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WBCQ testing delay

Raining every day here for two weeks and more coming Difficult to work on stuff, like antennas, outdoors. Please pray for dryer weather here beloved listeners. Stay warm and cozy listening to your nice old tube radio tuned to 7490/9330/5130 or 3265khz. @AllanWBCQ on Twitter

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WBCQ: “We are all stressed”

Rough. Not easy doing this. We are all stressed. Need your prayers kindly. Listen tonight. The best medicine. 5130khz at 7pm. 7490khz at 8pm. 3265/9330khz always. The best in alternative radio is here at WBCQ. Support us beloved listeners. Wavemeter. @AllanWBCQ on Twitter

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REE out of air today

SPAIN, Radio Exterior de España, Noblejas, out of air today in its four frequencies: 12030, 11940, 11670 and 9690 kHz. Manuel Méndez Lugo, Spain

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World Music Radio

World Music Radio (WMR) is back on 15805 kHz (200 W). On air today Saturday and tomorrow Sunday 07-20 UTC. Fair to good reception right now in many parts of reception – including SW United Kingdom, Austria, Romania, Northern Scandinavia, Italy and Russia 5840 kHz is still on the air with some 25 – 35 W … continuously. Stig Hartvig …

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Another great day of broadcasting for WBCQ

Another great day of broadcasting here at the nations free speech station WBCQ. Area51 on 5130khz tonight at 7pm. Great programming on 7490khz starting at 5pm. Something always on 3265 kHz. Something for everyone Worldwide on the Planet. The last Radio hope before the revolution @AllanWBCQ on Twitter

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Radio City will be on air 17th and 18th of May

Radio City, “The Station of the Cars”, will be on air, like all third Fridays and Saturdays of the month, the 17th and 18th of May via IRRS Nexus. Friday on 7290 at 1800 UTC and Saturday on 9510 at 0800 UTC.. Email address: Manuel Méndez Lugo, Spain

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Radio Malta 999 kHz riattivata

Radio Malta ha riattivato la frequenza di 999 kHz dopo l’interruzione del 13 maggio, durata per tutta la giornata. Non ho notato nessun calo di potenza nell’emissione. — ITALIAN AMATEUR RADIO STATION I T 9 T Z Z ESCLUSIVAMENTE IN TELEGRAFIA Sito web> page>

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New WBCQ high power tests this week

A powerful electronic fist right in the socialist communist face. That’s WBCQ shortwave. 3265/5130/7490/9330khz. We will be testing the superstation again this week. Full programming hopefully next month. Keep listening. Keep the faith. We are not the digital world. We are real, (Allan Weiner)

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Radio Malta inattiva

Segnalo l’inattività di Radio Malta su 999 kHz nella giornata di oggi. — ITALIAN AMATEUR RADIO STATION I T 9 T Z Z ESCLUSIVAMENTE IN TELEGRAFIA Sito web> page>

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WRTH A19 update available

Updates to the WRTH A19 schedules are now available in a 38-page supplement online: Updates, and the “A” season international schedules, are provided as a free service but a voluntary donation from you will help support the continuation of these free updates. Thank you for your help.

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Wolfgang Bueschel: WBCQ new tx observations

To identify the new WBCQ Continental 500kW unit on your ancient Sony, just WBCQ used with low decreased of 135 kW power, … you may identify also with older Sony gear of 1985-1994year: Set your Sony to ‘Narrow/SYNC’ option set manual Tune-Mode ‘slow’ of 100 Hertz channel separate, and check your set’s exactness – of 100 Hertz option, when switch …

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1530 kHz AM back on-air in Glasgow

After a break of almost 5 years, the AM/MW frequency 1530 kHz is alive again with Radio Ramadhan The Ark. This station was awarded an AM licence to cover Glasgow in June 2017, so they have just got on-air before the two-year deadline after licence award. Ark AM, the name on the original application, says it will serve the needs …

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