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Morning log of Nov 29 under northern winter condition

Some Nov 29, 03.30 UTC log, checked some SDR’s remotedly in NY, NJ, MA and FL eastern US states; and in western Europe from 04.25 UT til 06.00 UT.

4009.995 KGZ Birinchi Radio from Krasnaya Rechka Bishkek Kyrgyztelekom noted around 03.20-03.23 UT S=6 signal.
4764.998 CUB R Progreso fr Bejucal 50 kW site, S=7 signal in Rochester-NY S=7 strength.
4789.986 USA WBCQ Monticelle-ME state, BS TOM roarer money earning ser- mon S=9+10dB in FL state, at 03.33 UT on Nov 29.
4885.028 BRA R C do Para, BrasPort talk program, S=7-8 at 03.36 UT.
4939.990 CLM La Montana Colombia, tiny S=6 even in FL state at 03.38 UT.
5024.997 CUB Radio Rebelde Bauta site, LatinAM mx, S=9+30dB in FL, nice mx program exciting at 03.43 UT.
5040even CUB RHC Bauta Spanish sce, S=9+30dB at 03.45 UT.
5049.989 USA WWRB Manchester TN, English sermon, smooth talking pastor, powerful S=9+30dB at 03.46 UT, small 60 Hertz BUZZ string visible
5085even USA WTWW in English, music program of the 60ties songs, S=9+15dB at 03.47 UT. 12 kHz wide nice audio quality program.
5829.986 USA WTWW Lebanon TN site, scripters for America, org. Colorado US address, 10 kHz wideband S=9+35dB power at 03.48 UT on Nov 29
5889.994 USA WWCR Nashville TN, TOM BS archive sermon noted today Nov 29 on Muslim Leader sermon of President Bush era, S=9+20dB, 03.50 UT
5945.094 UAE their USUAL ‘much odd fq 5th TX unit’ at ENC Al Dhabbaya TX center site, BBC London Arabic 03-04 UT, at 03.52 UT, S=7 in FL.
5959.883 KWT MUCH ODD R. Kuwait Kabd transmission, Arabic sce, S=9+10dB sidelobe into FL state, but signal suffers a lot of neighbour continous CUBAN SCRATCH noise sig of 5952.380 to 5957.670 kHz; some Radio Republica WRMI Jeff’s remain. 03.56 UT on Nov 29.
6079.995 STP VoA Pinheira English at 04.05 UT, sidelobe S=9 in FL state.
6125.016 TUR VoTurkey Emirler, English at 04.07 UT, S=9+15dB, nice female presenter voice.
6159.946 USA WBCQ Monticello-ME, World of Radio by GH via Area 51 px, at 04.09 UT on Monday 29th, S=9 in FL state US.
6184.970 MEX XEPPM R Educacion MexicoD.F. Spanish program, power S=9+20dB signal mixture also covered by co-channel
6185even AUT AWR Turkish sce via ORS Moosbrunn bcast center in Europe, at 04.13 UT, sounded strange like Kurdish national accent instead (?).

