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Wolfgang Bueschel: AIR domestic service observations

Small shortwave domestic schedule remained, and difficult complicated the regional URL’s on browser display too

Nov 6th
4010.745 KGZ Bishkek at 16.46 and 17.03 UT, S=9+10dB in Delhi SDR unit. but nothing on v5130 Bishkek Afghan evangelic TWR contact radio

4750even INS VoINS – probably – at 16.40, tiny signal string.
4760 IND Leh 09.30-15.45 UT, was too late, nothing scheduled at 16.30 UT, but instead
4759.996 SWZ E’Swatini, TWR Manzini interval signal, S=8 in Delhi Perseus unit.
4834.898 IND Gangtok – probably exciter string at 16.36 UT – 10.30-17.30 UT requested.
4949.997 IND Srinagar 09.30-16.45 UT, poor and tiny S=5-6 at 16.31 UT.
5040.003 IND Most powerful signal of AIR in 60mb at Delhi SDR, 09.30-16.40 UT, AIR Jeypore S=9+10dB power, subcontinental mx. at 16.35 UT Nov 6th.
5050 IND AIR Aizawl nil signal, requested 09.30-15.30 UT.

(wb df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Nov 6)