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IBC no more on shortwave

Con grande dispiacere annunciamo la chiusura delle nostre trasmissioni in onde corte a partire da oggi, 31 dicembre 2018. I motivi sono molteplici: da quello economico, a quello organizzativo e non ultimo anche il fatto che già da qualche settimana non riusciamo ad avere un segnale che permetta la copertura con sufficiente comprensibilità delle nostre trasmissioni in Italia. Contiamo comunque …

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HLR Special New Year’s Programmes

Sendeplan HLR – Kurzwelle – Sonderprogramm Silvester 2018 Datum UTC Frequenz Inhalt Sprache 31.12. 08.00 6190 kHz Deutschlandreise Deutsch 31.12. 09.00 6190 kHz 5o Jahre RDF in Deutschland Deutsch 31.12. 10.00 6190 kHz 5o Jahre RDF in Deutschland Deutsch 31.12. 11.00 9485 kHz Kabarett Deutsch 31.12. 12.00 9485 kHz Radio Tropical – Mundofonias Spanisch 31.12. 13.00 9485 kHz DW – …

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30 Aniversario de La Voz de las Cañas

Hoy sábado día 29 de Diciembre se cumplen 30 años de la primera emisión de La Voz de las Cañas, una emisora de Onda Corta situada cerca de Madrid y que estuvo emitiendo programación “tropical” en la banda de radiodifusión de 60 metros, frecuencia 5067,9 khz durante todo 1989 y principio de 1990.  En años anteriores se ha celebrado el …

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AIR Mumbai vagabunding transmission in Urdu at 00.25-04.30 UT

INDIA re AIR Mumbai vagabunding transmission in Urdu at 00.25-04.30 UT. Noted today a rather weak signal probably Urdu transmission on 6911.993 kHz at S=7 signal at 04.01 UT on Delhi SDR remote unit. TAJIKISTAN/UAE TWR AFRICA EXTENSION ? BAD FQ SELECTION though. Noted an 15 minute extension or special Christmas broadcast(?) by TWR Africa also in the 03.45 til …

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World Music Radio on new 15805 kHz

World Music Radio (WMR) commenced broadcasting on 15805 kHz on December 24th 2018 with a power of 200 W. Transmissions were irregular for the first couple of days, but should hopefully now be regular. The old transmitter and the simple aerial willing. Until January 6th 2019 the approx. hours of daily operation will be 0700-2000 UTC.   As from January 7th …

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AIR Mumbai still out of frequency

INDIA When checked AIR Mumbai at 0940-0950 UT on Dec 27. Was on unstable fq wandered downwards in high speed, 400 Hertz in 5 minutes, from 6948.185, via 6947.885, 6947.675 kHz and speedy down, down side. S=9+20dB signal in Delhi remote SDR. A N D I could again listen and understand URDU program in PURE A_M MODE modulation now. Transmitter and audio transmission is okay …

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WRMI new frequency 4980 khz

WRMI is now on a new tropical band frequency:  4980 kHz.  The transmission is from 2100-0000 UTC, and the programming is Supreme Master TV (  This is beamed to the Caribbean and Latin America; your reports to or to the reception report form on our website (wrmi,net) would be most welcome.

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FTIOM, UBMP & Uncle Bill’s Rockless NYE

From the Isle of Music, 30 de diciembre al 5 de enero: Para el fin del año ofrecemos una fiesta de baile con nueva musica que mucha gente todavíá no ha escuchado más joyas de décadas anteriores. Las emisiónes tienen lugar: 1. Para Europa oriental pero audible más allá de la zona objetiva en todas las direcciones con 100Kw, domingo …

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Shortwave service special broadcasts

Next Saturday, 29th December we will have 2 special programs with 100kw. 1300-1400 UTC on 7460 khz towards Asia and 1900-2000 UTC on 5830 khz towards Europe. Contents? Surprise! Il prossimo sabato, 29. Dicembre, ci sono 2 programmi speciali con 100 Kw. 1300-1400 UTC A 7460 Khz verso l’Asia e da 1900-2000 UTC A 5830 Khz verso l’Europa. Contenuto? Sorpresa! …

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VORW Radio International schedule

VORW Radio International is the official External Service of TheReportOfTheWeek, whose mission is to provide an enjoyable light entertainment program over the airwaves. Programs consist of a short talk at the beginning, followed by a selection of music, exclusively comprised of listener requested tunes. Programs have been continuously on the air since December 22nd, 2016 though they have been on …

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AIR Mumbai noted today on 6949.50 etc.

INDIA Vagabunding AIR transmitter Mumbai/Bombay nominal 7340 kHz this Dec 26 morning, checked on Perseus and KIWI-Net SDR’s at 09.40 and 10.07 UT. Started on 6872 to 6879 kHz range, and now at 10.07 UT on 6832.5 to 6837 kHz, not fq stable, wandered downwards direction. 73 wolfie df5sx wwdxc germany

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VORW special Crhistmas program 25 December at 2100 UTC 9350 kHz

From VORW Radio International we wish you all a happy and healthy Holiday Season and a wonderful New Year! I am pleased to announce that there will be a special holiday broadcast on Christmas Day for our listeners in North America and Europe! This show will feature mixed talk and music of all genres (including holiday songs) and a newly …

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