Moved to access remote SDR in western Europe.
7490 kHz nothing noted here of WBCQ sce channel.
7505.001 USA WRNO Worldwide address ‘76101 Fort Worth TX’, ‘P.O.B. 895’, given by two presenter in likely South Asian heavy accent, S=7 in weEUR at 04.22 UT on Nov 29.
7512 – 7522 kHz OTHR disturbtion.
7485even MDA BBC London, Persian morning sce, S=9+10dB, 04.25 UT, present some local Persian folk music singer, 14 kHz wideband excellent audio quality out of Radioteletsentr (PRTC) transmitter Grigoriopol Maiac technical team.
7460even BOT VoA Selebi-Phikwe in Kirundi African language, S=9+10dB, but suffered heavy by nearby UTE high-speed CW signal on 7457 kHz flank, S=9+10dB 04.27 UT.
7379.998 IRN IRIB Zahedan site, smooth sermon, but not of normal Holy Quran kind, Arabic sce 02.33-05.30 UT, at 04.29 UT.
7340even CHN PBS Xinjiang from Urumqui in Kazakh language, S=9+10dB at 04.32 UT \\ 9470.002 kHz, SAME XJBS SW SIGNALS strength from Urumqi center also on other of 65 national languages in P.R. China
7295even CHN PBS in Kirghiz, and
7275even CHN PBS in Uighur, 16 kHz wideband audio.
7285.002 TUR TRT Emirler in En, Turkish folk music progr, S=9+10dB into western EUR at 04.35 UT.
7275.030 BOT VoA Selebi-Phikwe in Kirundi African language at 04.37 UT BUT very BAD MIXTURE with
7275even CHN PBS Xinjiang Urumqi co-channel.
7259.922 CHN Much odd frequency channel of XJBS PBS Xinjiang from Urumqi in Chinese, S=9 at 04.39 UT.
7254.998 STP VoA Pinheira in Shona African language, S=7 at 04.41 UT, only Mon – Fri service.
7206.000 kHz even, SDN, usual 1 kHz upper flank offset fq, R Omdurman in in Sudanese Arabic language, S=9+15dB strength noted in weEUR at 04.43 UT Nov 29.
7110even ETH Ethiopian Radio from Gedja site, S=8 at 04.44 UT, Nov 29.
9444.992 KRE Voice of Korea in English, fair S=4-5 from Far East 04.47 UT
9459.991 MMR Most probably(!) tiny S=4 radio signal string, from Thazin Radio at Pyin Oo Lwin location of Myawaddy Radio center, built in 2008 year by Burmese army government, some 200 far away kilo- meters north of new capital NayPyiDaw, location northerly in MMR.
04.48 UT. It’s a pity that even remote New Delhi SDR’s have such poor Myanmar radio signals these days.
9470even CHN XJBS PBS Xinjiang from Urumqui in Kazakh language, S=9+5dB at 04.51 UT \\ 7340 kHz.
9510even OMA BBC London WS in En via Al Seela, at 04.53 UT, S=9+15dB. Israel swimm sports report, instruction on outdoor swimming.
9525.021 TUR TRT Emirler jamming purpose against Kurdish BRB Radyo Denge Welat on 9525 ISS. 03.30-06.00 UT S=7-8 at 04.56 UT on Nov 29.
9559.981 much ODD fq of CHN XJBS PBS Xinjiang from Urumqui in Uighur language, S=9 at 04.57 UT.
9580even CHN PBS Xizang from CTB Lhasa Baiding Tibet in Tibetan language at 04.59 UT. S=7-8 into Western Europe during winter propagation
9599.981 much ODD fq of CHN XJBS PBS Xinjiang from Urumqui in Chinese language, S=8 at 05.00 UT some Time Pips on the hour heard.
9630even AUT AWR ministry in Hausa language noted via ORS Moosbrunn site only S=7 signal sidelobe on short distance here in WeEUR.
05.00-05.30 UT, though CNR1 Mandarin Chinese from Golmud #916 site underneath.
9666.240 BRA ZYE890 R Voz Missionaria Camboriu SC in BrasPortuguese much odd fq, S=6 here in WeEUR, 05.05 UT.
9700.003 TUR Huge radio signal, S=9+35dB power, TRT 03.50-06.56 UT in Turkish to WeEUR, 05.07 UT.
9705even CHN XJBS PBS Xinjiang from Urumqui in Kyrgyz language, S=9 at 05.08 UT on Nov 29.
9725.002 IRN IRIB via Sirjan site in Arabic to Saudi Arabia / UAE,
03.30-06.00 UT, S=8 in WeEUR at 05.10 UT.
9730even KRE Voice of Korea Kujang in Chinese at 05.00-05.57 UT fluttery S=8 at 05.11 UT.
9780even CHN QHTB PBS Qinghai from Xining in Chinese language, 05.12 UT
9819.127 BRA Much odd fq ZYR96 Sao Paulo SP site of Radio 9 de Julho, fair S=6 here in WeEUR at 05.14 UT.
9850even CHN CNR1 huge jamming signal from China mainland against TWN SOH S=9+15dB at 05.15 UT here in EUR.
9885.003 STP VoA Pinheira, Kirundi language from US AGM site, fair S=7 at 05.16 UT.

