang Bueschel, Germany, logged this shortly later, via a remote? not specified: “7489.904 poor string, empty, likely EXCITER string outlet only, at 0629 UT. 73 wb df5sx wwdxc topnews“. It was certainly full-power when I heard it (Glenn Hauser, OK, WOR)

** U S A. 9330, Oct 4 at 0139 check, no signal from WLCR/WBCQ; after an absence, I had heard strong open carrier only 7 hours earlier, and after that several others reported same intermittently; meanwhile the WLCR relays via other sites were also absent. Still no 9330 signal at 2348 October 4 (Glenn Hauser, OK, WOR)

** U S A. 7490-, Oct 4 at 2300, WBCQ with first half of `UBMP` I missed 25 hours earlier, this time good music from Brunei. Who remembers like I do, without looking it up, the last/only SW frequency from there? Maryland remote SAS shows minus 95 Hz = 7489.905 at S9+10/20. I am listening via that since own webcast is still distorted into the red. Chopped off at 2330 for ID and ad for St. Jude`s, before `Camp Constitution Radio` (Glenn Hauser, OK, WOR)

** UZBEKISTAN. 11539.90, Oct 4 at 1456, JBA talk. EiBi shows Voice of Wilderness, for Korea North on “11540“. Typical offfrequenciness by Tashkent site. Per WRTH, VOW is produced in S Korea by Cornerstone Ministries based in California (Glenn Hauser, OK, WOR)

This report dispatched at 0028 UT October 5

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