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Glenn Hauser logs July 18-19, 2022

** BRAZIL. 4985+, July 19 at 0634, JBA carrier a smidge on high side vs heavy RTTY circa 4987. Presumed R Brasil Central reactivated but never any good here unlike 11815v (Glenn Hauser, OK, WOR)

** BRAZIL. 9664.888, July 19 at 0643, RVM S4/S7 with hymn, almost back to nominal 9665 after many months drifting upward to 9667 and jumping lately almost to 9675; so they are finally trying to normalize. What next? (Glenn Hauser, OK, WOR)

** CANADA. 7850, July 19 at 0628, CHU is JBA on its lower sideband, mainly on the USB with carrier reduced. Someone found this unusual, but I had not paid attention to the LSB otherwise. Too much noise to discern if 3330 be likewise (Glenn Hauser, OK, WOR)

** CUBA. 6100, July 19 at 0631, RHC is S9+20/30 in wrong language Spanish while 5040 is off; while English remains on 6060 undermodulated with hum, S9/+20; at 0632, English also 6165, S9+10/20. Something`s always wrong at RHC (Glenn Hauser, OK, WOR)

** EGYPT. 9439.995, July 19 at 2202, R. Cairo English very distorted with hum but somewhat readable, S9+35/45 into UTwente. Something`s always egregious in Egypt (Glenn Hauser, OK, WOR)

** MADAGASCAR. 17530 & 17790, July 19 at 0629, JBA relay signals still making it here in the summer nightmiddle, but nothing higher-latitude on 16m (Glenn Hauser, OK, WOR)

** MALDIVES [non]. 11620, July 19 at 1524, Voice of Martyrs Korea, S6/S9 with Christian stuff in English; is there ever any Dhivehi any more? (Glenn Hauser, OK, WOR)

** MEXICO. When looking up DX stuff on the WTFDA FM Database, I curiously search on language:English for all of MEXICO, and get only four hits, all border stations in TJ obviously for the foreign market. What about other border cities? And remember when deep inside XEland, at least the DF had an English station, at least on AM, XEVIP 1560? Is there some law against it? There are certainly pockets of EE expats in DF, Cholula and elsewhere who could/should be served. Contrast with all the SS stations happily funxioning in the EUA.

XHITZ-FM 90.3 TIJUANA BC MEX HD English RHYTHMIC CHR Z 90.3 93.12 kW 184.6 m 32-30-13 117-02-42 TODAY’S MUSIC IS ON Z90 Top 40
XETRA-FM 91.1 TIJUANA BC MEX HD English ROCK 91X 100.0 kW 145.8 m 32-30-22 117-02-20 Rock
XHRM-FM 92.5 TIJUANA BC MEX HD English HOT AC MAGIC 92.5 100.0 kW 200.0 m 32-30-13 117-02-42 You’re listening to 92.5 San Diego Rhythm and Blues
XHRST-FM 107.7 TIJUANA BC MEX English/Spanish RHYTHMIC CHR MAS FLO 10.0 kW 197.56 m 32-29-02 117-03-16 (Glenn Hauser, OK, WOR)

** MEXICO. Many FM DX logs July 18 are integrated into the chronological-order report under USA [and non]

** OKLAHOMA. Some nearby FM info is included in July 18 FMDX report under USA [and non]

** TURKEY. 9830.021, July 19 at 2203, VOT English is not only on the air but VG S9+40 with some hum into UTwente (Glenn Hauser, OK, WOR)

** UKRAINE [non]. 7730, July 19 at 0500-0508, `Ukraine: Security Issue` another war report from UR1 reconfirmed via WRMI (Glenn Hauser, OK, WOR)

** U S A [and non]. WORLD OF RADIO 2147 monitoring: confirmed Tuesday July 19 at 2230 on WRMI 9955, VG S7/S9 into Maryland SDR and no jamming audible, yet. Next:

2330 UT Tuesday WRMI 9395 to NNW
1000 UT Wednesday Unique R, Australia 5035-USB or 3210-USB
1030 UT Wednesday WRMI 5850 to NW
2100 UT Wednesday WBCQ 7490v to WSW
0030 UT Thursday WRMI 9395 to NNW
0130 UT Thursday WRMI 5010 to S; 9395 to NNW

Full schedule including AM, FM, webcasts, satellite, podcasts:

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** U S A. 9330.160, July 19 at 0638, WLCR/WBCQ still off-frequency, S7/S9 in English with presumed non-super transmitter.

