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Ondamedia BROADCAST cambia frequenza

Ondamedia BROADCAST, Servizi per la Radiofonia.   Attenzione! Informiamo gli ascoltatori che, per ottemperare alle previsioni del piano di assegnazione frequenze denominato GE75, a partire dal prossimo 31 Gennaio le nostre trasmissioni saranno effettuate sulla nuova frequenza di 1548 kHz. Invitiamo pertanto i nostri ascoltatori a sintonizzare i loro apparecchi sulla nuova frequenza di 1548 kHz, a partire dal prossimo 31 Gennaio.   Vi aspettiamo!

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PCJ Testing to North America on Shortwave

The Worldwide Listening Guide January 6, 2014 Dear Friends, As you might be aware on December we did our first global live transmission. Now that we have access to more power in terms of kilowatts in the US via the Okeechobee relay in Florida USA we want to collect date on how many listeners we can get for this region. …

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PCJ Radio transmissions to North America

Just want to announce that January 11th and 12th there will be two transmissions to North America. January 11 2014 from 1330 to 1430UTC FREQUENCY: 11880kHz Target: North America… Schedule: 1330 UTC – Focus Asia Pacific (PCJ’s flagship current affairs program) 1345 UTC – Media Network Plus 1415 UTC – Switzerland In Sound with Bob Zanotti January 12 2014 from …

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MV Baltic Radio update

Due to Technical Problems MV Baltic Radio will not be on the air this morning. MVBR hopes to be back to the normal schedule next week. All the best 73s Tom

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PCJ Radio live tomorrow

Because of the success we had doing our first LIVE transmission of Happy Station last Sunday. January 5th following Focus Asia Pacific with Andy Sennitt we will be doing the program live again. For this Sunday January 5 our frequencies will be 9335khz to South East/East Asia and 11880khz to North America. (via Keith Perron)

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HLR & MVBR this Weekend

HLR-Saturday  0600 – 0700 UTC, 7265 kHz, Spanish  0700 – 0800 UTC, 7265 kHz, English (incl. World of Radio at 0730 UTC)  0800 – 0900 UTC, 7265 kHz, German  0900 – 1200 UTC, 6190 kHz, German  1200 – 1400 UTC, 7265 kHz, German  1400 – 1500 UTC, 7265 kHz, Spanish  1500 – 1600 UTC, 7265 kHz, English (incl. World of …

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WRMI Monitoring Request

We are doing a broadcast on 7730 kHz from 1800-2200 UTC daily.  I’m interested to hear what reception is like in Eastern North America during those hours.  Any listener observations will be much appreciated.Jeff White WRMI Radio Miami International 175 Fontainebleau Blvd., Suite 1N4 Miami, Florida 33172 USA Tel +1-305-559-9764 Fax +1-305-559-8186 E-mail:

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Hamburger Lokalradio & Radio City Relays

Hamburger Lokalradio Transmissions Wednesday, January 1st 2014 0700 – 1300 UTC, 6190 kHz, German 1300 – 1600 UTC, 7265 kHz, German All reception reports for these broadcasts will be confirmed with a special printed QSL card. Hamburger Lokalradio is a non-profit station, return postage (e.g. 1 US-Dollar) is highly appreciated. Postal address: Hamburger Lokalradio, c/o Kulturzentrum LOLA, 21031 Hamburg, Germany. Radio City …

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Oromo Voice Radio to start 1 January 2014.

This Ethiopian clandestine will start shortwave operation on 17850 kHz at 1600 UT on 1 January 2014, with programming in Afaan Oromo and English. Further info with YouTube video at and on the broadcaster’s own website at   David Kernick, Interval Signals Online (via dxld yg)

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Christmas Special Programme from HCJB Germany

This year there will be transmitted a few special programs over the Christmas holidays in our programming at Radio HCJB Germany . Horst Wiese has created a 60 minute special with many impressions about Christmas in the UK and Scotland (His and his families location). The show will be broadcasted on the usual waves and media on the 25. and …

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Hamburger Lokalradio: SW specials over festive season

** GERMANY. Hamburger Lokalradio extends its transmission hours on shortwave over the festive season. The schedule for the coming days will be as follows. All transmissions will be conducted from the low-power transmitting station in Göhren, Germany. Tuesday, December 24th 2013 0700 – 1300 UTC, 6190 kHz, German 1300 – 1600 UTC, 7265 kHz, German Wednesday, December 25th 2013 0700 …

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Risultati consultazione AGCOM sull’uso delle onde medie in Italia

E’ stata pubblicata la relazione dell’AGCOM sulla consultazione pubblica sull’uso futuro delle onde medie in Italia. I soggetti interessati sono stati quasi un centinaio, segno forse che anche in Italia l’interesse per il mezzo radiofonico non è ancora morto. Certo che non è che domani ci ritroviamo la banda delle onde medie piena di stazioni italiane, ma di sicuro non …

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