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Sostegno dellla Piattaforma in Difesa dell’Onda Corta della Radio Exterior di Spagna

Desde la Plataforma en Defensa de la Onda Corta de Radio Exterior de España os pedimos vuestro apoyo. Para ello, simplemente necesitamos que contestéis a este correo (con copia a ) manifestando que apoyáis nuestro esfuerzo por conseguir que repongan la emisión en onda corta de REE y que compartáis con todos vuestros colaboradores, asociados, cooperantes y voluntarios el …

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GR RAI Regione delle 18:30

Questi i rapporti dalla mia postazione delle ricezioni delle edizioni regionali del GR RAI delle ore 18:30 locali: 657 Pisa Coltano – Ottimo 900 Milano Siziano – Ottimo 936 Venezia Campalto – Ottimo 981 Trieste Monte Radio – X 999 Torino Volpiano – Buono 1062 Ancona Montagnolo – X 1062 Cagliari Decimoputzu – Ottimo 1062 Catania Codavolpe – X 1107 …

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Radio Gloria & HLR Relays

Radio Gloria & HLR Relays on 26th Oct: 07.00 – 09.00 UTC on 726509.00 – 11.00 UTC on 9485The broadcast via 6005 and 7310  Internet:16-18  (17-19) or   HLR: 12.00 – 16.00 UTC on 9485 KHz   Hamburger Lokalradio Winter Schedule Relays: Wintersendeplan HLR – Kurzwelle (ab 26.10.2014) Sendestelle Göhren bei Schwerin Sendeleistung 1kW Dreiband-DipolAnschrift: Hamburger Lokalradio Kulturzentrum LOLA 21031 …

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VOA Radiogram, Oct 25-26: shortwave in the news

VOA Radiogram this weekend includes news about shortwave initiatives, and about undersea microbes that eat methane. Details: Most of the show is in MFSK32.  Patch the audio from your radio to your PC, and use Fldigi from to decode the text and images. You’ll be amazed at what a 50-year-old shortwave broadcast transmitter can do. If shortwave reception …

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COMPLETO ESQUEMA MUNDIAL B 14 EM IDIOMA PORTUGUES NAS ONDAS TROPICAIS E  ONDAS CURTAS Daniel Wyllyans Nova Xavantina MT 4950 khz Radio Nacional Angola 24 h com 25 kwats ARGENTINA Emite uma hora em portugues de 1200 as 1300 utc nos 15.345 khz ,Porem não esta Listada no HFCC e 6.060 khz e 11.711v  khz costuma estar fora do ar. …

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Glenn Hauser logs October 17-18, 2014

** BERMUDA [non]. 7268-LSB, Oct 18 at 0535, Hurricane Watch Net by NCS N4NVI, a “directed net“ with calls approximately once a minute for any weather info to be relayed to National Hurricane Center, from Bermuda, where Hurricane Gonzalo has just hit. Never hear any replies from VP9, where 2/3 of the island is reported powerless; 0542 finally a call …

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European Music Radio Relay on 19th October 2014

07.00 to 08.00 UTC  (Gohren) on 7265 KHz  Tom & Mike Taylor 08.00 to 09.00 UTC  (Gohren) on 9485 KHz  Tom & Mike Taylor Please send all E.M.R. reports to:  Thank you!   EMR Internet repeats on Sunday and Monday:     Programme repeats are at the following times: 07.00, 12.00, 16.00, 19.00 UTC Please visit and click on the “EMR internet radio” button which you will find throughout the website (see the menu …

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25° Meeting Internazionale di Scambio adesivi Radio TV nazionali e internazionali

Si celebra quest’anno il venticinquennale del Meeting Internazionale di Scambio adesivi Radio TV nazionali e internazionali, che si terrà sabato 6 dicembre 2014 (ore 10.00 -13.00 / 15.00 – 18.30) e domenica 7 dicembre 2014 (ore 10.00 -13.00) a Colle Val d’Elsa. Non è ancora stabilita la sede che sarà pubblicata, appena disponibile, sul sito internet

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WRTH 2015 available in early december

WRTH 2015 will be published, as usual, in early December. This will be the 69th Annual edition! Even though both International and Domestic SW is declining there is still a lot to be heard out there on those broadcast bands, so don’t consign the SW receiver to the attic (to gather dust) just yet. There is a mix of over …

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Reports on DRM transmissions required by AIR Bengaluru

AIR Bengaluru is interested in receiving reports of their following DRM Transmissions:   2045-2230 11620 English to Australia/NZ 2245-0045  13605 English E SE NE Asia   Reports to:   Copy to:   Jose Jacob, VU2JOS National Institute of Amateur Radio Hyderabad, India   Mobile: +91 94416 96043

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Grimeton Radio/SAQ extra transmission

There will hopefully be a transmission with the Alexanderson alternator on 17,2 kHz on “United Nations Day” October 24, 2014 at 10:00 UTC. Start up and tuning from about 11:30 UTC. There will be a message written by students in Denmark. We are not hundred percent sure we have access to the antenna this day because of other organization using …

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RTÉ postpones closure of long wave radio service

RTÉ is postponing the closure of its long wave radio transmitter, the Managing Director of RTÉ Radio has told the Joint Committee on Transport and Communications. Jim Jennings said what was evident was that more time was needed to engage with groups affected. The closure has been postponed to 19 January 2015. RTÉ had previously announced that it would be …

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