9330.118, July 19 at 1515, now it`s here in English, S6/S8 (Glenn Hauser, OK, WOR)

** U S A [and non]. Another big sporadic E opening, MONDAY JULY 18, from rare Cuba, across Mexico, later bits of FL and NC — mixed with simultaneous tropo or extended groundwave at midday from KS, NE, into SD! Heaviest tropo blob around the NE/IA/MN/SD 4-state area, but we are supposedly on the edge or beyond area of minimal enhancement.

All u.o.s. on Nissan 2004 stock caradio parked in hottening garage, vertical fender antenna only, no RDS, no even-frequency side-tuning, no internet access until later research. No recordings. All logged in real time by my own ears on own receiver, no remotes to compare with streams. All times UT in chronological order. PTA = probable target area. I am not counting stations, states or anything and not in competition. Rather, each DX log is a potential learning experience. Some are presumed or circumstantial, and any correxions or help with IDing are very welcome. Distances approx., city-of-license to Enid, not site to site, from

94.9 at 1533, first sign of Es is Spanish here, 1545 super-hype voice actor (SHVA) probably with ID/slogan but in a fade. Based on 1557 subsequent 99.3 log definitely Cancún, I suspect this from same PTA: XHPBCQ-FM relay of:91.3 XHFAJ 94.9 CANCUN QROO HD ADULT CONTEMPORARY ALFA RADIO 25.0 kW 34.8 m La Z 94.9 MHZ — 2002 km = 1244 stmi

97.1 at 1535, algo English talk; must be DX as normally nothing audible adjacent strong local 96.9. I do note that Tulsans on 95.5, 96.5, 97.5 are enhanced.

93.9 at 1556, and for many hours later chex, dead air in $tereo from strong semi-local signal, never overcome by DX tho occasionally traces of it. Obviously KIMY Watonga, `The Gospel Station`. It`s dropped to dead air several times before. I checked but no RDS which would have been helpful when DXing DA. Finally found on website that `network` HQ is in Fitzhugh OK, another place never heard of before, just SW of Ada. Several of their stations are in more southern OK, with KIMY an outlier, perhaps least noticed and hardest to maintain fed. Obviously, would-be listener(s) not bombarding HQ with pleas to get their station back! By next day July 19 at 1803 check, KIMY is OFF. I also tried to notify radio-locator via webform that the KIMY Enid 93.1 translator has been gone for years, but it failed as format is not set up to recognize such correxions. KIMY 93.9 WATONGA OK SOUTHERN GOSPEL THE GOSPEL STATION 6.0 kW 99.0 m 35-54-19 98-23-12 All your gospel favorites Religious Music — 86 km = 54 mi

99.3 at 1557, Spanish CCI with Ponca, Locura? FM ID, ads, for Cancún at a certain km on a road, 1559 definite Locura FM ID; except they misspell it deliberately; going to K`s a bigthing among the Mexies: XHCQR-FM 99.3 CANCÚN QROO ADULT HITS LOKURA FM 3.0 kW 85.67 kW — 2002 km = 1244 mi

95.5 at 1603, “Super Hits K###, Dodge City“; anything on 95.5 tough against local 95.7 so we also have tropo enhancement from north/west: KAHE 95.5 DODGE CITY KS CLASSIC HITS SUPER HITS 95.5 – 1470 100.0 kW 176.0 m // KSMM-1470 — 243 km = 151 mi

94.5 at 1604, Mexmx; 1608 SS ads by SHVA; no guesses; another at 1725

92.3 at 1605, Spanish YL CCI to KMZE?

