giovedì 6 Ottobre 2022
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Propagation Alert

The Solar Influences Data analysis Center at the Royal Observatory of Belgium indicates that a shock wave was observed in the solar wind parameters around 18 July 20:33 UT. The value of the total magnetic field increased from 8 to 13 nT, the solar wind speed from 410 to 442 km/s and the density from 3 to 8 ppcc. This may have been an early arrival of the CME in conjunction with a filament eruption on 15 July, which was expected on 19 July. (Graphic: SWPC/NOAA/DSCOVR)

K index Kiel at DK0WCY magnetometer: 4.71 @0917 UT; MUF3000 currently 4 to 5 MHz below yesterday’s comparison values (ionosonde Dourbes/Belgium).

73 Tom DF5JL (via WOR io group)

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