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FRS Summer Splash 2022

Dear FRS Friends,

Following our Easter Sunday broadcast, it’s time to inform you about our upcoming Summer Splash 2022.
The start is next Sunday July 24th at 18:59 UTC/ 21:59 CEST.
For detailed information check the link below:

Of course we are curious to hear from you…a reception report, personal info, programme criticism: we count on you!
Hope to meet you in the upcoming weeks on one of our frequencies and…experience the taste of SW Free Radio
on a Sunday Summer evening.

73s, The FRS Team (Jan, Mike, Bert, Dave, Brian & Peter)

Sunday July 24th will see the kick off of the FRS ‘Summer Splash’ Event. Two years ago- in the 2020 Summer- saw the first edition of this event. FRS will be on air on three consecutive Sunday evenings. All programmes will be thematic, like we did in the past few years during the Summer period. Instead of full programming, each of these Sunday evenings will last two hours and will be aired between 19:00- 21:00 UTC/ 21:00- 23:00 CEST.
Frequencies will be 7700//5800 as well as 6185 kHz. Important: on July 31st only 7700//5800 will be used! For the latest accurate info check this website! Of course there’s also a streaming schedule. Correct reception reports will be verified with one of our 9 QSL cxards from the ‘FRS Through the Years’ series. Hard copies can be obtained via our Herten maildrop.
Remember you can pay via Paypal using ‘FRS-Holland’.
Tune in and experience the magic of shortwave free radio on a Summer evening…

Manuel Méndez
Lugo, Spain

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