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PCJ Radio International transmissions to Europe

Beginning April 18th, 2015 PCJ Radio International will have a week of programs broadcast to Europe. The one hour tranmissions will be our service to the Pacific. Time: 2000 – 2100 UTC Schedule April 18 – The Happy Station Show April 19 – The Stuph File Program April 20 – Focus Asia Pacific/Switzerland In Sound April 21 – Jazz For …

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Radio Amazigh test transmissions

😉 H.Heinrich forwarded this info in the A-DX mailinglist from yet another mailinglist, EuroRadio. An Algerian station named Radio Amazigh performs test transmissions from 31 March until 4 April from international waters. 1230-1300 UTC on (9805 plusminus 5) kHz. Languages: Kabyl and French. Amazigh means Berber in Kabyl. The first three broadcasts are in NBFM, the remaining two in AM. …

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Torna la Voce di Russia in onda corta

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Relays this Weekend

Radio Revival Sweden on Saturday, March 28th: 1100-1200 UTC Radio Nord Revival on 6065 kHz 10 kW (A3H), 9865 kHz  5 kW(AM) 1200-1300 UTC SDXF Sveriges DX-Förbund on 6065 kHz 10 kW (A3H), 9865 kHz  5 kW(AM) 1300-1500 UTC Radio Merkurs on 6065 kHz 10 kW (A3H), 9865 kHz  5 kW(AM) 1500-1600 UTC The Ronny B Goode Show on 6065 kHz 10 kW (A3H), 9865 kHz …

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Radio Baltic Waves International schedule from April 1

LITHUANIA   Radio Baltic Waves International from April 1 via Sitkunai on MW 1386 kHz, 75 kW, UTC: 1700-1730 Radio Poland, Russian 1730-1800 NHK World, Russian 1800-1900 RFE/RL, Russian 1900-2000 RFE/RL, Belarusian language 2000-2100 Radio Poland, Belarusian language 2100-2200 RFE/RL, Russian 2200-2300 RFE/RL, Russian 2300-2400 RFE/RL, Russian 0000-0100 RFE/RL, Russian 0100-0200 RFE/RL, Russian 0200-0300 RFE/RL, Russian 0300-0330 RFE/RL, Belarusian language 0330-0400 …

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Radio Revival SW relays this weekend

This weekend relays from Sweden: Saturday, March 28 2015 1100-1200 UTC Radio Nord Revival on 6065 kHz 10 kW (A3H), 9865 kHz 5 kW(AM) 1200-1300 UTC SDXF Sveriges DX-Förbund on 6065 kHz 10 kW (A3H), 9865 kHz 5 kW(AM) 1300-1500 UTC Radio Merkurs on 6065 kHz 10 kW (A3H), 9865 kHz 5 kW(AM) 1500-1600 UTC The Ronny B Goode Show …

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“Radio DARC” Program Debuts on Ham-Operated German Shortwave Outlet

The inaugural transmission of the “Radio DARC” Amateur Radio program aired over the March 21-22 weekend via Channel 292 at 6070 kHz. The German-language program was produced in cooperation with Germany’s national Amateur Radio society — the Deutscher Amateur Radio Club (DARC). A group of amateurs in Germany obtained a license to broadcast on the 49 meter shortwave broadcast channel after German …

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Mighty KBC changes frequency for USA

The Mighty KBC will switch to 9925 kHz on May 3, 2015 and then switch back to 7375 kHz on September 6, 2015

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Radio Channel 292 returned to 6070 KHz

Radio Channel 292 returned to 6070 KHz Dear Listeners, Please check out the Channel 292 schedule: Hamburger-Lokalradio HLR FM-Program on the Internetstream: 73s Tom

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RTE 252 unavailable for maintenance

The service on Longwave 252 will be unavailable from 10 am on Monday 23rd March until 5.30pm on Wednesday 25th March. This is due to essential maintenance of the transmitter. (RTE)

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Nuove frequenze A15 Radio Romania Internazionale

Portiamo a vostra conoscenza le nuove frequenze dei programmi in lingua italiana, valide dal 29 marzo. Ora italiana                Frequenza 16.00                        5910 kHz 18.00                        5910 kHz 20.00                        5910 DRM Grazie e tanti saluti dalla redazione italiana!

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RTI sospende le trasmissioni da Issoudun

Come già preannunciato da Bclnews e Studio DX, Radio Taiwan International conferma la sospensione delle trasmissioni da Issoudun a causa della fine della collaborazione con Radio France International, questo il comunicato ufficiale dell’emittente: “Starting from March 29th, RTI will terminate its transmission to Europe on 3965 KHz and to Africa on 11975 KHz following the end of cooperation between RTI …

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