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VOICE OF TURKEY B-21, closed 5 language sections in Oct.2021

VOICE OF TURKEY B-21, current schedule:

VOICE OF TURKEY A-21, old schedule for documentation purposes:

At the beginning of Oct.2021, more than four weeks before the start of B-21 season, 5 TRT language sections were closed and their websites were deleted:
– Portuguese
– Japanese
– Malay
– Hausa
– Swahili

The gaps in the program schedule are now filled with music.

The former Portuguese and Japanese services had been broadcasting only via Satellite or Internet.
Malay, Hausa and Swahili had been broadcasting also via shortwave. Four years ago (in B-17), TRT had extended its shortwave broadcasting schedule accordingly.

The B-21 frequencies for Malay 0500-0600 UTC (17530 kHz) as well as for Hausa/Swahili 0600-0800 UTC (15235 kHz) continue to remain on air, transmitting non-stop Turkish music.

The Voice of Turkey is currently broadcasting 24 hours per day in Turkish language (TSR Service, for 20 hours per day also on SW), as well as in 31 foreign languages.

Broadcasts in 21 foreign languages can also be received via SW (Arabic, Azeri, Bulgarian, Chinese, Dari / Pashto / Afghani Uzbek, English, French, Georgian, German, Italian, Kazakh, Persian, Russian, Spanish, Tatar, Turkmen, Urdu, Uyghur, Uzbek); while broadcasts in 10 foreign languages can only be received via Satellite and Internet (60 min shows in Greek and Albanian; 30 min shows in Bosnian, Croatian, Hungarian, Armenian, Kyrgyz, Macedonian, Romanian, Serbian).

TRT has an overview of all websites of the Radio Services from the Voice of Turkey:
It has to be mentioned that the Arabic, German, English, and Russian radio sections have no acces to their websites any more, since their websites have been taken over by the TRT WORLD offer (with TV and video productions) in these languages.

(Alexander Busneag via WOR io group)

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