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VOA Radiogram, Dec 6-7: Internet freedom, etc.

On VOA Radiogram, December 6 and 7, the following VOA News stories will be transmitted in MFSK32, each accompanied by an MFSK32 image: Freedom House issues its “Freedom On The Net 2014” report A sample of earth’s most abundant mineral is finally found — in a meteorite. An exhibition of Navajo jewelry in New York Patch the audio from your …

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IBB Greenville testing new audio processor

The IBB transmitting station near Greenville, North Carolina, has installed and is evaluating a new Orban model 9300 Digital Optimod-AM audio processor (“delivers louder, cleaner, brighter, FM-like audio with an open, fatigue-free quality that attracts listeners and holds them”). Greenville “would be very interested in any listener comments regarding fidelity and the ability to overcome less than ideal propagation while …

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RMRC Shortwave broadcasts in December 2014 about the EDXC’14 Conference

RMRC Shortwave broadcasts in December 2014 about the EDXC’14 Conference The Rhein-Main Radio Club ( RMRC ) of Frankfurt, Germany, plans to broadcast a one-hour program in English about the EDXC 2014 Conference held in September in Nice , France.   There will be three separate transmissions: to Japan and Asia from Sitkunai ,Lithuania on 13. December at 2100 UTC on …

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WRTH 2015 available

For full details and to order a copy please visit website at where you can also order the B14 WRTH Bargraph Frequency Guide on CD and as a download.

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KJES no more on shortwave

KJES started as a shortwave radio station back in 1992, and we broadcasted the Word of God for 22 years using shortwave. With the advent of new technologies and the increased shortage of skilled engineers needed to keep us up and running, we have now switched over to web streaming.

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STF Radio International Broadcast #2 Plaintext Announcement

November 30 0500-0600 UTC 5110 / 7490 / 7570 / 7730 / 9330 The Americas 9955 The Carribean 17645 Asia Preshow Warm-up!! November 30 0400-0500 UTC 7730 Khz The Americas PLUS! Rebroadcast for EU November 30, 2014 1600-1700 UTC 6095 kHz EU “I can see the radio wave.”

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Greenland is back on MW!

KNR heard on 650 kHz 27.11.14 at 0345Z. (Jorma Mäntylä, Finland via mwdx)

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First anniversary of WRMI’s transmission from Okeechobee

This coming Sunday, November 30 will mark the first anniversary of WRMI’s transmission from the Okeechobee transmitter site….We invite everyone who is interested to join us for an Open House on Sunday, Nov. 30 from 10:30 am-2:00 pm Eastern Time. We’ll have brunch and we’ll provide tours of the site. You can find us at 10400 NW 240th Street, Okeechobee, …

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La personalità del 2014 a Radio Romania Internazionale

Radio Romania Internazionale continua il tradizionale sondaggio rivolto ai suoi ascoltatori e utenti Internet, ma anche ai suoi amici sui social media, invitandovi a valutare quali delle personalità del presente hanno segnato di più, in senso positivo, l’andamento dell’umanità nell’anno che sta per concludersi. In base alle vostre opzioni la nostra emittente nominerà “La personalità del 2014 a RRI”.   …

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KTWR test on 25 & 26 Nov

KTWR testing 200 KW analog 25 & 26 Nov 1500-1515 UTC 11580 KHz. Reports to Test was also scheduled on 24th, already over. (via Alokesh Gupta, New Delhi)

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European Music Radio Internet repeats 2014 & 1979

European Music Radio via Jukebox: Sunday 23.11.2014 20:00-21:00 UTC European Music Radio (November 2014) 21:00-22:00 UTC European Music Radio (March 1979) Monday 24.11.2014 19:00-20:00 UTC European Music Radio (November 2014) 20:00-21:00 UTC European Music Radio (March 1979) Friday 28.11.2014 17:00-18:00 UTC European Music Radio (November 2014) 18:00-19:00 UTC European Music Radio (March 1979) Good Listening! 73s Tom

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Test Broadcast on 9465 Now – Can You Hear It

Beginning at 0000 UTC November 22 on 9465 kHz and running for 24 hours we will be testing a European based transmitter.  Let us know if you can hear it and how well you can hear it.  Reception reports to Thanks, The Global 24 Team ============================================== Shortwave News & Entertainment. Broadcasting 24 Hours a Day Our mailing address is: …

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