giovedì 6 Ottobre 2022
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Jen`s specials on Unique Radio UT July 3 and 4

Unique Radio, Australia, presents UT Sunday July 3 at 1700-2100 UT, GB’s & Jen’s part 1 July 4th bash. I will be playing at the 1700 start of the Sunday show GB’s Pod “The British Are Coming” and after GB’s cast, Jen’s American “Real Deal: Think R&R States” until 2100 UT.

Then UT Monday July 4 at 1800-2200, part 2, Jen’s regular on Mon The 4th show, All About America. And I mean the Good “Democracy When it Works” and its people, the Bad “War & Loss”. I will also be playing “1776“ soundtrack segments throughout my show, plus a more PC version of Arlo Guthrie’s “Alice’s Restaurant”; and other 4th of July goodies: so tune in and let the “Fireworks” begin. That`s 1800 to 2200 UT Monday July 4.

We`re on Unique Radio, 5035 or 3210 kHz USB.
Plus the live digital stream. ALL On SHOUTcast server

Plus for chatting: Kiwi IRC
First your nic or name, then the following: #eyeradiojd
Remember, this is in libera chat

Happy & Safe 4th & Remembrance, GB 73″ & Jen 33′

(via WOR io group)

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