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4KZ Innisfail on 5055 kHz

NEW SHORTWAVE SERVICE: In May 2017 Radio 4KZ Innisfail in far North Queensland will commence transmission on 5055 kHz between 4pm and about 9am seven days a week. The station will run 1.5kw into an inverted V antenna and will be a full simulcast of 4KZ, 531khz It expected that the service will provide satisfactory coverage to remote areas of …

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Bye, bye Sitkūnai: On air schdedule

Nothing is as constant as the constant change. Updated schedule for “Bye, Bye Sitkunai” for this weekend: ○ 2017-04-15 from 1200-1300 via DB  9875 100 kW 125° towards Australia / New Zealand ○ 2017-04-15 from 2200-2300 via YFR 5950 100 kW 181° towards Northern America ○ 2017-04-16 from 0800-0900 via KLL 7310 001 kW 040° towards Western Europe ○ 2017-04-16 …

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Nuove frequenze VOIRI

Caro/a amico/a Le nostre programmazioni giornaliere vengono trasmesse in onde corte secondo la seguente tabella (applicabile dal 26.03.2017).    Orario (Utc)       Frequenza   19:20 – 19:50     SW: 5945KHz, 49m SW: 7235KHz, 41m   09:20 – 10:20 13:50 – 14:50 Tehran FM: 99.5MHz   06:20 – 07:20 10:50 – 11:50 Solo Eutelsat3B, Hotbird13E, sito Internet e …

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Radio Vaticana: per Pasqua spunta un’onda corta in italiano

Bandite dalla programmazione in italiano, tranne i due notiziari delle 8 e delle 14, alla Radio Vaticana c’è voluta l’atmosfera di Pasqua per aggiungere una frequenza (per l’Asia) nella nostra lingua. Coprirà le dirette del Giovedì Santo e della domenica di Pasqua che si dirigono così alla vasta comunità che parla e comprende la nostra lingua. Un segno dell’utilità delle …

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Mighty KBC changes

As of May 7, 2017 for the Sunday 0000-0200 UT the Mighty KBC  switches frequency to 9925 kHz (currently using 6145 kHz). For the Sunday, May 7, 2017 “Forgotten Song” I can let listeners know I feature Vincent Furnier. I featured Vincent on a prior “Forgotten Song”, but the May 7th feature is more in “style” with him.   (Kraig …

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Togo: Regional station Radio Kara live on the web

Former shortwave station Radio Kara, the regional outlet of government broadcaster Radiodiffusion-Television Togolaise, has its own website at It offers live audio streaming and their detailed programme guide indicates that the station is now on air round the clock. (David Kernick, Interval Signals Online via dlxd yg)

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Cambio de frecuencias de REE

Con motivo del cambio horario de verano, Radio Exterior de España cambia sus frecuencias de emisión en Onda Corta.   De lunes a viernes, entre las 18 y 22 horas, tiempo universal coordinado, Radio Exterior de España ofrecerá sus emisiones en 15.390 kilohercios para África Occidental y el Atlántico Sur. En 17.715 kilohercios para América del Sur y el Océano …

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More mystery about Brazilian shortwave station on 5970 kHz

More mystery about Brazilian shortwave station on 5970 kHz In order to clarify or know more about the Brazilian station on 5970 kHz that can be heard with fair to good signal via remote webSDR in Sao Paulo, and I have heard many times with classic music and classic songs as many identifications as: «Scala or Scalla or Cala FM» …

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Star Radio North East to cease transmission

Star Radio North East to cease transmission Darlington-based Star Radio is to close and hand its licence back to Ofcom. UKRD confirmed the move to RadioToday, with Chief Executive, William Rogers saying it was a difficult decision but needed to be made as the station wasn’t making any money. He said: “The station has struggled to deliver commercial viability for …

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First Dutch low-power 891 kHz licences awarded

The first low-power AM licences have been allocated for 891 kHz in the Netherlands by the Dutch Radiocommunications Agency. This was the frequency previously used by Radio 538 until November last year. In Arnhem (Gelderland, eastern Netherlands) the licence is for Rijnstad Radio who hope to be on air by May 1. The station is on Facebook as “Rijnstadradio”, also …

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Zehlendorf 177 mast demolished

The 177kHz mast was demolished March 25. Video and report here translates well to English, surprised how close to housing it was   This video of the demolition was recorded from the air a DJ1 Phantom 3 Pro I   (Mike Barraclough via dxld yg)

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ALBANIA – Radio Tirana via Tunein iOS App

Thanks to the services of, Radio Tirana’s English language broadcasts are still available online and as per Alan Roe’s earlier post, Klara now only announces the live web stream address (partially spelt in Albanian) with no time announced. On said website (, times for English are listed as 2200-22.30 Mon-Sat and 03.30-04.00 Tues-Sun CET (presumably now UT+2). Tunein’s RT …

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