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RHC-Frecuencia y programación Nov2017 a Mar2018

Frecuencias y programas de Radio habana Cuba para descargar en diferentes formatos Noviembre 2017 a Marzo 2018ñol.docñol.pdfñol.xls

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Special Atlantic 2000 broadcast this Sunday

Atlantic 2000 will be on the air this Sunday 14th of January, with a special broadcast transmitted from Red Lion in the USA via WINB. We will be on the air from 21:00 to 22:00 UTC on 9265 kHz with a power of 50 kW. Our webstream will be active at the same time : Reports to : …

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Radio Joystick today Sunday on air at 1100 UTC

AUSTRIA, 7330, Radio Joystick, The Charlie-Prince Show will be on air today Sunday at 1100 UTC, Frequenzen “Since 2013 we broadcast via Media Broadcast. The transmitters are located in the small town of Moosbrunn near Vienna, broadcasting our shows on every first Sunday of each month at 12:00 h German time with 100 kW at 7330 kHz on shortwave to …

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Vatican Radio special transmissions

6 January 2018 08:55-10:40 UTC (closing time may vary) To Africa 17500 kHz Portuguese SMG 165° 17520 kHz French SMG 214° 17530 kHz English SMG 184° 7 January 2018 08:25-10:45 UTC (closing time may vary) To Africa 17520 kHz French SMG 214° 17535 kHz English SMG 185°

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New Ampegon array antenna for WBCQ

Ampegon says it is about to deliver and install its first rotatable shortwave high-power array antenna on the North American continent. The system, which will be installed WBCQ in the United States, is designed for the transmission of shortwave signals of up to 500 kW, the high-power antenna offers different radiation patterns, an antenna gain of up to 23 dB …

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BBC: Local Medium Wave Closures

We know how much our listeners value BBC local radio – and have invested significantly in this area through our commitment to funding Local DAB expansion and adding all English Local Radio services to Freeview.  The savings from these closures will allow the BBC to continue to modernise its infrastructure in order to meet our listeners’ changing needs.   Transmitter …

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La stazione Radio Marconi in concessione per 2 anni al Comune di Pisa

Un piccolo passo avanti verso il recupero della Stazione Radio Marconi a Coltano. Nei giorni scorsi infatti è stato siglato un accordo con l’Agenzia del Demanio grazie al quale il bene è stato dato in concessione al Comune di Pisa per due anni. “A seguito dell’accordo – spiega l’assessore ai Lavori pubblici, Andrea Serfogli – l’amministrazione si è mossa con una prima …

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MSF Scheduled Maintenance Periods

The MSF 60 kHz standard-frequency and time signal, broadcast by Babcock on behalf of NPL, is occasionally taken off-air to allow maintenance work on the masts and antennas at Anthorn Radio Station to be carried out in safety. This means that your radio-controlled clock will not be picking up the MSF signal, so may not be working correctly. The dates …

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Radio Bila Hora 3381khz received in northern Germany

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Radio Bila Hora on air like every December 31 – 3381kHz

Like every December 31: Radio Bila Hora (CZE) on the air again! 3381.2kHz, power and exact location unknown. Heard before 1600. “It is a pre-recorded show presented by the former Czechoslovak pop singer Richard Adam who was very popular in the 50s and 60s. He died this year, he was 86. He prepared this show especially for Radio Bila Hora several …

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Radio Mi Amigo high power transmission today December 31 at 1800 UTC, 5845 kHz

“Radio Mi Amigo International presents a very special live broadcast. In the 1st hour you will hear our monthly magazine ‘INSIDE’ where you get all news about the station and we will answer your questions and in the 2nd hour we have the monthly magazine called ‘my radio story, my songs’. Each month a DJ from our team tells his …

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4KZ, new shortwave launches in Australia

At last, short wave radio station 4KZ is on the air at 5055 kHz from Queensland, Australia. Signal reports are coming in from New Zealand and parts of North America. Al Kirton VK4FFKZ general manager of NQ Radio, reports that transmissions started on the 20th of December and currently will be at half-power, or 500 watts, until repairs can be made of one of the …

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