92.3 at 1605, Dan Bongino far-right talkshow opening, says he`s in Florida, but it`s national, live from noon ET. Can`t find any affiliate list on website. Suspect KMZE Woodward OK but no sked there either. Broad search on show and frequency leads only to WIZM in Wisconsin, doubtful with no other DX from around there, no PTA.

99.3 at 1610, praise music in English mixing with Spanish-language

94.5 at 1614, “morning, noon and night, your station, Mix 94“. No such station in Es PTAs, rather: KSKL 94.5 SCOTT CITY KS ADULT CONTEMPORARY MIX 94 100.0 kW 93.0 m Southwest Kansas Best Variety Mix 94 Soft Rock Also at 1624, Garden City ad, bigger city about 40 miles south — 335 km = 208 mi

94.9 at 1615, testimonial from positive listener to KJLT: KJLT-FM 94.9 NORTH PLATTE NE CONTEMPORARY CHRISTIAN KING JESUS LIVES TODAY 100.0 kW 230.0 m Title & Artist ON LIFE 94.9 KJLT | THANKS FOR YOUR SUPPORT ON KJLT/KJTF | LISTEN KJLT.ORG 308-532-5515 Religious Music — 583 km = 362 mi

93.7 at 1616, Abilene ad, anti-mosquito, Saline County Health Dept.. Totally over KSPI Stillwater OK: KYEZ 93.7 SALINA KS COUNTRY Y93.7 100.0 kW 155.0 m — 273 km = 170 mi

100.3 at 1618, ag interview about leaf infexions, fungicide, mention Henderson, Central Valley Ag =, Prairie Village residential center?, 563-4213,, Antelope County Fair,, NEBRASKA, Points West Community Bank, Fullerton branch. This one holds up more than the rest: at 1630, weather from KZ-100, Columbus ads. 1717, (402) AC, Columbus Culligan, Wayne County Fair. 1825, Antelope County Fair. Never hrd CoL mentioned, but obviously this between Grand Island and Columbus; Antelope County is north of there and NW of Norfolk: KZEN 100.3 CENTRAL CITY NE COUNTRY KZ-100 100.0 kW 562.0 m NEBRASKA’S BIGGEST FM KZ-100 — 525 km = 326 mi

97.5 at 1623, northeast Nebraska news, weather. “97-5 KEXL“ dominant rather than Alva OK Werewolf. 1647 ments. Norfolk NE, KEXL 97.5 PIERCE NE ADULT CONTEMPORARY LITE ROCK 97.5 50.0 kW 142.0 m 97-5 KEXL More Music, More Variety Adult Hits — 628 km = 390 mi

107.7 at 1625, KRXO OKC has CCI, unusual, one of two 100 kW, either: KGCR 107.7 GOODLAND KS CONTEMPORARY CHRISTIAN/RELIGIOUS TEACHING TRI-STATE PRAISE 107.7 100.0 kW 136.0 m — 470 km = 292 mi OR more likely:
KSYZ-FM 107.7 GRAND ISLAND NE ADULT HITS 107.7 THE ISLAND 100.0 kW 280.0 m — 505 km = 314 mi

107.9 at 1625, talk about COVID rates not so bad, hospitals lie! No talkers in NE, likely this but mixed up info, surely not classic hits now with a mis-name like this: KZRS 107.9 GREAT BEND KS USA CLASSIC HITS THE PATRIOT 107.9 99.0 kW 277.0 m The Patriot The Patriot Talk — 239 km = 148 mi

103.9 at 1629 in MONO, KHYM plugging self for Focus on the Family; Garden City. KHYM has translators into OK, but this is flagship: KHYM 103.9 COPELAND KS SOUTHERN GOSPEL PRAISE & ENCOURAGEMENT 100.0 kW 229.0 m — Copeland is SE of G.C. — 276 km = 171 mi

