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Voice of Mongolia QSL Policy

MONGOLIA. V of Mongolia posted the following message on Facebook on 26 May which may be of interest:

“Dear, VOM listeners,
Greeting from the English section of VOM Radio.
We are ready to send the verification letters to our listeners who sent us reports in May, 2022.
In this regard, a statement needs to be made.
-We will send the verification letter to our listeners who have submitted reports at least “three” times in one month.
The reason why is the items such as postcards, stamps, etc. are limited. So please note that it is difficult for us to respond to anyone who sent a report once every few months.
Therefore, we want you to be more active. Then we will write back to our active listeners. We would also be happy if you could write a more detailed reports. Also, if you write down the question you want to ask, we will always be ready to answer it on the mailbox program which airs on every Monday.
Please keep listening to us and be an active listener.
Mailbox editor”

(Alan Roe via WOR io group)

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