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Nautel Completes Antenna Hungaria MW Install

Antenna Hungaria’s new Nautel 2 Megawatt NX2000 medium wave system is now operational. Located at the broadcaster’s transmission facility near Solt, Hungary, Nautel says the project, on which it worked in collaboration with Porion Digital KFT, involved large infrastructure changes at the site as well as installation of the new transmitter. Modifications included building renovation and air handling updates as well …

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NDR Christmas Special special transmissions via Media Broadcast on 24th Dec’17

24th December 2017 (Sunday) 1900-2100 UTC 6010 kHz Erevan(ARM) Europe 6080 kHz Nauen(DE) North Atlantic 9740 kHz Nauen(DE) Indian Ocean West 9790 kHz Moosbrunn(AT) Indian Ocean East 9800 kHz Issoudun(FRA) Atlantic(South Africa) 11650 kHz Issoudun(FRA) South Atlantic 24th December 2017 (Sunday) 2100-2300 UTC 5930 kHz Nauen(DE) North Atlantic 6155 kHz Erevan(ARM) Europe 9590 kHz Issoudun(FRA) Atlantic(South Africa) 9650 kHz Moosbrunn(AT) …

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Atlantic 2000 on the air this weekend

Atlantic 2000 will be on the air this weekend: – Saturday 16th of December, from 0900 to 1000 UTC on 6070 kHz – Sunday 17th of December, from 1400 to 1500 UTC on 6070 kHz + streaming at the same time on our website: Only detailed reception reports will be confirmed by eQSL. Reports to: Good listening!   …

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96th anniversary of 1st transatlantic shortwave transmission

Monday, December 11th, will mark the 96th anniversary of the first message to ever be sent across the Atlantic Ocean using shortwave frequencies. The original event in 1921 was called “The Transatlantic Tests” and was organized to determine if amateur radio signals could be heard in Europe using short wave frequencies. Several (amateur) stations will be participating by establishing contacts …

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WRTH 2018 published

We are delighted to announce the publication today of the 72nd edition of WRTH. For full details of WRTH 2018 and to order a copy please visit our website at where you can also order the B17 WRTH Bargraph Frequency Guide on CD and Download. WRTH 2018 is also available for pre-order, for readers in the USA, or …

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AIR Jagdalpur new 100 Kw tx testing

Early this morning I noticed test tones on 756 kHz the frequency used by AIR Jagdalpur. The tones continued even after 5.55 am when their normal program start. When I contacted the station I was told that it is their new 100 kW DRM transmitter with endurance test (continuous transmission 24 hrs) from 5.00 pm IST (1130 UTC) yesterday. The …

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SAQ Christmas transmission cancelled

During the year maintenance work has been done on some parts of the long-wave antenna. This was e.g. notable during the summer when the SAQ-transmission on Alexanderson day was cancelled. Unfortunately we have to inform you that also the traditional Christmas transmission will be cancelled this year since we haven’t been able to finish the maintenance work as planned. Which …

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MSF interruption

The MSF 60 kHz time and frequency signal broadcast from Anthorn Radio Station will be shut down on Thursday 14 December from 10:00 to 14:00 UTC. The interruption to the transmission is required to allow maintenance work to be carried out safely. The MSF radio signal is a dedicated time broadcast that provides an accurate and reliable source of UK …

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RNZ looks to move up to 50 jobs from Wellington to Auckland and exit AM radio

Radio New Zealand has indicated there is still a long way to go in its plan to downsize its Wellington headquarters. RNZ planned to shift up to a further 50 jobs from its Wellington to Auckland office, it said in its briefing to broadcasting minister Clare Curran. It also signalled a scaling back of the nation’s AM radio operations. RNZ …

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RTBF Radio VivaCité again on mediumwave…. for a week

The 1125 khz 10kw medium wave transmitter RTBF in Houdeng was put out of service for one week to allow the installation of DAB + transmitters. It has just been put back into service but should be cut definitively at the end of the year. If you wish to maintain the medium waves, write to RTBF Direction des Emetteurs et relais. Boulevard …

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IBC & Radio Bclnews today from Armenia

Mercoledì 22 novembre trasmetteremo nuovamente dalle 20 alle 21 italiane su 5845 kHz, in italiano, in parallelo a 1584 kHz. Segnaliamo fra le rubriche, la settima puntata de “La radiotelegrafia marittima”.L’ora successiva sarà in onda Radio BCL News, sempre su 5845 kHz; grazie alla sempre più stretta collaborazione con questa emittente, che ringraziamo e che già ripete la nostra trasmissione …

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Caroline AM licence ‐ A kilowatt on 648

On 17th May 2017 Ofcom informed us that our application for an AM licence had been approved and that a licence will be awarded. This is the end of – or a further step in – a process started by Bob Lawrence in 2010 and enthusiastically supported by Tracey Crouch MP. We thank them both and further thank the many …

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