92.1 at 1635, Spanish rock, CCI, tel. number given only once; Mexican ads may repeat phones but so rapidly that my digit span cannot retain them! Probably CDMX like next log; later 92.1 will be Mazatlán. Besides 16 others, this in PTA: XHFO-FM 92.1 CD. DE MÉXICO CDMX HD CONTEMPORARY HIT RADIO RADIO DISNEY 100.0 kW 134.0 m ‘KHFO Radio Disney XFM – ELEVA TUS XPECTATIVAS — 1890 km = 1174 mi

92.9 at 1636, Spanish ballad, romantic music, “La Kebuena 92.9“, song about “el último viernes“. Only Mex spelt any way is: XEQ-FM 92.9 CD. DE MÉXICO CDMX REGIONAL MEXICAN KE BUENA 79.07 kW 214.0 m 92.9 FM LA KEBUENA Country — 1890 km = 1174 mi altho there is one Unitedstatesian, possible Es but unlikely: KROM 92.9 SAN ANTONIO TX REGIONAL MEXICAN QUE BUENA 92.9 45.0 kW 412.0 m — 777 km = 483 mi

93.1 at 1640, Stockville, Frontier County Fair, Minden ads. “93.1 The River“. These are on the outskirts of: KRVN-FM 93.1 LEXINGTON NE HD COUNTRY 93.1 THE RIVER 100.0 kW 271.2 m — 514 km = 319 mi

105.5 at 1644, Enid translator is OFF! Would be helpful for DX but only traces of fringe signals remain, nor anything but OKies on 105.3, 105.7. This is at an antenna-farm residence across from NWOSU campus on the east end of real Enid, not North Enid: K288FX relays:KYLV 88.9 105.5 NORTH ENID OK CONTEMPORARY CHRISTIAN K-LOVE 0.25 kW 0.0 [sic] m 36-23-57 97-52-48 Next day July 19 at 1803 is back on but with some clix

1650-1658 UT July 18 I take an R&R break, back just in time for:::

96.7 FM, July 17 at 1646 UT, lexure in Spanish; 1658 song with refrain “Guajira“. 1659, “Rebelde, La Habana, Emisora de la Revolución; 1700 “Noticiero Nacional de Radio“. 1711 still in with Cuban mentions, national weather summary, 1713 “NN de R“ program ID again, “en AM, FM y Onda Corta“.

Cuban FM DX is rare here, mostly too far for single-hop sporadic E, but Habana is possible at 2095 km = 1302 miles, and westward. WTFDA FM Database has three Rebeldes on 96.7, Bayamo and Moa too far, but this must be:

CMBA-FM 96.7 CD. HABANA CH NEWS/TALK/VARIETY RADIO REBELDE 1.0 kWH 0.0 kWV 100.0 m HAAT 23-07-16 82-18-54 REBELDE Tx site Loma de la Cruz/Regla
There are three other non-Rebelde 96.7s, one further west, R Mantua, but presumably would not be RR relayers at midday. Only 1 kW horizontal only, not very impressive for a flagship!?

Meanwhile I am hunting for other Cubans! Only one possibility: 99.1, July 17 at 1703, some CCI in Spanish. Besides two low-power translators, this is the only full-power, and same site as 96.7: CMBF-FM 99.1 CD. HABANA CH CLASSICAL/OPERA/ARTS RADIO MUSICAL NACIONAL 8.0 kWH only 100.0 m 23-07-16 82-18-54 RADIO TAINO Tx site Loma de la Cruz/Regla — R. Taíno is in the “PS Info“ column, not sure what that mean in practice.

