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Shortwaveservice Testtransmissions coming up

We are performing the 3 following weekends some 100kW test broadcasts as following:   Sat, 14.01.2017 1200-1300UTC 9900 kHz SEAsia / Australia Sun, 15.01.2017 1200-1300UTC 9900 kHz SEAsia / Australia Sat, 21.01.2017 1200-1300UTC 9900 kHz Western Russia / CIS Sun, 22.01.2017 1200-1300UTC 9900 kHz Western Russia / CIS Sat, 28.01.2017 1500-1600UTC 6015 kHz Europe Sun, 29.01.2017 1500-1600UTC 6015 kHz Europe

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Radio Veritas Asia frequencies change

Effective 8th January 2017 Radio Veritas Asia is changing their frequencies : Bengali at 1400-1427UTC on 11840 kHz (replacing 11825 kHz) and Urdu at 1430-1457UTC on 11840kHz (replacing 15330 kHz.

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VOA celebrates 75 years on 1 February 2017

The Voice of America celebrates its 75th anniversary on February 1, 2017. In honor of this momentous occasion, we are taking you on a journey around the U.S. to showcase vibrant and exciting celebrations that take place in various diaspora communities every year. From Persian New Year celebrations in Los Angeles to the West Indian American Day Parade in New …

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Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation anniversary

Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation marks the 50th anniversary on january 5. The corporation has organized a number of programmes to mark this event during the New Year. The inaugural ceremony in this connection will be held today at the Kumarathunga studio under the patronage of President Maithripala Sirisena and Prime Minister Ranil Wickremasinghe. The newly constructed administrative building and modified …

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Vatican Radio ends 85 years of independent operations

On December 31, 2016, after more than 80 years of operation, Vatican Radio is being absorbed into the new Secretariat for Communications. The move is part of Pope Francis’ reorganization of Curial offices, and is intended to make better use of the Vatican’s limited financial resources. According to Catholic World News, broadcasting programs will continue—at least for the near-term future—but …

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Welcome to EDXC Conference 2017

The Finnish DX Association wishes you all good DX for 2017. We also have the pleasure of inviting all DXers and shortwave listeners to join the jubileum European DX Conference to be held in Tampere, Finland on 18-20 August 2017. It is time to celebrate, as this year is Finland’s centennial and The European DX Council will have its 50th …

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AFN Diego Garcia                               FM          101.9 MHz           250 W AFN Diego Garcia                               FM          99.1 MHz              250 W AFN Diego Garcia                               TV          CH 10                     200 W AFN Diego Garcia                               TV          CH 12                     200 W AFN Diego Garcia                               TV          CH 6                       200 W AFN Diego Garcia                               TV          CH 8                       200 W AFN Okinawa      …

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Bretagne 5 again on the air

Bretagne 5 is back on 1593kHz

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Voice of Korea, Pyongyang, with new website

Today (Thursday, 29 Dec 2016) Voice of Korea, Pyongyang, DPR Korea (North) have changed their website to:’English’ (Arnulf Piontek, Berlin, Germany via Bclnews)

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Capodanno in onde corte da Piazza San Pietro

Come tradizione il Santo Padre celebrerà (collegamento dalle 9.55 ora italiana) il 1° gennaio 2017 dalla Basilica di San Pietro la Santa Messa nella ricorrenza di Maria Madre di Dio, Giornata Mondiale della Pace. 5 le frequenze d’onda corta impegnate con destinazioni primarie l’Africa e il Medio Oriente. In quattro lingue il commento in onde corte. In portoghese per …

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Japan to broadcast radio program for North Korea abductees on more frequencies

The government plans to broadcast its shortwave radio program aimed at Japanese abductees in North Korea on more frequencies in the next fiscal year, Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga said. The program, “Furusato no Kaze” (“Wind from the Homeland”), is broadcast in Japanese and Korean, and includes information on Japanese policy on North Korea and the abduction issue, messages from …

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Relays Swedish DX-Federation, Italian Broadcasting Corporation

Swedish DX-Federation via Channel 292 at the following times and frequence: December 26th at 07.00 – 08.00 UTC on 6070 kHz New Year´s day, January 1st 2017 at 17.00 – 18.00 UTC on 6070 kHz January 6th 2017 at 17.00 – 18.00 UTC on 6070 kHz Reception reports are to be sent preferably by e-mail to but can  also be …

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