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Risultati consultazione AGCOM sull’uso delle onde medie in Italia

E’ stata pubblicata la relazione dell’AGCOM sulla consultazione pubblica sull’uso futuro delle onde medie in Italia. I soggetti interessati sono stati quasi un centinaio, segno forse che anche in Italia l’interesse per il mezzo radiofonico non è ancora morto. Certo che non è che domani ci ritroviamo la banda delle onde medie piena di stazioni italiane, ma di sicuro non …

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Hamburger Lokalradio Transmissions

GERMANY.  Hamburger Lokalradio extends its transmission hours on shortwave over the festive season. The schedule for the coming days will be as follows. All transmissions will be conducted from the low-power transmitting station in Göhren, Germany. Tuesday, December 24th 2013 0700 – 1300 UTC, 6190 kHz, German 1300 – 1600 UTC, 7265 kHz, German Wednesday, December 25th 2013 0700 – …

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Happy Station Show december 22-29

The two special editions of Happy Station Show for December 22nd and the live show on the 29th are being expanded. Time: 1330 to 1430UTC Europe: 5995khz Southeast/East Asia: 9335khz North America: 11880khz Also waiting for a confirmation from Radio Australia. They might let us use 9475khz from Shepperton to reach the Pacific. But this has not been confirmed yet. …

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ELWA 4760 reactivated

4760   ELWA   Surprised to find a signal here with M preaching with the mic positioned in the back of the room at 0704 t/in.  At 0705 preaching ended and the studio M came on in Afro-accented English and mentioned “beautiful celebration”, and then at 0708:40 was shocked to hear ELWA IDs clearly and somewhat slowly!!  Then went into Hi-life music.  …

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Relays from HLR, R City, R Gloria & R Geronimo

Every Saturday and Wednesday the programs of HLR: 06 – 09 UTC, program in Spanish, English, German on 7265 KHz 09 – 12 UTC, program in German on 6190 KHz 12 – 16 UTC,program in German, Spanish, English on 7265 KHz 13 – 14 UTC Radio City Programme on 7265 KHz (4th Saturday only)       Radio Gloria Sunday …

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News Channel 292

Dear friends of shortwave radio, something is happening on 6070 kHz. Last Sunday the tests of our new stand-by transmitter between 9 and 10 UTC were successful. This weekend we will try to run the transmitter for the first time with regular programming. We hope, during nighttime, too; this should make reception possible in the U.S. For this transmission we …

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PCJ Radio christmas extended schedule

December 22, 2013 Europe: 5995khz  (Germany) Southeast/East Asia: 9335khz (Sri Lanka) North America: 11880khz (USA) December 29, 2013 (live transmission) Europe: 5995khz  (Germany) Southeast/East Asia 9335khz (Sri Lanka) North America: 11880khz (USA)  

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The Swedish DX Federation

The Swedish DX Federation will have three broadcasts on mediumwave and shortwave in early 2014 as follows:   Sunday 5 January at 1800-1900 UTC on 1485 kHz (Radio Merkurs, Latvia) Saturday 11 January at 1200-1300 UTC on 7265 kHz (Hamburger Lokalradio) Sunday 9 February at 1800-1900 UTC on 1485 kHz (Radio Merkurs) Saturday 15 February at 1200-1300 UTC on 7265 …

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Galei Zahal ha abbandonato le onde corte

A conferma di quanto detto stamattina a Studio DX, vi confermo che Galei Zahal ha abbandonato le onde corte, i 15850 e i 6885 kHz sono muti ormai da settimane e l’email ricevuta da Alan Holder e pubblicata da Glenn Hauser sulla sua mailing list ne spiega i motivi: On Sunday, 15 December 2013, 8:11, <> wrote: Dear Mr. Holder, Thank you …

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SAQ transmission on Christmas Eve

There will be a transmission with the Alexanderson 200 kW alternator on VLF 17.2 kHz from Grimeton Radio/SAQ on Christmas Eve, Tuesday, December 24th, 2013. The message transmission will take place at 08:00 UTC.The transmitter will be tuned up from around 07:30 UTC. There will be no activity on amateur radio frequencies with the call SK6SAQ this time. The radio …

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The Mighty KBC

The Wolf is also back on 6095AM … 5 weeks long. Our schedule for: Saturday 21 & 28 December 2013 Saturday 4, 11 & 18 January 2014 09.00 – 11.00 Emperor Rosko 11.00 – 12.00 Dave Mason 12.00 – 14.00 Wolfman Jack 14.00 – 16.00 Mike Marwick All times in UTC After January 18 we go back to our normal …

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Monitoring Request from WRMI

As you may know, WRMI has just moved its transmitter site from Miami to Okeechobee, Florida, to the old WYFR transmitter site.  We are currently transmitting two hours per day from 2000-2200 UTC on 15440 kHz at 44 degrees to Europe.  We would be very interested to know if the signal is making it into Europe at that hour, or …

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