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WLC Radio 9330 – Schedule changes

For all flat-Earth aficionados, WLC Radio has posted its new schedule for 9330 kHz (presumably to take into account Winter propagation conditions on this frequency). Not sure of the date on which the changes will take effect.

Now only one hour each for the U.K. and Germany; no Spanish, Portuguese for Europe.

Crazy times for targetting East Coast USA (middle of the night). Why the heck can’t AW take the plunge and work out how to use 6 MHz or the other bands?

0000-0100 Brazil Portuguese 170
0100-0300 West USA English 270
0300-0600 Central USA English 250
0600-0900 East USA English 225
0900-1000 Caribbean French 190
1000-1200 Caribbean Spanish 190
1200-1400 Central USA Spanish 220
1400-1800 Canada, Upper Mid-West USA English 256
1800-1900 France French 57
1900-2000 U.K. English 57
2000-2100 Germany German 57
2100-2200 West Africa French 110
2200-2300 Northern South America Spanish 190
2300-2400 Brazil Portuguese 170

The Woofferton relay in English to Africa is not mentioned on their schedule. Will check to see if its still on air.
No mention of any broadcasts in Arabic from Monticello or from the former relays in Kostinbrod and Woofferton.

Alan Holder, G4ZBH
Isle of Wight, U.K.

(via WOR io group)