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1602 and 747 from the Netherlands

The 1-kW transmitter on 1602 in Harlingen, Friesland (page 296 of WRTH 2018) is now relaying Cyber Gold Radio (rather than KBC) at 0500-1700 GMT. According to Cyber Gold’s website, this relay began on 1 July: Reception in Sheringham, north Norfolk, is weak-fair but very clear on ordinary portables. It’s a 175-mile all-sea path from Harlingen to Sheringham. 1602 …

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Russia, Ukraine Battle For Crimean Airwaves

  Since Russia’s seizure of Crimea from Ukraine in 2014, it has sought to control all aspects of life on the peninsula, including its airwaves. Russian transmissions are jamming frequencies broadcast from the Ukrainian mainland, while Kyiv fights back with new and upgraded radio towers.

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New temporary station on 1593 kHz from 27 August in Sweden

My station ”Asfalttelegrafen” or ”Asphalttelegraph” in English got license from MPRT (Myndigheten for press, radio och TV) and PTS (Post and Telecom Agency) to broadcast rock radio on 1593 kHz with 200 watt ERP from Boraas City, South Sweden. I wait on a delivery on a sound compressor. I have done some hours of tests broadcast and today I finished …

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Algerie: TDA fidèle aux ondes courtes, moyennes et longues

Développement tout azimut pour TDA Télédiffusion d’Algérie: Dans le développement du numérique en radio et en TV, l’organisme mise aussi sur la DRM Digital Radio Mondiale en AM sur O.C. O.M et G.O. Au lendemain de l’indépendance. L’Algérie disposait en radiodiffusion de deux émetteurs en Ondes Moyennes de 100KW et un émetteur Ondes Moyennes de 20KW à Alger. Un émetteur …

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TWR Guam test today

TWR Guam will be testing today to India on 9430 kHz between 1215-1230

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Antonio Buitrago, nuevo director de Radio Exterior de España

El periodista Antonio Buitrago, director del espacio de Radio 5 Todo Noticias “Ondas de ayer”, dedicado a la radio, ha sido nombrado nuevo director de Radio Exterior de España, una de las cadenas que forman parte de Radio Nacional de España. También ejercía como redactor de uno de los programas de RNE de mayor prestigio: “Documentos”. Buitrago sustituye a Antonio …

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Free Radio AM – Radio Diffusione Europea vittima di un atto di sabotaggio

In data 22 agosto 2018 Radio Diffusione Europea è stata vittima di un atto di sabotaggio al trasmettitore dei 1584 khz. Dopo mesi passati a subire attacchi indiscriminati atti a colpire la credibilità dell’emittente da parte di operatori radiofonici illegali, ora un nuovo tentativo di far tacere una voce libera non schierata e indipendente dai poteri forti. Una voce che …

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Online petition to keep WWV / WWVH

NIST station WWV and sister stations are among the oldest radio stations in the United States, having been in continuous operation since May 1920. The station has transmitted the official US Time for nearly 100 years, and is an instrumental part in the telecommunications field, ranging from broadcasting to scientific research and education. Additionally, these stations transmit marine storm warnings …

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Radio Verdad Transmundial INFORME URGENTE

Radio Verdad Transmundial está lista para lanzarse al aire, pero tenemos unos problemas que resolver previamente: 1) La Asociación de Radiodifusoras Evangélicas de Bolivia expresaron su inconformidad, pero nos dieron la oportunidad de afiliarnos a su asociación pagando una cuota de $250 dólares. 2) La Asociación de Radiodifusoras de El Caribe, incluyendo a Cuba y Puerto Rico, también se opusieron, …

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National Radio Day

National Radio Day is a time for communities across the country to celebrate radio. The goal is to strengthen the radio ecosystem, highlighting all kinds of radio, but especially stations that focus on local service. We want to ensure that amazing noncommercial stations are included in the national conversation. From events and parties to special programming and more, there are …

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Rádio Cultura de Araraquara 3365 kHz reactivated

Rádio Cultura de Araraquara has reactivated 3365 kHz between 2100-0300

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Clandestine Radio Vltava during the Soviet-led Invasion and Occupation of Czechoslovakia, 1968-1969

A clandestine radio station usually sounds like any other broadcasting station. However “legitimate” a clandestine station might sound, however, it is “extralegal” and deceptive in its operation. Here are some key elements that distinguish a clandestine broadcaster from “ordinary” broadcasters: Clandestine broadcasters are deceptive. They often lie about their location, sponsoring government or organization, and their intentions. Programming is essentially propaganda, and may …

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