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Maritime Radio Day

The Telegraph newspaper reports on Maritime Radio Day, held to commemorate the day the RMS Titanic started to sink, April 14, 1912. Radio was vital in aiding the rescue of those who survived, and Maritime Radio Day celebrates a global telecoms service based on voice communication and Morse Code. Its history ranges from its inception on the world’s oceans in …

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World Amateur Radio Day – 18 April

Every April 18, radio amateurs worldwide take to the airwaves in celebration of World Amateur Radio Day. It was on that day in 1925 that the International Amateur Radio Union or IARU was formed in Paris by pioneers to support Amateur Radio worldwide. Just two years later, at the International Radiotelegraph Conference, Amateur Radio gained the harmonically related allocations of …

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Radio Caroline North

Radio Caroline North live from the MV Ross Revenge is now being relayed throughout the Easter weekend on 1368 khz on the Manx Radio AM frequency

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Manutenzione Radio Cina Internazionale

Cari amici ascoltatori, per il motivo di manutenzione, saranno sospese tra il 16 maggio e il 23 maggio prossimi le trasmissioni sulla frequenza 7265 kHz. Cordiali saluti Sezione Italiana Radio Cina Internazionale

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Radio Netherlands Wereldomroep former staff April 15 broadcast via Shortwave Service

Hi all, the Easter-weekend is approaching and Shortwaveservice will have a bunch of extra-programming for you. On April 15th, Radio Nederland Wereldomroep will be back on the airwaves for one day. The former employees Dick Klees, Hans Hogendoorn, Pieter Damave en Ruud Poeze will do a 7 hour long live broadcast from an original OB van from 1958. The broadcast …

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Voiri A17 in italiano

Le nostre programmazioni giornaliere vengono trasmesse in onde corte secondo la seguente tabella (applicabile dal 26.03.2017).    Orario (Utc)       Frequenza   19:20 – 19:50     SW: 5945KHz, 49m SW: 7235KHz, 41m   09:20 – 10:20 13:50 – 14:50 Tehran FM: 99.5MHz   06:20 – 07:20 10:50 – 11:50 Solo Eutelsat3B, Hotbird13E, sito Internet e app per …

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SDXF Swedish DX-Federation Easter special transmissions

April 14 1600-1700 UTC April 15 1700-1800 UTC April 16 1800-1900 UTC April 17 0600-0700 UTC Reports to or snalmail to Sveriges DX-Förbund Box 1097 S-405 23 Göteborg Sweden.

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The Mighty KBC on saturday to Europe !!!

From april 15 you will hear us soon in Europe on Saturday afternoon on 9400 kHz from Kostinbrod (near Sofia) Bulgaria with 150.000 Watts of Mighty KBC Musical Power! The Giant Jukebox – Eric van Willegen 15:00 – 16:00 UTC, in addition to existing Sunday 0000UT transmission.

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Vatican Radio Easter special transmissions

13 April 0725-0950 11745 kHz to Vietnam from Tinang 14 April 1905-2030 all from SMG 17770 kHz Portuguese to South Africa 7360 & 9670 kHz French to West Africa 15570 kHz English to East Africa 15 April 1825-2100 all from SMG 17770 kHz Portuguese to South Africa 7360 & 9670 kHz French to West Africa 15570 kHz English to East …

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Special AIR programmes on 70th Indo-Russia ties anniversary

The All India Radio (AIR) will broadcast special programmes on its domestic and external network to mark the 70th anniversary of Indo-Russia diplomatic relationship.

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4KZ Innisfail on 5055 kHz

NEW SHORTWAVE SERVICE: In May 2017 Radio 4KZ Innisfail in far North Queensland will commence transmission on 5055 kHz between 4pm and about 9am seven days a week. The station will run 1.5kw into an inverted V antenna and will be a full simulcast of 4KZ, 531khz It expected that the service will provide satisfactory coverage to remote areas of …

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Bye, bye Sitkūnai: On air schdedule

Nothing is as constant as the constant change. Updated schedule for “Bye, Bye Sitkunai” for this weekend: ○ 2017-04-15 from 1200-1300 via DB  9875 100 kW 125° towards Australia / New Zealand ○ 2017-04-15 from 2200-2300 via YFR 5950 100 kW 181° towards Northern America ○ 2017-04-16 from 0800-0900 via KLL 7310 001 kW 040° towards Western Europe ○ 2017-04-16 …

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