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Caroline North live from Ross Revenge

Radio Caroline is now live from the Ross Revenge all weekend on Radio Caroline North with Manx Radio on 1368 and 648 kHz and in streaming on

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World Music Radio on air this weekend

World Music Radio is transmitting on 15805 kHz this weekend – continuously from now (Saturday morning 07 UTC) until Sunday January 20th at 20 UTC. The power is 200 W and reception reports are welcome to: and World Music Radio, PO Box 112, DK-8920 Randers SØ, Denmark. In particular it should be interesting to notice if someone can pick …

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Will ABC shortwave broadcasts really be restored?

PERTH, Australia — In response to the article Opposition Will Restore Shuttered ABC Shortwave Broadcasts, the CEO and board chairperson who made the decision to switch-off the last remaining domestic and international shortwave broadcasts are now no longer with the ABC. They claimed a lack of listeners and use of obsolete technology. They did not promote the shortwave service, consult …

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AIR Kurseong 4895 khz reactivated

I contacted AIR Kurseong just now and the info is that they are back on SW from January 1, 2019 after being off air (on SW) for some months. Currently they are on air for the morning transmission only on 4895 at 0055-0400 (Sat Sun 0430). After about 10 days they will be on in the evening hours also on …

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World Radio Day 2019: “Radio: Dialogue, Tolerance and Peace”

Stay tuned for more information on World Radio Day 2019. We’re coming to you with exciting interviews, live videos, a new jingle and a host of other exciting things, as we look to celebrate the impact of radio in pursuing of a more peaceful and tolerant world.

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1950 US funded offshore radio project to beam propaganda to Albania

Richard Cummings’ excellent ColdWarRadio blogspot, mostly about Radio Free Europe/Liberty, has two recent posts about a US government funded offshore radio project to beam propaganda into Albania in 1950. A boat was bought and test transmissions made: Part One:  Part Two, how it all went wrong The CIA documentation associated with project BGSPEED and used in the blog …

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SDXF special World Radio Day 2019 broadcast

SDXF – Sveriges DX-Förbund on february 13th, UNESCO World Radio Day since 2012, will have a speciale broadcast 0800-0900 UTC and 1300-1400 UTC on 7440 kHz.  World Radio Day 2019 has the theme Dialogue, Tolerance and Peace More information about this years event in the next days on official World Radio Day website

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Radio Nigeria Kaduna on shortwave, some information

A neglected Nigerian radio station is finally filling an information vacuum thanks to a shortwave transmitter site in France. The Federal Radio Corp. of Nigeria (FRCN) station in Kaduna is part of the country’s publicly funded domestic network. FRCN Kaduna has traditionally provided coverage not only to Kaduna State but to much of northern Nigeria. The station faces many problems …

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Atlantic 2000 International on “strange” 833 khz

Samedi 12 janvier à 09:00 et 20:00 UTC sur 833 kHz et en streaming, rediffusion dimanche 13 janvier aux mêmes horaires

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Russia has updated its system of time-shifted broadcasts inherited from the Soviet era

The national radio and TV channels used to broadcast a Moscow version for European Russia and four additional time-shifted versions for areas further east. So, five different versions in total (it was a total of four versions until the late 1970s or early 80s). But as Russia has 11 time zones this meant that each time-shifted version had to cover …

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Gli olandesi non perdono tempo, giù i tralicci di Zeewolde

Ad una manciata di ore dalla fine delle trasmissioni in onde medie di Groot Nieuws Radio sui 1008 khz, Al quarto tentativo, dopo i tre falliti nella mattinata, i due tralicci di Zeewolde sono stati abbattuti nel pomeriggio di mercoledì 9 dicembre. A partire dall’inizio degli anni ’80 del secolo scorso avevano veicolato le trasmissioni di Radio 1 e Radio 5 …

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For wider reach, AIR news to be shared with FM radios

Public broadcaster Prasar Bharati will soon share news bulletins from All India Radio (AIR) with private FM channels free of cost, but with conditions, on a trial basis said an official aware of the developments. The conditions will involve FM channels not altering news content, not playing commercials in between, the channels can’t carry other news and current affairs programs …

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