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BBC Monitoring: MPs raise fears over service’s future

BBC Monitoring, the UK service that translates and analyses global media, is in danger of becoming a “hollow shell”, MPs have warned. The government has moved responsibility for its funding to the BBC, which the Defence Committee said had “entirely predictably” led to cuts. It added that BBC Monitoring was “vital” to diplomacy and business. The BBC said it was …

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Vatican Radio special Christmas broadcasts

from Santa Maria di Galeria: Saturday 24 December 2016 1600-1652 Mass in Chinese 5975 7200 kHz 2025-2230 Portuguese 11625 kHz Angola and Mozambique French 6080 kHz West Africa English 7275 kHz Central Africa Chinese 6185 kHz China Sunday 25 December 2016 1055-1130 Portuguese 21560 kHz Angola and Mozambique French 17520 kHz West Africa English 15570 kHz Central Africa Live audio …

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Relays of the coming two weeks via Shortwaveservice

Relays of the coming two weeks via Shortwaveservice 25.12 0900-1000 UTC 06045 kHz Nauen    233° (Europa)       Radio. Menschen & Geschichten 25.12 1000-1100 UTC 11690 kHz Noratus  078° (Asien)        SM Radio International 25.12 1200-1300 UTC 17695 kHz Noratus  100° (Australien)   SM Radio International 25.12 1800-1900 UTC 06145 kHz Noratus  305° (Europa)       SM Radio International 25.12 1900-2100 UTC 06145 kHz Noratus  305° …

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Grimeton Radio/SAQ Transmission on Christmas Eve, December 24, 2016

We are now planning for the traditional transmission with the Alexanderson 200 kW alternator on VLF 17.2 kHz on the morning of Christmas Eve, Thursday, December 24. The message transmission will take place at 08:00 UTC and the transmitter will be tuned up from around 07:30 UTC. Since the plant is old, there is always the risk that the transmission will be cancelled …

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WTWW – competition

Blow the dust off of those classic radios and get them out of the closet or attic and Tune In to WTWW, for Bing Crosby, Mantovani, Dean Martin, Burl Ives, Mannheim Steamroller and many more. There is nothing like the sound of Christmas music coming out of the speaker of a classic shortwave radio. And as you are listening for …

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Extension of regional SW transmission of NE Services from AIR Shillo

Extension of Regional SW transmission of NE Services from AIR Shillong on 4970 kHz With effect from 15th Dec’16 evening transmission of North East Service on 50 kW regional SW Transmitter of All India Radio, Shillong will be extended on 4970 kHz till 2310 IST (1740 UTC). Revised schedule : 0025-0400 UTC on 4970 kHz 1056-1740 UTC on 4970 khz …

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Relay up Dates!

     European Music Radio 40th Birthday Transmissions this Weekend!                                        European Music Radio – email:     Relay & TX Power     Transmitter Site  Frequency    Date  Time (UTC)    Transmitting to:    WBCQ –   50 KW Monticello Maine, USA  7490 KHz  17th Dec  22.00 – 23.00 Central & North America    KBC    –  100 KW   Nauen, Germany  9475 KHz …

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PCJ Radio International end to North America

Last ever PCJ Radio International program on shortwave for North America coming December 31, 2016, PCJ Radio International Asia will continue as normal.

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Sri Lanka celebrates 91 years of completion in radio broadcasting

Sri Lanka marks the 91 years of completion in radio broadcasting tomorrow. Sri Lanka commenced the radio broadcasting in 16th December 1925 under the patronage of then British Governor Sir Hu Clifford. Sri Lanka was the first country in the Asian region to start the radio broadcasting under the British rule. Thereafter Sri Lanka broadcasting service commenced under the supervision …

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Relays this weekend

                                        Hamurger Lokal Radio – email:     Relay & TX Power    Transmitter Site   Frequency     Date   Time (UTC)      Transmitting to: SW Station Göhren 1KW    Göhren, Germany   6190 KHz  Saturdays   07.00 – 11.00      Western Europe SW Station Göhren 1KW    Göhren, Germany   7265 KHz  Saturdays   11.00 – 16.00      Western Europe SW Station …

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ABC’s decision to end shortwave radio service ‘could be life threatening’ ranger says

The ABC announced this week its three HF shortwave radio transmitters at Katherine, Tennant Creek and Roe Creek (Alice Springs), would be switched off on January 31, 2017. ABC Radio will continue to broadcast on FM and AM bands, via the viewer access satellite television (VAST) service, streaming online and via the mobile phone application. Mark Crocombe from the Thamarrurr …

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Radio Caroline wants 1kW to cover East Anglia

Radio Caroline has asked Ofcom for permission to crank up a 1 kilowatt transmitter as part of its community radio application. Most community radio stations operate at around 50 watts, covering an area of around 5 kilometres, but Caroline boss Peter Moore has requested no less than 1000 watts to reach its community of interest base across East Anglia. It …

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