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Ofcom awards four new community radio licences

Ofcom has today announced the award of four new community radio licences in England and Northern Ireland. The new stations will serve communities in Coleraine and Larne in Northern Ireland, and York in North Yorkshire. Community radio services are provided on a not-for-profit basis, focusing on the delivery of specific social benefits to a particular area or community of interest. …

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2018 Winter SWL Fest Program and Forums Schedule Further Updated!

Thursday, 1 March 2018 1200 Registration Table and Exhibit Room Open (until 1800) Hospitality Room/Receiver Demonstrations Open (until 2400) 1300 – THE IBERIAN BROADCASTING SCENE – Tracy Wood Our own “fiestero” reflects on his trips to Spain, Portugal and Gibraltar experiencing the complicated radio scene there. From longwave to DAB, community radio to big national networks–even foreign language FM stations–it’s …

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The Radio Canada International 1940’s 50kw transmitter finds new home in old jail

Bill Steele is a collector of odd things. A year ago, for example, he bought the site of the last double hanging in New Brunswick. His latest purchase is less morbid but also a rare find: a massive 1940 shortwave transmitter that once broadcast Canada’s stories around the world. The transmitter was installed around the end of the Second World War …

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BBC launches two new services for Nigeria in Igbo and Yoruba

BBC Igbo and Yoruba services launch today, two of the three new languages to be launched by the BBC for Nigeria and the West and Central Africa region. These services are part of the largest investment in the BBC World Service since the 1940s and are funded by the UK government. The Igbo service is mainly for audiences in eastern …

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Radio and Shortwave Meetings 2018

Date: February 13 Description: UNESCO World Radio Day Dates: Mar 1-3 Location: Plymouth Meeting (near Philadelphia), PA, USA Description: Winter SWL Fest More info: www dot swlfest dot com Expected attendance: 150 Dates: Mar 18-20 Location: Vienna, Austria Description: Radiodays Europe 2018-conference More info: www dot radiodays dot com Date: Apr 21 Organization: Reading International Radio Group Venue and time …

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EMR – One Time For Tom Taylor

Here’s some last minute information regarding  the Tom Taylor tribute. The main programme (tribute) is entitled “EMR – One More Time For Tom Taylor“. It was written and narrated by Steve Silby and produced by Mark Stafford. There will be several broadcasts on short waver and a non-stop stream on the world wibe web. Sunday February 18th On 6070 khz  08:30- …

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2nd memorial program on IRRS-Shortwave dedicated to Tom Taylor

We were approached by colleagues who produced a special one-hour’ tribute’ program to Tom Taylor, and we decided to air it on our station in the coming days. A very great deal of effort has been taken to produce this program, and some of the most legendary broadcasters in the UK and European clandestine radio have stepped forward to pay …

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The Tribute Programme is now complete and the first broadcasts will begin on Saturday 17th February. The programme will be broadcast on a number of Short Wave outlets around the world. In addition, there is also a continuous high quality internet stream which is currently testing and will broadcast the tribute on a rotating basis for the period from Saturday …

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North Korea`s eerie coded messages RETURN to airwaves ahead of Olympics

NORTH Korea`s bizarre coded radio messages have returned to the airwaves ahead of the Winter Olympics sparking fears over what the signals might mean. Gentle music followed by a stern voice reading out orders apparently from a spy`s code book have once again been drifting over on shortwave radio from Kim Jong-un`s kingdom. Known as numbers stations, this activity has …

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Effect Radio Waves New Transmitter TWR

What changed this year at TWR (Trans World Radio)-Bonaire?  On January 30, 2018, Trans World Radio put into operation a new 440 kW transmitter. Before that time, TWR used a 100 kW transmitter. A transmitter turns electrical signals into radio waves. What are Radio Waves? Radio waves are a type of electromagnetic waves, the same kind of waves as e.g. …

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On 1 February 2018, TWR West Africa Transmitter Station (WATS) celebrates ten years of reaching across barriers of darkness, fear and hopelessness in the West African region by spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ, bringing hope and providing spiritual guidance to the people in this region.To date, through its relevant, culturally sensitive programs, the transmitter continues to bring hope to …

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Overcomer Ministries again on WRMI

Overcomer Ministries again on WRMI: 5850     0200-0500 7730     0100-0400 7780     1700-2000 9395     1500-1800

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