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Finland, Time Signal Station Mikes out of air

FINLAND, 25000, Time Signal Station Mikes, Espoo. During the last months I could not be able to receive this station and thinking maybe it’s out of air, I sent an e-mail to the station’s staff and here is the reply:    “Dear Manuel: On 20 Jan. 2017 we had to turn the 25 MHz transmitter off due to disturbances it caused …

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KBS World Radio – Test Transmissions 16th/17th March

KBS World Radio English Service will carry out test transmission towards Europe from March 16 to 17 ahead of the A17 shortwave frequency adjustment. Please tune into the following frequency and send us your reception reports. Your feedback will help us greatly in choosing the best frequency option for the new season. Thank you! ————————————— Date: 16th and 17th March …

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New transmissions from AIR Kota 1413 kHz MW

During the last few days, I was observing some co channel interference on BBC 1413 kHz Medium Wave. I noted that it was the new transmission from AIR Kota. AIR Kota used to operate on 1413 kHz with 20 kW only on daytimes and with 1 kW on 1584 kHz in mornings/evenings/night.When I contacted AIR Kota, I was told that …

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RTÉ has agreed to continue its longwave 252 service in the UK until the end of June 2019

After that, RTÉ hopes Radio 1 will gain approval from UK authorities to launch via a chain of small broadcast networks which cover main urban centres. Currently, a broadcaster has to be based in the UK to obtain an Ofcom licence. RTÉ says using the DAB+ platform will be considerably less (approx one fifth) than the present quarter of a …

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Bishops ask Radio Vatican to restore services to Africa

African bishops have asked Radio Vatican, the official radio of the pope, to restore shortwave transmissions to the continent, the Catholic agency Fides reported on Friday. Catholics are estimated to number more than 150 million in Africa, the poorest of all continents, and the world’s largest seminary is located in Nigeria. The Symposium of Episcopal Conferences of Africa and Madagascar …

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Zimbabwe: ZBC radios available live online

After several years of online silence, four Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation (ZBC) domestic radio services are again available on live web streams. However, some of the links on the mother site at don’t work, so here are the URLs to each microsite: Radio Zimbabwe: Power FM: National FM: S-FM: All four sites have embedded players which …

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Nuevas frecuencias de Radio Rumanía Internacional A17

Nuevas frecuencias de Radio Rumanía Internacional A partir del 26 de marzo de 2017 y hasta el 29 de octubre de 2017, las emisiones en español, por onda corta, de Radio Rumanía Internacional se pueden sintonizar de este modo: a las 19.00 horas, UTC, por 11 850 y 13 800 kilohercios, en España; a las 21.00 horas, UTC, por 13 …

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BBC World Service no longer broadcasting from Nakhon Sawan, Thailand

SWL’ing,com linked to a MalayMail online report today that BBC World Service stopped broadcasting from Nakhon Sawan, Thailand on January 1.   A France 24 report on this includes a BBC spokesperson saying they “had been able to absorb the fallout of the closed Thai station by “transmitting non-English services via shortwave from other locations”

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BBC ending shortwave transmissions from Thailand

BANGKOK — Britain’s BBC announced Wednesday it is ending its shortwave transmissions from Thailand after 20 years of operation because it failed to reach agreement with Thailand’s military government on a renewal of its operating permit. The British Broadcasting Corp. said in a statement that the transmitters have been off the air since Jan. 1 after the previous agreement expired. …

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VORW Radio International test transmission

There will be a test transmission of VORW Radio International via ShortwaveService. The transmission will take place at 1200 UTC on March 9th on the frequency of 12085 kHz. The transmitter will be a 100 kW unit via the Tashkent transmitting station in Uzbekistan and target of the broadcast will be East Asia, with a focus on Japan and the …

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From the Isle of Music, Week of March 6-11

This week, some concert music selections from the vast repertoire of composer and pianist José María Vitier and a tribute to the late, great trombonist and bandleader extraordinaire and exceptional producer Juan Pablo Torres. WBCQ, 7490 kHz, Tuesdays 0100-0200 UT (8-9 pm EST Mondays in the Americas) Channel 292, 6070 kHz, Fridays 1100-1200 UT (1200-1300 CET) and Saturdays 1200-1300 UT …

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HCJB 6050 new transmitter

ECUADOR, 6050, HCJB Pichincha on air, 0509, 05-03, Spanish, religious comments and songs. 24322. Manuel Méndez Lugo, Spain

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