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WRMI: Shortwaves for Freedom needs your help

Shortwaves for Freedom needs your help
As of next Monday, April 18, WRMI will be transmitting three hours per day of Radio Liberty in Russian:
1300-1400 UTC on 15770 kHz
0200-0300 UTC on 7730 kHz
0400-0500 UTC on 7730 kHz
We will also continue to transmit the Voice of America’s “Flashpoint Ukraine” program in English at 1930-2000 UTC Monday-Friday on 15770 kHz.
All of these transmissions are made possible by listener contributions to Shortwaves for Freedom, which purchases the airtime at greatly discounted rates. SFF sponsors broadcasts of Radio Liberty on other stations as well. They would like to expand these broadcasts to Russia, Ukraine and Eastern Europe, but they need additional donations in order to do so. Please see their crowdfunding site below for more information. If you are able, we encourage you to help Shortwaves for Freedom get truthful and reliable information to Russians and to the other people affected by the war in Ukraine.

New program in Russian
Vadim Alexeev, who presents the Russian-language DX program Radiopanorama on WRMI each Monday at 2000 UTC on 7730 kHz, is adding a new program called Kaleidoscope, which he produces in Russia and will be broadcast Sundays at 1130 UTC on 15770 kHz. Kaleidoscope consists of short features from Russian language
broadcasters from around the world. We re pleased to add Kaleidoscope to our Russian-language offerings on WRMI.…/Rus/VRS-kaleidoscope-RUS.pdf

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