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Radio Cairo is resurfacing on shortwave

It has been years since the station disappeared and reappeared occasionally. When on the air, some scheduled shows are deleted or interrupted before the scheduled time!

You will be able to play hide and seek on the airwaves: Radio Cairo is the dunce of shortwave.

I will not speak of the quality of the modulation, nor of its frequency stability .. I would not want to be slanderous!

Radio Cairo had 2 major international broadcasting centers:

At Abu Zaabal (Al-Qalyubiah 30 ° 15’45 “N 31 ° 22’28” E), located near Alexandria. It housed 17 transmitters. This center is no longer in use, the antennas have been dismantled, only the building has been preserved.

Too bad that access is strictly prohibited, because it should be the subject of a museum: there is, in fact, a range of transmitters: 13 transmitters of 100 kW from the 1950s to the 1990s of the brands Brown Boveri, Marconi , Telefunken, Harris and Thomson. 1 Continental of 250 kW, installed in 1980 and 4 Thomson of 500 kW, installed in the 1990s.

In Abis, north of Cairo (31 ° 7’52 “N 30 ° 4’26” E), the shortwave transmitter center should still have 8 250 kW Brown Boveri and Thomson transmitters from the 1970s and one transmitter of 500 kW Marconi B6132 bought in 1996. It is this center which is in activity at reduced power and it is not known which transmitters are still in working order.

We understand better the concerns of transmission because, 25 years after the installation of the last transmitter, we still remember it at Marconi: He had never had such a folkloric installation.
ERTU refused to adapt the building until the transmitter was delivered when they had the plans. After the arrival of the transmitter, ERTU carried out the building work without respecting the instructions: Inaccurate holes in the walls, poorly adjusted doors, dusty air was sucked in without passing through the filters, etc.

Marconi’s technician had to stay a few days for commissioning … He stayed there for over a year and the transmitter was only in service in 2001. ERTU refused to sign the acceptance until its staff , which was outdated, be able to get it to work properly.

You can consult the frequencies recorded by Radio Le Caire at:

(Radios du monde facebook page)

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