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New classical music station on shortwave

Radio Tumbril is a new station being aired on Channel 292 and WBCQ with the one hour programme “Encore” of classical music: Channel 292: 6070 kHz: 15:00 -16:00 UTC Sunday. Repeated 19:00 – 20:00 UTC Friday WBCQ: 7490 kHz 00:00 – 01:00 UTC Monday (20:00 – 21:00 EDT Sunday) (Not yet showng on the WBCQ website)

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HFCC A19 schedules available

A19 schedules are now available on

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100 anni dalla prima trasmissione radio vocale: l’Irlanda celebra Guglielmo Marconi

L’inventore della radio e premio Nobel per la fisica, diede vita alla prima trasmissione vocale dalla sua stazione di Ballybunion a una stazione di ricezione a Cape Breton in Nuova Scozia, Canada, dando vita a un evento che cambiò la comunicazione mondiale. Dopo 100 anni, un evento celebrativo il 19 marzo 2019 presso l’Irish College. L’ospite d’onore sarà proprio la …

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Before end of March there will be something, says minister amid SABC woes

he South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC) was heading for factual insolvency by the end of March and hoping for emergency funding from National Treasury to be allocated within the next two weeks, management and Communications Minister Stella Ndabeni-Abrahams said on Tuesday. “Before the end of March there will be something,” the minister told journalists at the close of a briefing …

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Full A-19 schedule of R. Habana Cuba start monitored of 14 / 15 March 2019

CUBA Full A-19 schedule of R. Habana Cuba start monitored of 14 / 15 March 2019, in DST-part. 0000-0030 15730 BEJ 050 135 SoAm French exQuechua 0000-0500 6000 QVC 250 010 ENAm English 0000-0500 6060 BAU 100 010 ENAm Spanish 0000-0600 6165 BAU 100 340 WNAm English 0500-0600 6000 QVC 250 010 ENAm English 0500-0600 6060 BAU 100 010 ENAm …

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Radio Romania Internazionale, orario estate 2019

L’orario dei programmi in italiano di Radio Romania Internazionale valido dal 31 marzo al 26 ottobre 2019 Ora italiana Frequenza 16.00 – 16.26 9520 kHz 18.00 – 18.26 5910 kHz 20.00 – 20.26 5910 DRM Seguite Radio Romania Internazionale via Internet su e, selezionando “Ascolta RRI in diretta!” canale 3. I programmi di Radio Romania Internazionale sono disponibili …

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Wolfgang Bueschel observations mar 14

USA Checked this March 14 morning R Marti / RHC outlets in MA, NJ, and at N9JY’s remote access SDR installation in Cape Canaveral, FL. 6030 kHz VoA IBB BBG Greenville channel with anti-Cuban Radio Marti program in Spanish language S=9+40dB in FL, was accompanied by two symmetrical spurs on both sides, on 6000.000 and 6060.000 kHz, of S=6 strength …

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WINB DRM A19 Wavescan airing

WINB DRM Schedule for A19 All Mon-Fri only. 62 degrees 15 kW 07-09 7325 09-11 9980 11-17 15120 (yes, we are aware this might clash with co-channel Nigeria.) WINB will also be airing Wavescan on analog 9265 kHz Mondays 2100-2130 starting next Monday.

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Babcock test transmissions

9 March 2019 0913 to 0921 UTC on 9485 kHz. Strong SIO 444 brief music medley and male announcer in English x 2 “You are listening to a test transmission. Please send reception reports to”. Short music interlude, carrier off and on several times and finally off at 0921. Heard via Bucharest Romania Kiwi. (Heath Hall, USA) ———- Test …

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Radio Caroline North live from Ross Revenge

Radio Caroline North returns this weekend, online via the ‘Listen’ button in the green panel (at website), on Manx Radio’s 1368 AM transmitter for the north and west, and on our own 648 AM transmitter for the south and east. Join us live from our historic radioship Ross Revenge on the River Blackwater for more music memories, and more chances …

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National VOA Museum of Broadcasting director to address history of Bethany Station

If you’ve ever wondered why the VOA-Bethany Station needed a secured, square mile of land surrounding its 1944 art deco building in West Chester, Jack Dominic has the answer. Dominic, the National Voice of America Museum of Broadcasting director, will speak on the “History of the VOA-Bethany Station and the VOA Museum Today” Wednesday, April 3, from 7 to 8:30 …

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A Unique Approach to Cutting AM Costs

Electricity constitutes a major part of the operating expenses of analog transmitter sites operating below 30 MHz, if not the largest. This is because the AM modulation scheme is power-inefficient by design. Contrary to other modulation schemes, the carrier frequency of an AM [amplitude modulation] transmitter contains no useful information, but simply suppresses reception noise. Even when the audio signal …

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