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German from ParsToday Teheran, and ? other ParsToday language services will leave shortwave at the end, on 21 of December 2019 ?

IRAN IRIB Tehran on shortwave, – others say ParsToday identification instead.(wb.) automatic translation: “Announcement of the new ParsToday broadcasting strategy. The German program of ParsToday will soon make changes in its broadcasting strategy. Dear listener friends, According to the new broadcasting strategy of ParsToday, broadcasts of the German shortwave program will be aired on shortwave only til December 21, 2019, …

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Radio Tarma testing new 1,4 kW transmitter

Received, right now, mail from Radio Tarma, they say they are testing at this time a new 1,4 kW transmitter: “Apreciado Manuel, muchas gracias por su interés en nuestra estación de Onda Corta OCX 4 E. Estamos probando un transmisor, en este momento con 1,400 watts. Horario de transmisión  de  10 .00 a  14:00 UTC  y de 20:00 – 02:00 …

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Interessante pagina su LRA36 Radio Nacional Arcangel San Gabriel

Vi invitiamo a navigare su la pagina dedicata alla  esperienza radiofonica di Giovanni Lorenzi con LRA 36, Radio Nacional Arcangel San Gabriel. La pagina si trova su nella sezione dedicata al Radioascolto. Tra l’altro contiene la copia del log di stazione nel quale riportò i dettagli dell’ascolto il 30 ottobre 1983. Conserva questi quaderni di appunti sin dal primo …

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Monitor magazine now available

The Autumn 2019 edition of the BBC Monitoring’s magazine Monitor is now available on the web BBC Monitoring provides news and information from freely available media sources around the world. Our round-the-clock monitoring of TV, radio, press, internet and news agencies is provided to the BBC and a range of customers – commercial clients, including media organizations, foreign governments, NGOs …

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E’ morto Fiorenzo Repetto

Nelle scorse ore si è spento a 68 anni Fiorenzo Repetto, grande appassionato di radioascolto, negli ultimi anni aveva spostato la sua attenzione alla divulgazione dell’hobby sui social network. Alla famiglia le condoglianze della Siciliamedia Comunicazioni.

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Iran’s internet blackout reaches four-day mark

A country of 80 million people – and practically no way to get online. Iran’s internet shutdown has lasted for four days now, sparking international concern. Following protests over a sharp increase in fuel prices in the country, internet connections began to go dark beginning late on Saturday night, local time. On social media, Iranians living or travelling abroad have …

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Seabreeze 1395 kHz transmitter site relocation

Dutch station Radio Seabreeze (1395 kHz) moves transmitter site back to Grou (from Akkrum) on Saturday 23rd November and hopes this will improve their signal strength. They had to move in spring 2018 when their previous site, the Aquaverium in Grou, closed: “More than a year ago, the Aquaverium was closed and we had to leave the building with our …

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Radio Caroline live from Ross Revenge

Our crack team of Caroline presenters are heading out to the ship this Friday, firing up the studios and getting ready to bring you all the best tracks from the 60s – early 90s, from 10.30 am on Saturday. What a great soundtrack to your weekend! Your broadcast team this month are Johnny Lewis, Dave Foster, Nick Jackson, Peter Philips, …

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Radio Marabu off air

Radio Marabu is off air for about 3 weeks for technical modification according to announcement on their website dated November 11th: “Conversion break. RADIO MARABU will not be able to hear on short wave 6150 for about 3 weeks. Our internet stream and of course the broadcast on OS Radio 104 comma 8 remain unaffected. Some technical innovations are incorporated, …

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Cyprus: Cape Greco relay antennas to be dismantled

Relay antennas on Cape Greco are to be removed, the Cyprus News Agency reported on Friday citing informed sources. It said that installations there currently host a US and a French radio station which re-transmit to the Middle East on medium wave. The Cyprus News Agency said that the Americans have already stopped transmitting to the area and that the …

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7525 kHz Special Broadcast of Asian Broadcasting Institute

JAPAN 7525 kHz Special Broadcast of Asian Broadcasting Institute. Asian Broadcasting Institute, Japanese DX’ers institute specialized for broadcasting in East Asia, will broadcast special shortwave transmission for celebrating their 40th anniversary as below: DATE: December 6, 7, and 8, 2019 (rebroadcast of December 6, on December 7 and 8) TIME: 1330-1400 UTC FREQUENCY: 7525 kHz LANGUAGE: Japanese and Chinese (opening/closing …

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AIR Thiruvanthapuram back on SW

AIR Thiruvanthapuram is noted back on 501 & 7290 kHz (50 kW) 5010: 0020-0205 1130-1745 7290: 0230-0932(Sat, Sun 1030) — Jose Jacob, VU2JOS ———- Now at 07.10 UT on Thursday Nov 14 both AIR 7420 and strongest 7430 Bhopal noted in 41 mb, at Perseus SDR unit in Delhi remotedly, > re 7290: 0230-0932 but 7290 kHz is totally empty …

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