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Wolfgang Bueschel observations

ABKHAZIA Rep of – rather formerly part of GEORGIA / Georgian SSR – {Wiki says 56% Abkhaz, rest Russian and Armenian nationals; in 1890year also some 12 % Greek residents there during Osmanic Empire}

9534.801 kHz Abkhaz Radio / Apsua Radio in Abkhazian at 14.45 UT, some S=7 signal in central EUR, GER, POL, HNG. Rumen Pankov says former USSR jamming tx in use with oddly minus 200 Hertz fq measured always at odd x.8 kHz frequency. 14.40-14.50 UT Russian language pop mx singer noted.

others to log in 31 mb on Jan 16 at 14.30-15.30 UT

9450.004 CLN Sri Lanka SLBC Trincomalee 250kW relay site, AWR Asia in Mandarin Chinese, S=9+5dB at 14.30 UT.

9505.019 TUR Voice of Turkey from Emirler, in Kazakh Turk language, scheduled 14.30-14.54 UT, at 1435 UT noted S=8 signal here in Germany.

9645.022 GUM KSDA AWR in Korean from Agat Facpi Point tx site, 14-15 UT at 14.47 UT, proper S=9+15dB into EUR.

9695even ARS R Saudi International Riyadh, in Pashto towards AFG/Persia, S=9 at 14.49 UT, scheduled 14.00-15.57 UT.

9719.979 MRA USAGM RFA Khmer language px via Saipan Agignan Point relay site at 14.51 UT, scheduled 14.30-15.00 UT, S=9 rather proper.

9634.997 VTN Voice of Vietnam home sce 1st program via shortwave, from Son Tay site, proper S=9+20dB strong here in weEUR at 14.53 UT.

9584.988 SWZ e’Swatini/Swaziland TWR Africa from Manzini in French on Sat/Sun, S=6-7 northwards here in EUR at 14.57-15.00 UT. and co-channel

9585even SNG probably of ENC BBC Singapore Kranji 1 kHz measured antenna MATCHING test tone heard during few seconds around 15.02 UT.

9765.003 CLN Sri Lanka SLBC Trincomalee 250kW relay site, AWR Asia px in Nepalese language, S=9+10dB at 15.05 UT on Jan 16.

9839.954 VTN Voice of Vietnam, scheduled in En towards SoEaAsia at 177degrees azimuth of PHL,MLA,SNG,INS target, poor S=6 at 15.09

9984.979 MRA USAGM RFA Korean language px via Saipan Agignan Point relay site at 15.13 UT, scheduled 15.00-19.00 UT, S=7 sidelobe.

9919.980 PHL FEBC Manila Radio Teos in Russian, via Boceau bcast center at 15.18 UT S=7 signal into western Europe, scheduled 15-16 UT.

9799.987 IRN IRIB Sirjan site in Arabic language S=7 sidelobe at 15.24 UT but co-channel sce underneath signaltoo, on

9800even TWN supposedly in Korean, “Nippon no Kaze” towards D.P.R. Korea

[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz] (wb df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Jan 16)