101.9 at 1705, CCI to KTST OKC, unusual: mentions First National Bank; Long Island;; baseball sports update by rapid announcer with poor enunciation; ments Goddard; 1709 “101-9 The Bull“. There are two other The Bulls on 101.9 in Amarillo TX and Emmett ID, but obviously this: KKQY 101.9 HILL CITY KS COUNTRY 101.9 THE BULL 97.0 kW 303.0 m Why name your station for an ill-tempered beast? Masculinity!! BTW, 101.9 KTST The Twister, OKC, was originally KFNB, as in First National Bank. — 329 km = 204 mi

102.1 at 1710, Conklin? Care, Capital Federal; something on North Federal, i.e. Wichita, and what a coincidence, adjacent geographically and frequencially, another The Bull!: KZSN 102.1 HUTCHINSON KS HD COUNTRY 102.1 THE BULL 100.0 kW 313.0 m — 187 km = 116 mi

93.5 at 1715, Lane County Fairgrounds event, Emporia State news. Lane County is SW of Hayes, so only my regular fringer:
KKDT 93.5 BURDETT KS COUNTRY MY COUNTRY 93.5 95.0 kW 304.8 m — 248 km = 154 mi

94.5 at 1725, Spanish YLs, JBA; other unIDs at 1604, 1902

95.3 at 1735, KOKC translator has CCI, east Highway 2 in Broken Bow, Nebraska [OK also has a smaller Broken Bow, in the SE corner]: KBBN-FM 95.3 BROKEN BOW NE CLASSIC ROCK THE THUNDERBIRD 30.0 kW 174.9 m REAL ROCK THE THUNDERBIRD KBBN BROKEN BOW — 561 km = 349 mi

97.3 at 1738, Sioux Falls ad; could a Nebraskan do that? There are stations in Aurora, KRGY east of Grand Island; and in Blair, KOBM north of Omaha; but there is really a SxFs station! At 1740 vs Ags CCI, Casino ad for Sioux Falls, 98-degree weather, 1741 singing ID I copy as KKIZ, but really: KKRC-FM 97.3 SIOUX FALLS SD CLASSIC HITS 100.0 kW 259.7 m Song/Artist on MIX 97-3 Adult Hits — 801 km = 498 mi: max tropo this opening

97.3 at 1738, Spanish rap by Es overtakes South Dakota by tropo! “97.3, La Estación de 6 Canciones Continuas“ — no WTFDA DB hits on that slogan, but broad search leads to this blaring FB page: XHAGC-FM 97.3 AGUASCALIENTES AGS TEEN HITS – JUVENIL EXA FM 14.0 kW -6.17 m [BELOW average terrain; but guess unimpeded to the north] — 1669 km = 1037 mi

99.5 at 1743, SS CCI mentions pestos, Guadalajara, 99, corazón. Could corazón be station name? No such hits at WTFDA DB, but heart fits with format, but beware, there are 15 other X`s and we also hear an ad later elsewhere for Farmacias Guadalajara: Likely tho in PTA: XHLS-FM 99.5 GUADALAJARA JAL ROMANTICA ROMANCE 28.39 kW 149.0 m — 1827 km = 1135 mi

95.3 at 1752, Hayes ads; 1755, “95-3 The Cowboy“, home of Sean Hannity, BOO! Overcomes KOKC translator, the best one out of OKC, must be on high tower. Wakeeney about 30 miles WNW of Hayes on 1-70: KWKN 95.3 WAKEENEY KS TALK/SPORTS 95.3 THE COWBOY 100.0 kW 158.0 m — 341 km = 212 mi

94.5 at 1757, strong rock in English, 1800 “WARO, Naples-Fort Myers, classic rock, The Arrow“. Florida! Opening from there if any obscured by all the Mexicans and Nebraskans, etc. Tho had CUBA an hour before: WARO 94.5 NAPLES FL CLASSIC ROCK 94.5 THE ARROW 99.0 kW 311.0 m — 1902 km = 1182 mi

93.7 at 1801, English rock overcome by Spanish CCI, ad in pesos, “Aarón García en Punto“ reports from a noisy venue. Broad search leads to lots of hits about a newscaster at Radiorama Nayarit, and this chex as a Radiorama station:
XHTEY-FM 93.7 TEPIC NAY REGIONAL MEXICAN FIESTA MEXICANA 10.0 kW 222.4 m — 1788 km = 1111 mi

