giovedì 6 Ottobre 2022
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Jen`s shows on podcasts

Hi Glenn, here are both my Sunday July 3rd and Monday July 4th shows.

It’s the beginning of summer’s heat out in North America. I understand everyone wants easy access to my shows or anyone`s podcast, so from now on I will include a link after the show is up as a podcast. It will take you directly to it, no more scrolling down, just click on the link. The links are good for as long as up. It’s hard to find shows after a week or two, so just save the link and you can listen any time.

This will be for our Unique Radio, Australia specials, including when CARN returns in October. If you want me to do this for my regular show, Sunday at 1800 to 2100 UT, I would like you to please give me and Tim at Unique some feedback on my regular shows. If no feedback, then only those that request it will get a link, or you need to only scroll down. All I am looking for is one or two saying Jen’s shows are Unique as Unique Radio, hi 🙂 Just a little feed back and I will send it out to everyone in io groups:

Here are the links:

July 3rd GB’s & Jen’s part 1 July 4th Bash:

Here is part 2 of my July 4th Bash, “America”:

Enjoy, 73″ & 33″, Jen

(via WOR io group)

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