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UBMP (Uncle Bill’s Melting Pot) Holiday Specials

In addition to its regularly- scheduled programming, UBMP (Uncle Bill’s Melting Pot), a program that presents music from around the world along with a little comedy now and then, will be presenting the following hour-long holiday specials for the Americas in December: 1. Uncle Bill’s X-Mess Special, featuring Christmas music from around the planet, unusual holiday customs, a laugh or …

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One of five TX units at Emirler is out odd frequency

One of five TX units at Emirler is out odd fq about 681 – 686 Hertz upper side flank. re 11815 kHz, some 7 (seven) Hertz distance apart between NHK R Japan and TRT Emirler bcast, today Nov 28. check Nov 28 0930-1055 UT 11795 EMR 250 kW 100 deg to WeAS Persian 11795.686 1000-1255 UT 15350 EMR 500 kW …

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First short wave trans-Atlantic contact made 95 years ago

It was on the night of 27th November 1923 that the first Trans-Atlantic short wave radio contact was made. It took place between radio hams: Leon Deloy (8AB) in France and Fred Schnell (U1MO) in the USA. This first short wave Trans-Atlantic contact represented the culmination of many tests and attempts to hear and then make contacts across the Atlantic. …

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Trump suggests creating U.S. ‘worldwide network’ to compete with CNN

President Donald Trump on Monday suggested the United States should create a “worldwide network” to combat the “unfair” way the country is treated by the media, saying CNN doesn’t have enough competition overseas. “Throughout the world, CNN has a powerful voice portraying the United States in an unfair….” the president tweeted. “….and false way. Something has to be done, including …

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Dopo il fulmine che ha colpito il sito, riattivato il trasmettitore maltese su 999 khz

Dopo i monitoraggi che testimoniavano finalmente una buona resa del trasmettitore, questa la conferma che arriva da Malta, “We have recently had some problems with the transmitter, due to a lightning strike, and since we were off the air, we decided to do a more in-depth refurbishment on the transmitter. We are now running at 5kW.” Il trasmettitore maltese alla …

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News from Japan

JAPAN Special shortwave transmission of NHK World Japan to India According to Mr.Tohru Yamashita of Asian Broadcasting Institute, there will be the special shortwave transmission of NHK World Japan to India on December 7 at 0330-0500 UT on 13780 kHz, in Hindi, Bengali, Urdu. The special transmission forms a part of Japan–India friendship campaign called “Influential India”, and will be …

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BBC Berkshire last to leave Caversham Park

The BBC has left one of its historic homes 75 years since staff first occupied the site during World War Two. Caversham Park once housed BBC Monitoring, a service which listens to and summarises news from 150 countries. It moved to the stately home in 1943 when it tapped Nazi communications, before it expanded and reported on some of the most seismic …

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Test broadcasting TWR

From November 26 to November 29, TWR conducts testing of the broadcast at a frequency of 1377 kHz, time 15.50 – 16.20 UTC. The program will be recorded in the air in Russian “Through the pages of the Bible” or “Book of Books” with inserts of the call signs TWR. The orientation is Central Asia, Altai, the southern part of …

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Labor commits $2million to resurrect ABC Australia shortwave radio

If elected next year, Federal Labor says it will provide the ABC with $2 million in funding to help re-establish shortwave radio services across the Northern Territory. The ABC controversially switched off its shortwave service in January 2017, and defended the decision by saying it would “only affect a very, very small amount of people” and save taxpayers up to …

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Rhein-Main-Radio-Club calendar 2019

Now here is the new QSL-Calendar 2019. (att titel 2019) You can order now. You know since more than ten years ADDX and RMRC publish the famous QSL-Calendar with rare and decorative qsl-cards from radio stations all over of the world If you want to get some of this fine art QSL-calendar for your DX-club until New Years Eve, order …

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Channel 292 off-air 3-9 december

Channel 292 will be off air both 6070 and 7440 kHz from 3 to 9 December

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Nov 19 morning SHORT report, from Greece, Germany, Belgium, U.K., NJ, NY, MI states, Alberta-CAN too, 0615 to 07.15 UT

Full report to be issued later that day. 7254.939 NIG VoNigeria Abuja, Hausa 06.15 UT, English at 0734 UT. 7335even F__ R Nigeria Kaduna, TDF ISS relay Hausa 0618 UT. 7504.993 USA WRNO En 06.28 UT, Chinese from 07.00 UT. 5960v KWT R Kuwait not on air this Nov 19, 0620 UT. 5960even ASC instead Ndarason Internat WeAF 6000even CUB …

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