giovedì 19 Maggio 2022
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Wolfgang Bueschel observations

Re: 3990 kHz, logged Jan 21 at 23.45 UT onwards and Jan 22 at 00.00 to 00.15 UT time slot

Used various Perseus SDR units remotedly at central Europe, Athens Greece, eastern Finland, Delhi India and Hiroshima Japan.

3989.994 1/2 kHz 2310-0300 CHN XJBS PBS Xinjiang Uygur from Urumqi site is the strongest signal in both Europe and India. Studio talk and phone-in in Uyghur Turk language sound, heard between 23 and 01 UT tonight. NOT MANDARIN nor Tibetan language.

Similar signal strength also heard at 00.02 UT played China’s National Anthem on 3949.951 CHN XJBS PBS Xinjiang from Urumqi site, S=9+10dB in Mandarin Chinese service.

3990.004 2250-0100 CHN GPBS PBS Gannan, Hezuo City according of Alan Davies frequency database.
Scheduled Tibetan Amudo language.

According Google Earth images: older image of 2005 year bcast center location was on central downtown city, but poor vicinity visible, at 34 58 17 N 102 54 32 E

from 2012 onwards nice 2 x MW masts, and some 6 x SW dipol and two corner reflector antennas built up at new 34 58 29 N 102 55 00 E location,

broadcast center of 2012 year looks well build-up and as usual with the Chinese looks very well organized, outside city on the eastern mountain flank. Two MW masts of 1197 and 1332 kHz 10 kW Tibetan and Chinese

In 2005 year on 3990 and 5978.984 kHz shortwave, 2 x 15 kW.

21-Febr and 14-March 2020 images show 3 bigger dipol SW antenna masts on the northern flank, and 3 lower height dipol antennas on the southern flank, amongst them deep angle fountain antenna, like corner reflector to serve supply the very mountainous environment.

3990.014 0400-0100 KOR ECHO OF HOPE-VOH Korean from Hwaseong. Korean program heard even at 00.40 UT in Tokyo and Hiroshima remotedly. No jamming heard, but morning fade-out and gray-line more westerly.

[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz] (wb df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Jan 21 – 22)