11630even CHN CNR17 Kazakh service from Lingshi #725 site, S=7 at 05.18UT
11660.019 TUR TRT Emirler site in Turkish, S=9+20dB powerful, 20 kHz wide huge audio signal, 04.50-06.56 UT.
11770even CHN XJBS PBS Xinjiang from Urumqui in Chinese language, S=9 at 05.26 UT on Nov 29.
11790even J__ NHK R Japan Tokyo via Ibaragi-Koga-Yamata site in Russian, even interval signal early on air around 05.26 UT already. Fair S=7 signal even in WeEUR.
11810even CHN CNR8 Chinese sce from Beijing #491 site at 05.29 UT, S=6-7 or is that Mandarin rather 24 hrs CNR1 jamming against BBC at other times of the day ?
11859.965 ARS Yemen Excile Radio from Riyadh site, Arabic at 05.30 UT, Yemen folk singer group performance, S=7 sidelobe.
11875.007 TUR TRT Voice of Turkey from Emirler, extreme carrier signal, but low modulation though noted at 05.32 UT, S=9+25dB. 04.23-05.50 UT scheduled.
11884.994 CHN XJBS PBS Xinjiang from Urumqui in Uighur language, S=9 at 05.34 UT on Nov 29.
11895even CHN CRI Kashgar English sce southwards at 05.35 UT, noted also in WeEUR. News, ‘Election report Honduras?’, ‘Beijing Hour’ program, new automobil factory of 50.000 luxury cars report at 05.35 UT.
11905even CHN CNR6 program in Hakka language via Beijing #491 tx site, S=7 at 05.37 UT.
11935even CHN CNR5 program Cross-Strait Bay from Beijing #491 site in Mandarin Chinese language, S=7 at 05.38 UT.
11950even CHN PBS Xizang from CTB Lhasa Baiding Tibet in Chinese language at 05.39 UT. S=8 into Western Europe during winter propagation.
11970DRM mode KWT Radio Kuwait in digital mode transmission from Kabd, S=8 at 05.40 UT. Request scheduled at 05.00-08.15 UT.
11980even CHN CNR1 huge jammer against TWN SOH Falun Gong Mandarin bcast
12055even CHN CNR17 Kazakh service from Lingshi #725 site, S=9 at 05.42UT
13649.957 KRE Much odd fq of Voice of Korea Kujang in English to SoEaAS azimuth target, S=6 at 05.48 UT.
13669.958 much odd frequency of XJBS PBS Xinjiang from Urumqui in Uighur language, sidelobe S=8-9 at 05.51 UT on Nov 29.
13700even CHN CNR13 Uighur service from Lingshi #725 site, S=8-9 at
05.52 UT. Pop mx of western style, seems excellent team of technician personal work on this site.
13710.008 IRN Interval signal even already at 05.51 UT, given station ID at 05.53:10 UT, 20 sec later Persias National Hymn played and sung by chorus. S=8 sidelobe into western EUR target.
13759.997 KRE Voice of Korea Kujang Spanish ID annmt, freq given, 05.54. Central America sce at 28degr via Kamchatka, Alaska, western Canada, Texas state to Cuba Caribbean. 05.00-05.57 UT.
13770even CHN CNR7 program Radio The Great Bay from Kashi-Saibagh #2022 site, talk on Mao Tse Dong mentioned in Cantonese language, S=9+5dB at 05.58 UT.
13780.045 ARS BSKSA 1st program in Arabic via Ryiadh site, at 05.59 UT.
13790even CHN CNR1 mainland Mandarin jammer against SOH TWN Falun Gong.
13820.003 IRN IRIB Zahedan site in Arabic, scheduled 05.30-07.30 UT towards NE/NoAF/Sahel zone and Central West Africa target azimuth, noted at 06.02 UT.
13830even BOT US AGM site VoA Selebi-Phikwe in French language, S=7-8, 06.05 UT, scheduled 05.30-06.30 UT. Journal program, report from Congo, and Israel pandemic politics of new South African pandemic virus.

[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz] (wb df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Nov 29)

yesterday Nov 28 observed IRIB Hausa Africa sce from Sirjan site 22.20-23.20 UT on 7225.001 kHz at 23.00 UT.

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