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Channel 292 / The Overcomer Ministries

USA/Germany: On 16 July 2022, Stairs heirs or Channel 292 will reduce the relay of the Overcomer Ministry:

3955 kHz 15 hours daily
6070 kHz no more broadcasts of the Overcomer
9670 kHz 15 hours daily

When Channel 292 was first used extensively by the end-time prophet, Channel 292 had to deal with harsh criticism from the audience. Their reply: No one should believe that the station can be maintained in the long term solely by selling air time to hobby programmes. Since then, the broadcast schedules at, 6070 or 9670-khz no longer list the time slots for R. G. Stair and his heirs.(Dr. Hansjoerg Biener 7 July 2022 via WOR io group)

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