93.3 at 1803, SS CCI to OKC, “La nueva nueva 99.3“, noticiero, TC as 1:04 plus others. I am certain he said 99.3, not 93.3! Must have slipped digits. 1805, CCI with FL below, ads mention Durango; 1808 correctly “La Nueva 93.3, noticiero de la gente“: XHPNVO-FM 93.3 EL SALTO DGO HD GRUPERA LA NUEVA 93.3 6.0 kW 101.2 m — 1575 km = 979 mi

93.3 at 1805, “93-3 FLT“ as I copy YL IID, rock/country mixing with Durango, but really:
WFLZ-FM 93.3 TAMPA FL HD CONTEMPORARY HIT RADIO 93.3 FLZ 97.0 kW 472.0 m 93-3FLZ Addjar Levine 1-800-747-FREE Accident Attorneys Top 40 [listing refers to ads on the RDS?] — 1725 km = 1072 mi

92.9 at 1809, two Spanish songs mixing, one maybe still XEQ as above

92.1 at 1810, romantic music in Spanish; 1812, “Éxitos todo el día, sólo en Lupe“, ads, addresses, Teatro Ángel Peralta, mention Sinaloa and then Mazatlán. So now the X opening has traversed from SE Mexico to the NW coast.
XHPMAZ-FM 92.1 MAZATLÁN SIN MEX HD Spanish ADULT HITS LA LUPE 25.0 25.0 99.1 99.1 23-12-04 106-25-37 9210 — 1681 km = 1044 mi

93.1 at 1810, Spanish ads

94.1 at 1816, Spanish conversation about deportes. At 1828 when it`s 98 in the shade, I QRX for R&R, lunch of jambalaya with extra okra and mushrooms, yum! On the DX-398 by lunchtable, only DX signal it still gets is 94.1: 1836 ads with 4-tone sounders, “Farmacia Guadalajara“ ad at its 80th anniversary, pronounces “HD Radio“ in English, more Spanish music; 1846 YL DJ with 1:46 time, dance music, 1849 SS ID sounds like “Cool 94.1“. Trying spellings Cul, Kul, Cool, Kool, no hits in Mex, and that Farmacia operates all over beyond the city of Guadalajara; anyhow there are no 94.1s in that Jalisco city. A mystery! Only Cool 94.1 in USA English is WXBJ-LP in Massachusetts, no way. At 1853, promo for show “Buenos Días, 8 a 9 de la mañana“ — a bit too generic to try any searching. ?? km = mi

91.3 at 1822, CCI, one about T-storm weather, one suptorted. Got to be DX, as normally nothing audible against local 91.1. You may notice that I report hardly anything below 92 MHz, which you would expect to be more subject to Es than 92+. I do scan 87.7-91.9 periodically but have found hardly anything on the NCE band clogged with gospel huxters and only two genuine secular public radio stations. A few `open` channels suffer heavy ACI from both sides: 89.5, 89.9, 90.7.

94.1 at 1836, CCI to mystery Spanish above, from a K-LOVE station. DB shows none nearby, in FL, or any other PTA, just one at full-power: WWLV 94.1 LEXINGTON NC HD CONTEMPORARY CHRISTIAN K-LOVE 100.0 kW 355.0 m K-LOVE Song/Artist Adult Hits — 1582 km = 983 mi

92.7 at 1900, back on the caradio, .mx PSA probably from Mexican government; music

94.5 at 1902, Spanish JBA, Mex news mentions AMLO. By 1910 opening has died out, no more DX.

96.3 at 1942, rock music on the DX-398, unlikely anything nearby. I then log some beacons on the 10m hamband, widely dispersed. Fortunately? No FM DX reaching here July 19 so I can complete researching and writing this report only one day later.

At 2208 it`s 109.8 in the shade here, officially near-record 112 F so just as well to stay where there be AC! out of the DX car (Glenn Hauser, Enid OK, WOR)

** VANUATU. 11835, 7890, 7260, July 19 at 0627 still no signals from RV (Glenn Hauser, OK, WOR)

This report dispatched at 2326 UT July 19

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