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Radio Tarma new transmitter

In accordance with the recently published news, that Radio Tarma, Peru, 4749.9 kHz, was testing a new transmitter with 2 kW of power,  and as it seems there was no  improvement in the signal strength, I contacted  with Radio Tarma via mail and in  their replay they say that the new transmitter will come into operation soon and they will …

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Special English language program on RHC

Listen to @RadioHavanaCuba’s English language programming this Tuesday October 29th. We’ll have a special program, coming to you live from the Higher Institute of International Relations in #Havana. We’ve lined up some special guests and very interesting commentaries by #Cubaan personalities, on the US blockade of Cuba. Don’t miss this special program on the international shortwave radio frequencies of @RadioHavanaCuba today. …

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RNE Local & Regional outputs. Winter schedule. #OM

RNE Local & Regional outputs.   Winter schedule (times UTC): M-F: 0625-0630 R5TN LOCAL 0645-0700 R1//R5TN REG 0815-0830 R5TN LOCAL 0904-0906 R1//R5TN REG 1004-1006 R1//R5TN REG 1104-1106 R1//R5TN REG 1210-1300 R1//R5TN REG 1604-1606 R1//R5TN REG 1804-1806 R1//R5TN REG 1920-1930 R1//R5TN REG Sat-Sun: 0805-0815 R5TN REG 1230-1300 R1//R5TN REG     Mauricio Molano Salamanca ESPAÑA – SPAIN RX site:  Aldea del …

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B19 Changes to All India Radio External Services:

B19 Changes to All India Radio External Services: (Timings UTC, Frequencies in kHz) 0000-0045 Tamil Delete 13695(B) 0215-0300 Kannada Delete 13695(B) 0315-0415 Hindi 13695(B) 0845-0945 Indonesian Add 17870(B) 1000-1100 English 13645(B) (ex 13605), 17510(B) (ex 17895) 1115-1200 Thai 15770(P) (ex 15410) 1145-1315 Chinese 17510(B) (ex 17705) 1215-1330 Tibetan 9575(B) (ex 9425) 1330-1500 English 9690(B) (ex 13695) 1615-1730 Hindi 11590(P) ex …

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Radio Luxembourg

A blue plaque will be unveiled this morning Friday 25th October at 10am at 38 Hertford Street, London W1. This was the London base of Radio Luxembourg.. Expect some celebs to attend. The station started broadcasting in 1933. Often mistakenly referred to as a ‘Pirate Radio Station’, Radio Luxembourg offered an English speaking commercial service for more than 60 years …

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A reminder – SAQ Transmission Set for UN Day on October 24

A transmission from the vintage Alexanderson alternator in Grimeton, Sweden, will complement activities marking United Nations Day on October 24. Transmitter startup for the 17.2 kHz transmission will take place at around 1630 UTC, with a peace message transmission beginning at 1700 UTC. A live stream will be available on the Alexanderson website. No QSL cards will be sent, and …

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Radio Caroline mediumwave maintenance report

On Friday 11 October our engineers made a long planned visit to our 648 transmitter site to give the equipment a general tuneup and service. It was two years ago when we installed the equipment at Orford Ness in October 2017 and we knew that future access for maintenance visits would need careful planning and arrangement. Not just because it …

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Radio National Archangel special in Wavescan; Cook Islands also

You are invited to listen to a very special feature in the next edition of the AWR DX program Wavescan, beginning this coming weekend. This special feature is a remarkable Station Profile on LRA36 Radio National Archangel in Argentine Antarctica as presented by Jeff White at Radio Miami International in Miami Florida, together with audio inserts of their shortwave programming. …

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Radio Tunisi Internazionale in italiano B19

Sono andato a curiosare nel sito di Radio Tunisi e ho scaricato la programmazione per il periodo invernale. E’ stato confermato il servizio italiano alle 1430 UTC preceduto da quello inglese.  73 de Giovanni — ITALIAN AMATEUR RADIO STATION I T 9 T Z Z ESCLUSIVAMENTE IN TELEGRAFIA Sito web> page>

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Radio Cina Internazionale in italiano B19

Vi scriviamo questa e-mail per comunicarVi il nuovo orario invernale dei nostri programmi che entrerà in vigore a partire dal 27 ottobre prossimo. Vi preghiamo di informarci riguardo i risultati d’ascolto. Ecco la tabella dell’orario e delle frequenze invernali. Orario e Frequenze  (invernali)   Ora italiana Ora di Pechino m/kHz-   Italia       19:00-20:00 2:00-3:00 7435, 7340 21:30-22:30 4:30-5:30 7345, …

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Chiude Yahoo! Gruppi, pezzo di storia del web

Se ne va un pezzo di storia del web. Chiude dopo 18 anni di servizio Yahoo! Gruppi, modalità con cui si comunicava prima dell’avvento dei blog e dell’invasione dei social network, attraverso una mailing list. Il servizio chiuderà i battenti il 14 dicembre. In quella data tutti i contenuti presenti saranno rimossi ma già a partire dal 21 ottobre non …

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SAQ special transmission for UN-Day

SAQ, the world heritage radio station, is to transmit on UN-Day, the 24th of October. The transmission will be on 17.2kHz CW. The startup of the transmitter will be around 1630UTC and the transmission of the message will be at 1700UTC. No QSL cards will be send out for this transmission and no List of Reports will be constructed, but …

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