giovedì 8 Dicembre 2022
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Wolfgang Bueschel log

BRAZIL 9673.232 … .252 Rádio Voz Missionária, Camboriú SC, in Portuguese on June 22 at 22.45 UT.

USA 9264.987 WINB, religious roarer like live transmission, S=5 strength at 22.53 UT.

6159.942 WBCQ likely scheduled ‘The Planet’, Saxophone music performed, S=8 at 23.08 UT.

9275v kHz Nothing heard of new reshuffled WMLK at this late hour today.

MEXICO 6184.969 R Educacion Mexico D.F. repaired now, is on air back reported recently, S=4 poor signal at this hour, 23.11 UT on June 22.

CUBA Two Quivican San Felipe TITAN beast 250 kW outlets noted at 23.04 UT side by side:

5990even CRI Beijing English service relay transmission, S=8 via Cuban LatinAM relay site.

and 6000even RHC Spanish sce S=5 and fluttery early night time sce. S=5-6 fluttery, 23.10 UT in NY state Perseus SDR remotedly.

73 wb df5sx JN48OR

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