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WMLK license released

A real blessing came this week! On February 5, 2019 WMLK Radio received, from the FCC, the long awaited station operational license! Once again WMLK Radio will be able to legally broadcast from its station all over the world! Praise Almighty Yahweh! “Also, the building of the new set continues. The building has been stopped in order to accommodate a …

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TWR marks 65 years in ministry

A 65-Year History TWR’s first-ever broadcast aired from Tangier in Northern Africa on February 22, 1954. In a press release, TWR says this first broadcast reached across “the Strait of Gibraltar to Span, where Protestants were a vanishingly small minority” facing governmental bans on evangelism and even discrimination. Then, when Morocco gained its independence and Tangier was reunited with the …

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China: new CNR DRM test and Yunnan International Radio new schedule

CHINA New DRM test broadcasting schedule of CNR after Febr 20. According to February 20 edition of the Chinese broadcasting information site China National Radio revised their DRM shortwave test transmission schedule on Febr 20. All relay “Voice of China”, the 1st CNR program. (* New addition) 6030 2025-1805 (except Tue 0600-0900) BEI 30 kW 0° to North China …

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Bye bye Sentech, no more shortwave from april

It is confirmed that Sentech of South Africa is ending shortwave broadcast service from 31 March 2019. So Channel Africa, BBC, AWR, Deutche Welle, South Africa Radio League and others broadcasting via Meyerton will be only in memory shortly.

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State bid to reach out to indian fishers at sea through AM transmission

After the introduction of satellite phones, now the state government is exploring the possibility of reaching out to fishermen through the medium wave transmission of the All India Radio. The state disaster management authority in association with the Coast Guard and AIR conducted a feasibility survey in the sea to check whether the medium wave signal of AIR is available …

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World Music Radio 15805 kHz

Very good conditions today Saturday on 15 MHz: World Music Radio (WMR) was audible for a good part of the day on 15805 kHz presumably in the whole of the eastern and southern part of European Russia, good signal strength noted on remote Kiwi SDR receivers in Romania, Greece, Italy, Spain and Portugal. Very strong signals in Iceland for most …

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BBC reveals details of 5G broadcast radio trial

The BBC has confirmed it will pioneer live radio broadcasts over 5G mobile networks in the first public trial of its kind. As reported first by a516digital last March, the 5G trial is one of six testbeds announced by the DCMS. The broascaster says the trial in Stronsay, Orkney, could help it reach more people in rural areas in the …

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Radio Menschen & Geschichten in DRM

Radio. Menschen & Geschichten will be on air this sunday, february 24, in both AM and DRM: 0900-1000 UTC online live streaming 1800-1900 UTC in AM on 5830 kHz and 1930-2030 UTC in DRM on 5830 kHz

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Radio: not fading away

We are living in a golden age of radio. Don’t take my word for it, Radio Joint Audience Research, or RAJAR, the industry body that collates audience figures, tells us that 90 per cent of the adult population of the United Kingdom listens to the radio every week. That’s just under 50 million of us tuning in, without fail, every …

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CNR-1 Jammer vs Sound of Hope Xi Wang Zhi Sheng in 10MHz, Feb.19 / 20

3 CNR1 jammer heard remotedly in Brisbane Queensland, and in Hiroshima/Tokyo Japan at 00.20 to 00.40 UT on Febr 20. CHINA 10820even CNR1 jammer, in Queensland only S=5 or -102 dBm, 30 kHz wideband audio block, S=9+20dB in Hiroshima and Tokyo remote SDR units. At 00.20 UT. Similar CNR1 jamming stn bcast on 11150even at 00.31 UT. 11500.012 odd fq …

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Wolfgang Bueschel: about IBB BBG Udon Thani site

It was a surprise in this Dec / January 2019 when measured the IBB BBG Udorn Thani eastern Thailand relay fq channels, someone of the Thai technicians had started an action and UDO frequencies were aligned nearly to x.000 even accurate, after some odd fq difference of mostly minus 60-90 Hertz ore more traced on this Udorn Thani site, in …

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BBC for elections in Nigeria

Extra BBCWS English broadcasts to Nigeria – presumably due to the elections in Nigeria, in addition to the usual Hausa frequencies, there will be BBC World Service in English for Nigeria this week: 0600-0630 17830kHz 0700-1400 17780kHz 1430-1700 17780kHz 1700-1930 15695kHz 2000-2230 11660kHz.

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