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Radio Mi Amigo International: Celebrating five years of Shortwave Broadcasting

Celebrating five years of Shortwave Broadcasting

Last Sunday, 31 October, it was exactly five years ago that Radio Mi Amigo International’s shortwave transmitter first came online, broadcasting to Europe and beyond on 6085 kHz in the 49m ‘Europa Band’, located in a secure bunker deep underground in the German Eifel.

Initially (since 2015), the then still fledgling Radio Mi Amigo International only broadcasted during the weekends, on frequencies 6005, 3985 and 9650 kHz.

But a cozy barbecue in the spring of 2016, which took place right under the antennas of the unique ‘Sende Zentrum’ in Kall-Krekel, Germany, became the birth of Radio Mi Amigo International as we know it today.

That evening, the station presented itself to the world in a 3-hour live program, not only via the antenna’s in Kall, but also with an extra100 kilowatts of power from a transmitter in Armenia: the ‘Shortwave Radio Event of the Year’.

During the broadcast, reactions poured in from all over the world. Soon, plans arose for a dedicated transmitter that would broadcast 7 days a week on 6085 kHz shortwave in the 49-metre band.

Thanks to the great crew of ShortWave Service, on October 31, 2016, our own vintage SK1 Rhode & Schwarz transmitter on 6085 kHz went live. To this day, without any interruption, it is on the air every day, from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. [CET} Our website contains an extensive video tour of the wonderful Sende Zentrum in Kall, recorded by us on that memorable day when plans for our own station were born, 5 years ago. Highly recommended: