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Voice of Greece to remain open until May 31, 2022

ERT’s Board of Directors after a request by the Ministry of Defense decided to extend the broadcasts of the Voice of Greece vie the shortwave transmitting center in Avlis until May 31, 2022. The situation will be re-evaluated again at the end of this extension.

Here is yesterday’s press release by ERT:

ERT: Comprehensive Status Report on Medium Wave Transmission Centres (Ioannina Centre) – Decision on Avlida Centre

The Board of Directors, having taken into account the proposal – information note of the Director General of Technology and Media Operations (ref. no. : 2022/124/30.03.2022) and the discussion held on the status of the Transmission Centres, unanimously decides and approves the following:

α) The immediate dismantling of the mast at the Ioannina Medium Wave Transmission Center for safety reasons due to the condition of the mast to avoid causing an accident. The competent ERT services are instructed to take the necessary steps for the dismantling of the mast.

b) The modification of the AOA 4470/20.12.2021 (Minute 282, Item 54: Transmission of the radio program THE VOICE OF GREECE on short waves) and extends the operation of the Avlida Short Wave Broadcasting Centre until 31.05.2022, following a request from the Ministry of Defence, when the conditions will be re-evaluated. Until then, the operation of the Avlida Centre will operate with a day shift consisting of 2 employees for 5 days a week (Monday to Friday). At the same time, the provision of security services for the premises is extended.
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