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Radio Caroline – 30 years ago

Dave Kitteridge wrote on Facebook
19 November 2021

On 19th November 1991, a fierce storm broke the anchor chain on the Ross Revenge. Battered and bruised and without power she drifted 17 miles until she ran aground on the notorious Goodwin Sands. In the early light of the morning her crew was helicoptered off and she was left alone to succumb to nature.

Over the years hundreds of ships and countless lives have been taken by the Goodwin Sands and for a while it looked as if Ross Revenge was destined to become another one. However, she is a remarkable ship, and after four days effort by two tugs she was recovered and taken into Dover Harbour where she was promptly arrested and served with a detention order.

It looked like the end for Radio Caroline, but the station moved to land-based studios, the Ross Revenge was restored and is now used regularly for monthly live broadcasts

Caroline continues …🏴‍☠️☠️🏴‍☠️☠️
(via Mike Terry via WOR io group)

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